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What would you propose? Should we somehow force the players to read the mission briefing?

The data console will be placed into your 'Private storage' here after you accept this assignment. To transport it, you need to open your robot's cargo hold (right-click on your robot) and drag the data console into it.


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...you're welcome *closed*

Yep, it wasn't easy but I pulled some strings. It will take some time but you will get your 20k EP  in approximately 2 weeks!

Those who were missing the EP gained during the time between their redeem time and launch should be ok now.


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I'm not perfectly familiar with it, but if it's only for controlling multiple clients at the same time and is not used for automation/macroing then it's not against the EULA.

However we cannot take any liability or provide support for issues you get when using it. Even running two clients at the same time is not officially supported currently, so if you crash and die due to this we can't help you.

An official recruitment channel has been created.


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You have to go to the indicated Asintec Alpha terminal, that is where the assignment is located. You will be able to accept it from the available assignments once you're there.


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Outlaw wrote:

but the exit point have to be a existing teleport gate ?

Correct, an existing teleport tower on the same island.


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Think? Trying to forget it lol

It's possible that your character got stuck somehow. We have disconnected it now, so try again please.

If this wasn't the problem then it might be a client corruption, in which case delete the perpetuum.gbf file, then run the game again and wait till it downloads the datafile again and then see if it works.


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already has a topic

There was a Perpetuum client update about an hour ago and updating is done automatically when you start Perpetuum.

r.exe is a temporary file created when updating the Perpetuum client, this is normal behavior. Some antivirus programs might see this as suspicious though.

If you ran 2 clients from the same place, that is probably the reason why it couldn't start because the other instance of the client was still hogging the perpetuum.exe so it couldn't be updated.

Komuccap: yes we are aware of that problem and working on a fix.


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Just for future reference: this error can also happen when you do not have enough money on your paypal account.


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It was simply due to the restart.

We are looking into the issue, you will get any missing EP that you should have received from the moment you redeemed your codes as promised.


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Yeah, I misunderstood your question sorry.

Deleting a character will cost 2880 EP beginning next patch but no EP spent on that character will be returned, as it is stated in the confirmation box.


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No EP was charged now, only the confirmation popup stated so for those who didn't get the latest client update.

Well the info line says "Announcements, discussions, anything about and from the developers."

This isn't really THE place for official news, and it doesn't hurt if the players themselves post some news/reviews that we might have missed.


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Neoxx wrote:

I'd rather you guys just limited it to 1 (or 2, just a max) tutorial mission per account.  Not sure how easy that would be for you to do, tracking missions across multiple characters on an account, but it would prevent the tutorial spam which I'm assuming this is supposed to fix.

EDIT: OP updated.

That idea came up, but it's difficult to implement and is also penalizing honest players who just want a nice start for their 3 characters.

Also your OP update is a bit misleading, since the 24-hour character deletion timer is still in place. So if you create a character within 24 hours of the next patch, you will only be able to delete that when the EP cost is already in place.


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Cid Jorgumeri wrote:

if the idea was to limit character cycling, EP forces you to wait.  Nic can be grinded.

Correct, EP is worth much more than NIC, this will make you think twice before you decide to delete one. Also it's more convenient since it's account based.


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Neoxx wrote:

It only took 5 people to change this?

I imagine it would have been much more given some time.
Ungrateful bastards smile


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Alright we'll delay it a bit, you will have approximately 3 days to delete your unneeded characters for free (up until the next patch).

The accept button should be enabled when both sides have pushed the send offer button (ie. locked their offer).

You are mistaking the offer NIC field for a price request. It's not, it's for you giving money for the items your partner is offering.

The reason why it was limiting it to 200k is probably because you only had that much money on you.

Price discussion is to be done via chat before or during the trade session.