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I have to learn this forums features again


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Better one less then one more cool


*fixed* wink


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should be fixed with tomorrows patch


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Scyylla wrote:

Think outta the box here!!!!!!!

Atleast tease us with something..... yarr

Patch will contain fix for titanium ore layer on new virginia.


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Alexander wrote:

Old description for a changed feature.
Demobs still say you can only fit one of them.. How wrong they are. This would be a nice feature though.

can you please tell me which Demob description still contains that?


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yes, thats only a localisaton-bug

moving to right forum section

they will help you as fast as they can get in contact with you.



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*topics merged*

if you want to talk about he insurance isse - do it in this topic


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if you have a question, please post it in the appropriate forum section. thanks


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*moved to Questions & Answers*


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may i ask you which policy you refer to?


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Missile >< Turret

you may search for a falloff-parameter on your missiles or launcher wink but i doubt you will find one.

you may also take a look at this topic:
Factions Part 1. Pelistal - Truhold-Markson

First post updated.

sorry for the confusion, but Greenleafs assumption is right.
I want to collect mainly Player vs. NPC ideas, which is usually called PvE

now please stop insulting each others and stay on topic.


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have you actually checked the ingame help for your answer?


In case the target gets out of your optimal range, the rate of damage decreases in the ratio of range, until the target moves out of the falloff range too. The weapon then stops shooting.

Falloff is a modifier to your weapons range and the damage dealt. Turret-shots have no travel time - i don't understand your second question.


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There are two topics in general discussion:

PvE vs. PvP
PvE content discussion

please use those and stay on topic there.

Savin, please stay on topic.

I'm asking what you expect from PvE as PvE player,
not how to balance PvP and PvE.

Are you satisfied with "Get to point A, kill X NPCs and deliver something"-Assignments?
Are you satisfied with npcs spawns placed in pits like animals, just there to be macro-farmed?

Please post your thoughts about your ideas and expectations of the PvE part in a Sandbox-game, especially Perpetuum.
You can also post what you like, or dislike about the present System.

*edit: PvE was meant as "Player vs. NPC". I used the short PvE because PvM(onsters) didn't sound right to me*

This topic is meant to collect content ideas you would like/expect. Please go into detail as much as you can. If you want to discuss how PvP and PvE should be related, then please use the other topic: PvE vs. PvP - the endless discussion

You are free to criticize the posts of others as long as you keep it civil and within the forum rules. Any offtopic or offendig posts will be removed without comment.



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*has nothing to do with the game - moved*