Maybe you should try and join a corp that is involved in some of the larger fights ... they are thoroughly entertaining.

We know you don't need it Camp ... but you are kick-ass heroic, and the best Kain dancer around!

Dude, coming from you I find that a bit strong. You have an alliance that makes half the server population .. what did you expect would happen?

Games from studios that cannot compete on the marketing budget front with the larger corporations need to rely on word-of-mouth, viral marketing. Taht's the job of all of us who enjoy this game... spread the word!

There are enough unsuspecting players who don't read these boards, he's bound to be able to fool some of them smile

... you mean, it's a L2P issue?


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your funds won't be wiped, just give them to a friend for safekeeping, and get them back after the wipe.

You are designing a different game than Perpetuum. Maybe you should start from scratch making a new one, rather than trying to make this one into the vision in your head smile

It is a blessing that our players are players and not designers smile

Master of Panic wrote:

stop building huge alliances whose sole point is to be able to outnumber the enemy by as much as possible.

... work out a good compromise that will make the game a success. Without blobs.

Perhaps you should share your thoughts with your corp & alliance leaders. Their blob outblobs the next largest blob 2:1

Having no laser tunings I find is a disadvantage. Oh, having no lasers too.


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It's a conspiracy!!!

/me Puts his tinfoil hat on



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Arga wrote:

Automatically, any bot with NO offensive capabilty will not be used for a roam, it would be completely useless.

The next defacto roam bot will be the fastest bot with offensive capability, regardless of it's size.

.. which i have been trying to say, what, 5 pages back ... it's just not sinking in it seems. Thanks for reiterating.

It would have been more appropriate for you to disclose your affiliation to Jokers yourself. I'm afraid this is another dent - more serious this time - to your credibility, which should impact anyone's assessment of your trustworthiness.

Even if it were the case that you are unrelated to Jita, as far as I'm concerned his endorsement of your proposed communications forum has completely undermined your credibility.
On the off chance that you were truly independent, you have him to thank for blowing up your plans.

Devs maybe think that troll post is troll?

Awww... I'm sure your contributions will be sorely missed on these boards.

Norhoop has an alliance forum now. Congrats.


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On Hoop I probably died a couple of times as well, I'll check tonight and update this response. I can also go round my alliance and confirm how many SK kills we have in the last couple of weeks, but I can't be bothered. I know for fact that it would be much larger numbers than anything your corp has killed.

If you think that's foolish, then long may we remain foolish smile


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Feel free to test your bots outside Uria. We will help you test.

Look for a GM in the general or help chat channels. PM him there. That usually works.


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Haha Saha.

Ok, thanks Dev. So in light of their assessment of responsibility shared, and the corrections they have meted out ... perhaps the baying mob can move on to wail about something else?


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Dromsex wrote:

They should ban all you guys right away.

Dromsex wrote:

Im not refering to anyone in specific - but the ones trying to spin things around that are clear since beta.

Yeah, ban all of them, but noone specifically!!


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I exploited nothing, and nor did my corp.

Edit: I did exploit, easy kills on Norhoop.


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Oh yeah, they should ban all of infestation right away. Coincidentally, that would help with your little pesky roaming gangs problem.