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By using the Perpetuum forums you agree that you accept and adhere to the following rules:

  1. Only discuss topics that are in connection with Perpetuum. The only exception is the "Open discussion" subforum.
  2. Be respectful towards others. In the heat of discussions personal clashes are sometimes unavoidable. You do not have to agree with others of course, but always try to be peaceful and polite.
  3. Do not create duplicate topics. Always use forum search before you create a new topic.
  4. Be on topic. If you have nothing constructive to add, don't bother. If you want to discuss something else, do not derail a topic, create a new one.
  5. Pyramid quoting, quoting excessive amounts of text or quoting without any senseful reply is forbidden. Only quote that is necessary to show what your reply refers to.
  6. Do not troll. Writing non-constructive or nonsensical posts, causing disturbances in topics, using common internet memes or images to express your opinions are all considered trolling. Posts consisting of only "lol", "tl;dr", "IBTL" etc. will be deleted without notice.
  7. Do not spam. Commercial advertising, repeatedly posting the same or similar phrase or links are considered spamming.
  8. Do not post exploits, cheats, hacks, malicious viruses/programs or links to these. Exploits are to be reported via support tickets.
  9. Do not post any personal information (eg. real name, address, e-mail, phone numbers) of yourself, other players or employees of Avatar Creations.
  10. Do not post private conversations/chat logs/mails/etc. if the other participant(s) did not agree to it.
  11. Posts containing obscene or vulgar phrases, pornography, extreme violence, references to illegal drugs or activities, real-life threats, insults aimed towards race/ethnicity/religion/ancestry/nationality/sexual preference of others, or otherwise objectionable content are forbidden. This also applies to links pointing to pages containing aforementioned content.
  12. While certain images or expressions may seem completely normal to you, always keep in mind that other players with different cultural habits or religion may find it offensive.
  13. Do not act as a moderator yourself. If you see a post that breaks forum rules, please use the 'report post' link and let the official moderators handle it (ie. do not feed the troll).
  14. Do not abuse the 'report post' feature. Reporting perfectly normal posts just because you don't agree or are waging a personal vendetta against the poster is bad for your karma.
  15. Do not openly discuss actions taken by the forum moderators or correspondence with GMs or DEVs. They are to be settled only between the offender and the Perpetuum team.
  16. Insulting, harassing or impersonating other players, groups of players, GMs or employees of Avatar Creations is forbidden.
  17. Do not insult, troll, spam others or otherwise abuse the forum's private messaging system.

Failure to abide the above forum rules will result in a warning or a temporary banishment from the forums. Repeatedly violating the rules will result in a permanent banishment from the forums.

We reserve the rights to evaluate all incidents on a case-by-case basis and the actions taken may be different in each case depending on its severity.

This list may not be exhaustive and forum moderators reserve the right to take actions against any kinds of inappropriate behavior not mentioned here at their discretion.

These rules apply to all languages and subforums.

Thank you for being a respectful Syndicate employee.
The Perpetuum team