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Cestus wrote:

How about an option to record a travel path between 2 points with the ability to set an auto pilot on those records.

Robots are progammables and so it'll be less boring to do corporation logistics. It took me 1 day and half to move 5kU from A to B, I lost the count of the numbers of returns I did, but I'll rather watch movies while doing such travels than focus to the screen.

This will never (according to the Dev's and i hope they stick to it) happen in Perp......it is the surest fastest way to make things easier for farmers......If you are playing the game you should at least have to pay minimal attention to it.......if you want to play something you can leave and watch movies while the game plays on its own.......go try farmville.


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As if we need anything to encourage more blobbing up on the battlefield......

Saha wrote:
DEV Alf wrote:

EW light bots' strength is not the EW itself, only their speed (and that will be nerfed a bit), and only the speed matters, you can engage in combat when you want to engage, you are not forced to fight, until you want to. And if you got ganked by nonewar light bots,  actually you would  die even faster, their dps is about the double of the ewars, and they could still run behind cover, or run out of range when get targeted (and much cheaper!).
I remember a time when there were really strong EW, and there was a Kain without LWF restriction.

You better be joking. Listening to couple *** who know nothing but fitting their squads with plates and then crying about getting *** by ewars or speed fit mechs/ewars... If you want to "balance" game to them you might as well nerf all shooting ranges to 100 meters, speed to 20 kph, establish more safe zones and "enjoy" blob warfare while watching game die.

Don't you bloody think there's something wrong with people behind keyboard if their 200-300 people alliances who "control" beta island can't defend against 5-10 man ewar gang rather than ewars being OP? What you'll nerf next? Properly fit mech speed to 30 kph and range to 200 meters so that blobers can feel good with their assault zergs? *** that, buff light bots and arkees now or they'll keep crying something is OP after you nerf things one after another. Clue, where is it?

You mad bro?

While we are at it, give all the 6th graders high school diplomas, because they are disadvantaged.....or just give them completion of a grade every month until they "catch up".

Trying to make everything "fair" just dumbs down the game, turns it into Star Trek Online, WoW and other mass market pablum games where you can reach level 80, be flying the top of the line ship, etc. within a month or two.

If people would quit whining about how unfair everything is they might be out there getting something done and having fun.

The apparent "gap" between players is always narrowing, in two years the difference between what is now a newb and a vet will be pretty minor. The way that higher level skills take longer and longer to get means that in time, the only difference in a month of EP will be one point in just a few skills.

Ultimately the biggest difference is not how many points, grades, degrees, what-the-heck-else you want to compare you have, but what you do with what you have. This is one of the main draws of a game like this, a persons abilities as a player matter more than the skill points they have.

skullkandy wrote:

I like this post. If we try to moderate ourselves and keep things civil that's less time a dev has to waste babysitting our conversation.

MMO forums are notoriously filthy, but this one actually seems to have a far smaller percentage of trolls than most. Let's try to keep it that way.

LOL, you haven't been here long eh?


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Snowstyle wrote:
Zhyntil wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

i dont think its cheap to kill small rookie mantis with a kain and a tyrannos at all.

the ammo you shoot there is more worth then the loot you get.

at the same place, my gf was with her full-industrial TM-A agent, in a castel and not a single weapon extension above the starter ones, just two ranks in locking time and 3 in sensor connection - and killing those mantis in two to three salvos.

its hard to guess who worked more money efficient.

If that was true then.......few or none would do it.

Sorry but what he said was completely true, farming light/assaults in a Mech is a horrible idea. You will do more damage A LOT quicker with cheaper ammo if you stick to assaults. PvE wise Mechs are only good against large mech spawns if you have the proper skills(seismics/precision firing 7). If you don't have your respective skill to 7 then you might as well just use assaults for farming mechs as well.

Here I'll throw an argument at you using the same logic. Mechs suck because my corp has hundreds of them and has had them for weeks, but still we use our assaults for PvP and PvE.

Was not arguing that it was a good idea, just there are a fair amount of people doing it......go out there and pay attention a bit and you will see people doing it.....did not say they were right, or smart, just that if it was that bad there would be less or none doing it.


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Annihilator wrote:

i dont think its cheap to kill small rookie mantis with a kain and a tyrannos at all.

the ammo you shoot there is more worth then the loot you get.

at the same place, my gf was with her full-industrial TM-A agent, in a castel and not a single weapon extension above the starter ones, just two ranks in locking time and 3 in sensor connection - and killing those mantis in two to three salvos.

its hard to guess who worked more money efficient.

If that was true then.......few or none would do it.

You are not really wasting EP, you said you were continuing to do this, you will get a larger effective boost when you hit the next level. Any system that uses percentages like this will have times where you will seem to get less benefit. You will also see times where you will seem to get a better boost than expected due to the same mechanic.


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Annihilator wrote:

is see several fully medium fitted MECHS farming t1 spawns on attalica...

thats obviously NOT the purpose of a mech...

It works though. If it was NOT the purpose of a mech, then few or none would do it......
The cheapest, least risk way to make money is to get the nicest mech/bot you can, and farm the hell out of the T1 spawn points.
The problem with this is not so much that people do it, but that they do it locking the newbs out of the first areas they try to run just out of tutorial.


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Nimda Morris wrote:

This is just me, but I think it's really unfair that a player can make a new account for an industry alt, skill it up in only one very focussed way, and then be highly competetive as an industrial manufacturer - they're not really playing with the toon at all! They're just using it as a convenient skill-dump that gets pulled out every so often.

The faction relationship bonus helps, in that players who actually PLAY with their industrial toon will haev a bit of an advantage, but even that only needs to be grinded up once.

I think it'd be really great if the relationship bonus was more important, and if it automatically degraded over time - so people wouldn't be able to seriously compete in the market with an industry toon that they don't touch except to start/stop manufacturing lines.

As it is, I think it's really unfair that people who actually play their industry toons intensively have comparitively little advantage over those who just buy a second account and skill it up. hmm

People can do whatever they like with an account they pay for......does this mean that casual PvP players should be penalized over die hards? Or industrialists that only get on their PvP combat toon once in a while should be penalized?

agreed totally.

Arga wrote:

Why won't this thread just die?

Because people keep posting to it....

Lord Vader wrote:


I may be new to Perpetuum but it's obvious to me the cargo system needs some work. In order to let the carebears better understand what pvpers are experiencing I propose a solution. Make mobs delete cargo in pve just before they die. The game suddenly became a lot less fun huh? That's exactly how pvpers feel.

Actually what you get from mechs and bots is usually what would have been equipped on them, not in their cargo hold. There is rarely more than a load out of ammo for example. or one armor plate...or one sensor booster. Finding a stack of a thousand rounds or a thousand titanium does not happen.

Totally agree

ScilyaStingray wrote:

we have a Website where contact can be made, jobs requested and so on (under construction www.KnightSaber.biz)
corp tax is set at 5% and will not go higher
in addition to this each member will donate 10k per day (2 npc kills) to the corp this fund will ONLY be used for subsidising the purchase of new equipment for members and the replaceing of units lost in pvp and later on for corp structures.
on the website there will be a running information post about the bank so everyone will be able to see where the nic is going and where it has come from.

The website is broken....
You might just want to raise the tax to 7-10% you will get more money in the long run if people are active. People will not really want to have to worry about paying out 70K per week in membership fees.
Not sure if the corp name can be used, most names based on copyrighted material tend to be forced into changing it in most MMO's.
Lastly when putting up advertising you might want to pay attention to the spell checker, it looks much better.


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Many MMO's use a and d for turning, q and e for strafe, or at least have the ability to set it that way, only time i notice it really is when switching games....lol


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devast wrote:
Voldemort wrote:

Give it some time. There are level 5 missions that pay quite nice (e.g. 500k NIC for a mining mission or 300k for combat mission). Also the missions i checked so far were not that far away from the station, less traveltime than most of level 2 or 3 missions. This should get some people there, im looking for a corp on the pelistal beta island myself to do them.

Guess you haven't done any lvl5 missions then. Just an example: kill 28 bots, at the other end of the beta island, for 225k. These are lvl5 ew/light/assault bots, so bring at least 4 friends with you if you don't wanna die instantly. To make it more funny, they are near an incoming teleport. Risk vs reward is seriously fked up.

This is one of the main reasons the T1 areas are often spawn camped, far more money with less risk for your time on the T1 mission areas.


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At the moment there seems to be little reason if any to go to beta unless you already have a presence there.

The PvP is mostly just for bragging rights atm. It tends to either be;
Blob warfare with large group, low skill, combat consisting of called target annihilation.
Login ambushes, where a gang will appear out of nowhere and gank  the target.
One on one goose chases where people dodge in and out of terminal repairing constantly.
The last is the only PvP that seems to even come close to needing any sort of tactics/strategy.

On the market side, everyone has easy access to Alpha isles, so there is no need to haul ammo or other supplies out to beta, the few haulers that try usually end up ambushed.

On the industry side...not sure, i do not do much with indies other than buy and sell to/for them, i have seen some say that all minerals are available everywhere, others say some are only found on the betas.


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Amen except for one thing.
The people farming the T1 areas are usually not doing the missions at all, they just sit there for an hour or two getting all the kernels so the favor hit would do little to nothing to help in that case. There are others that farm the missions themselves, but they get their kills,loot, and move on to the next quest in the list, they are less of a problem except when there are several people doing it


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Awesome Neoxx! The whole post rocks, Any of this would solve a whole bunch of problems including the two or three that are argued about most.

A lot of multi account players only log in one at a time, i have friends that do up to four at once, i have no need for that though......I tend to have one at a time logged in myself, and do not want to bother with having the game installed multiple times. I tend to be logged into more than one game at a time far more than i would want to be logged into this one twice.
Feel sorry all you want, i feel sorry that you are so bored with the game that you must have multiples logged in at once.......not everyone is uber-hardcore running 4 or 8 accounts at once, for some of us it is just a game

Snowstyle wrote:

Your missing the point. Automated defenses make it so that the attackers now have to bring a force strong enough to overwhelm both you and your "blobette" repelling NPCs. Attackers should only have to defeat the defenders. Not defenders + handicap.

That is exactly why people throughout history and in games build defenses.......that is their purpose. From your statement all battles should be held in open fields with nothing that can be used for defense? What would be the point in taking/holding an outpost then?


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Yorke wrote:

Its not just a few minutes were talking about, I was doing a mission last night on the rookie mantis near Asintek Alpha Terminal, there was one guy locking the whole spawn down and this is with me in a Baph with 2 sens amps, problem was he could kill the mob before the next one popped and he clearly had invested points into quicker targetting, the end result was 30 mins of trying to complete a mission without any success.

If you count the number of spawns around the Alpha terminals your looking at around 10 areas, which could effectivly result in 30 players taking over and controlling every single spawn area on the alpha islands. This is a MMO not a highly populated LAN party.

It does not even cover that many spawn points, there are only 7 (if i remember right) T1 quest spawn points around Daoden for example, this means only 7 or so players can lock out all combat mission areas for the brand new toons......the other points do not matter as much IMO, and those are the areas that they probably should start seeing some competition.
Having these few mission areas farmed like this, then being treated the way many of them are in game or here on the forums is enough to make many think twice about paying money.

Lokked wrote:

In quite a few MMOs I've seen this information public, such as who deposited/withdrew something from a group public storage (ie. guild bank).

Some corps in Perpetuum operate closer to an actual corp, where the members are working together and pooling resources for the governing body of the corp to use in its members' best interests. In these cases transparency would be useful.

Accountability: Seriously? If at least that part's not apparent to you, why did you even bother posting?

Did not ask why.......asked what accountability you were looking for. smile


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Voodh wrote:

If you place a buy order, please, don't up the price. Not with 0.01 nic or 1 nic and certainly not with 5 or 10 nics; if you want to continue to buy the stuff. (Prices of the ammunitions are really too high because people just put prices 1 or 2 nics below the last order. They don't get the stuff and the price rise and rise).

If you place a buy order, just put the same price than the last buy order, you will get the stuff and even if you don't because someone have put the same price behind you, the next day the price will still be the same.

If someone needs the item enough they will up the price on buy orders, if they want to get rid of it enough, they will lower the price to get rid of it. The market will balance itself.