I can only agree that the mission system is broken in my eyes. What made it broken before the randomizing was SpT. Now you need to skill you agent for severel thing if you want to do missions in just one area. Cause indy mission isnt just mining or havesting but also arti hunting, reverse enginering and manufacturing...

Instead of making the randomizing before the updated all the missions they should have made a limit on the amount of missions you could do at once to minimize the ridiculous system it was before.


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Well then you need to wipe all tokens from the game first... cause i got a decent stack from the broken mission system and that would just be ridiculous to be able to buy all that shiny stuff with those.

Why blue?

More blue plz!!! :-)


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The fact is with an increase in population I believe that even new people with have a place within a corp to do stuff and many people who use several accounts today will cut down and let the new people do the job.

Edit: I like the idea of daily mission but no ep reward :-)

Rex Amelius wrote:
Shadowmine wrote:

Man, you guys are crying a lot about a game mechanics change that you have said won't affect you. Because you guys RSA buddy each other with your ewars and you have dedicated logi pilots... So why all the crying if it isn't going to affect you?

Apparently tears are what grease Zooms wheels, so I will 'cry' all day in the name of not ruining this game more. Someone may listen. Some will only see their own self interest. Some don't care one way or another. Some don't even have a clue in the first place.

My main gripe is NOT follow nerf, its terrible Developer Decision Making Pattern:
1.) Forum cry on fuzy 'problem'
2.) whacky sideways 'solution' proposed
3.) Forum campaign for whacky sideways 'solution' forgetting original 'problem'
4.) Zoom tear catching bucket reaches it's capacity
5.) Incoming dumb change

Well fact must be. The more attention a topic gets on the forum, the bigger the chance is that the devs will do something about it ( spt and follow).

Try to make topics with more important things they should look into. There might be others who have the same feeling. But most people here rather want to troll eachother instead of trying to make the game better for all.

I really hope steam will bring more people with a genuine want to push this game forward, cause a lot of ppl here are stuck in the past.


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I dont get it. I think there are several things to do with only one account and not that many hours everyday yarr

Cassius wrote:
Ville wrote:
Cassius wrote:

Now we can win all those fights we were losing because of lag!

And hooray for new artifact sites!



Ville had 5 observer sites he hadnt popped, so he dislike the server reset!!!


SGT subzero wrote:
SpnX wrote:

And yes I would say that multiboxing is abusing/cheating, cause it makes you way more effecient then a guy with only one account.

You are comparing apples to oranges here. Multi-boxing is way less efficient then using TWO different players controlling those same two accounts. And by using the same logic as you apply, but not to argue my position, i could claim:

using two real live players to control two accounts is cheating!

The way I see it, it's just envy in your reasoning as facts seem absent. It is not possible to do everything solo as you state, certainly not from the start. Hell most things are straightforward so impractical people feel the urge to subscribe at least a second account. And with impractical i mean efficiency drops well below 40% compared to doing the same with two guys and often much lower!

So you really mean that having to account is a small problem compared to having one cause its less efficient....

So a guy with one account will have equal chances in pvp against a guy with 2 accounts? I know multiboxing wont scale well when we talk bigger battles.

A guy with one account will only be small amount less effective at mining, harvesting or hauling then a guy with 2 accounts? Do you have any facts to support that, cause then I must be doing something wrong....

SGT subzero wrote:
SpnX wrote:
SGT subzero wrote:

Specific reply to you SpnX:


So what you are saying is that you want the same advantage as several people working together??

Yes, and the freedom to do so whenever it suits me in RL, we aren't after all married with out corp members in most cases!

The design of the game is that of a classic MMO, and that means it has certain traits like every one of those out there. Traits that do not match RL very well. For an individual to play the game compromises have to be made. Even an endless amount of players wouldn't completely fix the issue we are talking about here.

My ideal MMO is different from what is out there. More personal skill and focus/attention based, where individuals affect each other in lasting ways and co-operation benefits, but is not overpowered. I know of no MMO that can be molded into that with few tweaks. One of the properties of such a game would be that time based training or leveling has limited impact...and the difference between starters and veterans would be little. Having to grind levels or wait to be at competing level is kind of the opposite of what i ideally see.

But each game is as it is, no amount of harassing multi-boxing is going to make it into the perfect game, it would just mean less paying accounts. And really, does it truly matter from a game mechanic perspective if i control 2 accounts with maybe 80% efficiency versus two physical players that control them at close to 100% efficiency? Is that cheating or abusing mechanics?

I say it's not unless you use software to get even higher efficiency then a group of real players would get. By auto aiming to the same target always and in perfect timing for example. Lets face it, multi-boxing will always happen because it enables people to play when and how they want (to some degree). It is not ideal, not even for the multi-boxers...they have to pay more for a game that would be better if you simply could do more things with one account in the same RL time. Hauling goods is a prime example again, it scales up almost perfectly and thus saves a real person tons of RL time, and it is such a dull activity...it would be a shame to force people to spend a day ferrying mined ore from island to island...wouldn't you agree?

Well I rather say there is something wrong with the game or you if you need to ferry ore for a day.

And yes I would say that multiboxing is abusing/cheating, cause it makes you way more effecient then a guy with only one account.

You can do what ever you want in this game from day one, so I dont know what kind of freedom you are talking about?

SGT subzero wrote:

Specific reply to you SpnX:

Having an opinion is fair and all, but game wise it all comes down to forcing it onto others as well and that is where it becomes problematic. Essentially you want others way of playing to be restricted to one account (in this discussion) and them having to rely on say buddies.

Knowingly or not, this implies at least two things:

1. Screw solo players that just want to build up their empire in a virtual world! You don't need that subset of players to also pay for this game and contribute in the form of live content?

2. Because of it being impractical to do just about anything with one account in the game, making it impossible to use more, means it becomes impractical to play the game unless we have an insane regional fitting population explosion. If you need three specialists to accomplish tasks with not to much micromanagement for mundane boring stuff (like hauling) then who is going to be your dedicated hauling buddy? Someone in the same TZ, loving to be your pet?

See, game mechanics and also content are such that you need multiple accounts, or be part of a really large group where a few players do have those spare accounts for those dull tasks. It is terrible to have to sit idle somewhere not being able to do what you want, when you want and when you can, just because some other dude is not online or has other plans.

So unless you can convince or finance say 2-4k active new players happy to do mundane tasks on command and be there when you need them, your desire to practically limit players to one account essentially means you want this game gone!

So what you are saying is that you want the same advantage as several people working together??

Ville wrote:

I have 4 active accounts atm.  I have two on standby if I need the miners, and I have 3 in various corps, when needed wink

I think its funny that people cry about p2w when ever we talk about doing something related to EP, but having several accounts is just standard. I know many comes from eve where this might be but in most mmos it isnt and I think there is wrong when everyone feels the need to use several accounts. This also make people into smalls corps themselves cause they have accounts for all content in the game... And therefore new people might not feel that they are usefull from the start.

SGT subzero wrote:

I certainly do not want to loose the approach/follow feature, it is the only realistic way to move my support bots to a site, be it for mining, hauling or just farming NPCs. Increasing micro-management is the single worst thing you can do for a game that is already burdened in this respect. Hauling is i think the most prime example.

PS. I did only ** one ** NO vote, even while I have 6 accounts. Even logging in 6 times in a row is a horror, so why force this on the game play? That just makes no sense at all, and I am surprised so many votes yes...there must be many many bitter people for some reason!

I'm not bitter. I just think having multiple account is a wrong approach to the game and want it to be a living hell if you want to play with several accounts ;-D



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Jasdemi wrote:
SpnX wrote:

Why you want more tokens?

It's fair that you want it changed, but atleast put in a reason. I really think ppl in this game needs to get facts and stat reason why they want stuff changed before the devs have any chances of taking the suggestion seriously.

I don't have to state facts or reasons for something that is obvious and I expect at least some common sense from the devs.

Tell me, would you waste EP for complexity 5 extensions which only increase money rewards?

Well unless you remove beacons from the shop then i dont linke the idea of more tokens. It's been broken for fare too long.

And why is it so obvious that there should be an increase in tokens??

I still think this increasement is way overpower since you can go from 0 to 6 in relation in less then a week

Well I dont know why you would waste ep on mission extensions in the first place.


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Yeah lets make artihunting more useless if you can retrive cortexes again...

I like the idea but i foresee problems if you can retrive some items.


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Why you want more tokens?

It's fair that you want it changed, but atleast put in a reason. I really think ppl in this game needs to get facts and stat reason why they want stuff changed before the devs have any chances of taking the suggestion seriously.


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Line wrote:

Like, unable to manually log-off while on Beta/Gamma? And in case of disconnect, stay on field for about 5 min and reimbursement tickets are going into /dev/null instantly?

I dont get this reimbursement thing if you disconnect... If you are in a pvp zone expect to lose stuff or dont go there.


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Arga wrote:

Maybe we should just go hard-hard core mode, where bots are on terrain all the time. No outposts, no logging.

This would be a step in the right direction, atleast for beta + gamma. Logging is a no go in pvp zones!

Why visit the Syndicate store when you can visit mine!!! I got plenty of this stuff on stock :-D

Gremrod wrote:

One land mass!

Then make it territorial war, so people can only fly one colour bot and indy bots. New powerblocks incoming!

I dont like the idea of relating anything payable like ICE to EP, since it's a core mechanism in this game.

If you really want Perp to go F2P, then look at games that do it the right way. Cosmetic is the way forward!!!


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Khetar wrote:
Burial wrote:

I think those player and dev run events don't generate as much publicity as a multi-billion NIC corp theft or some other form of meta-gaming. That's what makes games like Perp and EVE so fun.

Brb, creating new character..

You might be too late... :-D


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Khetar wrote:

The only real issue I see  is that some people can't cut back their ego for a bit.

^ the real issue why this game is so dead.

Let the flame begin!