#3-a: we are aware of the problem that "reach location" objective points can take a while to notice that you are there, we are working on it.

#3-b: I'm a bit confused by what you said. When you accept the assignment you are given the assignment item into your private storage, which you need to move into your robot's cargo, and then transport it to the other terminal. There are no NPCs dropping this item, so that part I did not really understand.



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Naowut wrote:

So how is it that some people were able to create their characters before 18:00 CET on Nov. 18th (e.g. every member in a certain corporation)?

Avatar Creations showing favoritism already? hmm

If you are basing that on forum post times, then please set your timezone properly in Profile/Settings smile


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Technical questions

  • I'm unable to install the game, the downloader stops after a few MBs/at random points.
    This is usually caused by antivirus programs. Try disabling these while you download/install the game.

  • I'm unable to enter the game, the progressbar just hangs after I select a character or when I try to undock. / I get a black screen when I undock.
    The most likely cause for these is that your firewall is blocking the client. See this forum topic on how to configure your firewall.

In-game questions

  • Is there an ingame manual/help?
    Yes, click the blue (i) icon on the top bar when in game. The same help is also available outside of the game.

    There are also little info buttons on the header of almost all ingame windows which will provide help specific to that window or feature.

  • Is there a tutorial?
    Yes, the first part of the tutorial will automatically pop up when you log into your character for the first time. Follow its instructions and it will guide you through all tutorial parts. If you accidentally closed it or just want to do a tutorial again, you can start them again in your Agent profile under Tutorials.

  • How can I make money?
    There are many ways to make profit. The most important ones would be doing assignments, or freely roaming the lands and destroying enemy robots for their loot.
    Another way is entering the industry, mining and refining minerals and either selling them on the market, or using them for manufacturing goods that you can use yourself or sell them to others.

  • How do I shoot?
    The combat tutorial (available from your Agent profile) will guide you through the basics of combat. You can also read up on it in the manual.

  • I am a peaceful guy, how do I scan for minerals and mine?
    It is recommended to do the scanning and mining tutorial (available from your Agent profile) which will teach you the most important things regarding mineral exploitation. You can also read more on the subject in the last parts of the manual.

  • Crap, I have lost my robot and I don't have money for another. What now?
    The Syndicate should automatically provide you a new Arkhe free of charge, but in case this doesn't work you can also right click in your hangar and manually request a new Arkhe.

  • How do I get XP? How do I "level"?
    You get one EP (Extension Point) every minute, no matter what you do, even when you are offline. You can spend these points on extensions (skills) in your Agent profile/Extensions window. Read more about this here.

  • Are there any other ways I can get additional EP in the game?

  • I want to recycle my loot, but the items don't show up in the Recycling plant.
    You have to move your items to your private storage, the Recycling plant can only work from there.

  • I have low fps, is there a way to adjust the graphics?
    Press ESC or select options from the top menubar and slide down terrain detail or turn off decorational plants and shadows (the latter needs client restart).

  • Are there any hotkeys? Can I reassign them?
    Bring up the options window as written above and check the keyboard tab.

If you see DEV's or GM's in the game - who to pester with what:

  • DEV BoyC - 3D problems, visual glitches, graphics performance issues, misc. game design stuff

  • DEV Crm - database issues, base facility problems, cargo / storage / item issues

  • DEV Gargaj - client-side problems, UI problems, crashes, website issues, misc. help

  • DEV Zoom - graphics design questions, game design questions

  • DEV Alf - game design, balancing

  • GM Mancs - general bugreports and help

  • GM Quodys - writing, translation, typos, proofreading

Last update on 2011-02-22


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Originally by Alexander:

From the available chat logs I managed to condense the entire session. It's chronologically ordered with the answer to each question being attached to each question. I hope this is beneficial to others as it answered a lot of player questions.

Here's to hoping for another session soon to answer any remaining questions.

[20:00:55] <DEV Zoom> Remember: One question at a time please. Try to follow, don't ask the same questions twice.

[20:01:06] <0odan> Devs there any support mechs in the works specificly targeted for support (like remote rep or triage) ?
[20:01:34] <DEV BoyC> not at the moment, but we're going to be expanding the mech lineup later

[20:01:37] <Jasdemi> Are gigantic mechs planned for the future?(Like carriers or titans in stEVE)
[20:02:39] <DEV BoyC> we're going to have higher tier robots, but not the size of mountains

[20:02:36] <Jangor Twill> a general point guys - now folk are playing i believe that any probs/bugs will be expected to be fixed asap
[20:04:23] <DEV Zoom> jangor we're constantly working on bugs and fixes and will roll out patches as we have them

[20:02:41] <Sintar> Is there a plan to improve lasers LoS inefficiencies (shooting people in the feet too much on seemingly flat land) -- If not... I may as well roll a missile PvP character like the majority of everyone I know : /
[20:04:18] <DEV CRM> the los got improved recently on the dev server. in the next patch it will be out. in general it is now softer

[20:02:58] <Gremrod> since OB ends on the 16th and EA starts on the 18th what are you guys doing with those two days game wise?
[20:04:18] <DEV BoyC> Gremrod: it's a two day downtime to give us enough time to do the wipe without a hurry and to emphasise the fact that the open beta is over and we're going live.

[20:04:21] <Alexadar> What next content patch will conssist, and if you can say please when it will be?
[20:06:11] <DEV BoyC> alexadar we're going to have small patches just like up to now - as for big expansions, we're going to have them but the timing isn't set yet

[20:04:39] <Siddy MKII> Is there going to be any support wepons (read, artillery AoE.), or will the good ol "BRING MORE ZERG MEGA BLOB" be the way to go?
[20:07:04] <DEV Zoom> siddy yes we are planning both artillery type and AoE weapons in the future

[20:04:55] <Yelb> Hi, will there be a big bad patch full of nice surprises for release, or the game with be the same as it is today ?
[20:07:00] <DEV BoyC> yelb the game will be as it is today, with continual patches after launch just like during the beta.

[20:06:38] <Parazac> will you allow custom font sizes? hard to read anything if i play in 1920x1080 on my 42" screen so i have to use a low rez
[20:06:53] <Dev Gargaj> parazac: options / gameplay / larger font size smile

[20:07:24] <Vorgrim Scout> What is the stance on Botted remote repairers, keycloning or any other 3rd party control of the game for that amtter?
[20:10:38] <DEV Zoom> vorgrim: macroing is not allowed

[20:08:16] <Jangor Twill> as there will be more players will respawn rates for ore/plants/npc's change
[20:09:06] <DEV BoyC> jangor: the balance of the world will be constantly updated as the player population rises, yes

[20:08:28] <Robomop> will light mining/harvesting bots be seeded on the market during early access?
[20:09:20] <GM Mancs> RobomoP: light mining/harvesting robots will be available on the market.

[20:08:56] <Palladin> I am concerned with macroing bot nic farming
[20:10:38] <DEV Zoom> palladin: macroing is not allowed

[20:09:26] <Alexadar> Will be implemented a convenient payment system for residents of Eastern Europe. This is a main question from russian speaking community.
[20:10:23] <DEV BoyC> alexadar we're working hard on that, but it takes time for a small team like ours. we don't want to inhibit players from paying us to play the game as you can imagine wink

[20:09:27] <Blayze> Are there going to be any Firearm-specialist bots or faction that uses them?
[20:11:45] <GM Mancs> Blayze: Firearm is a human technology, that does not have a faction, because the current situation allows expertiseing only in the three big Nian factions. But we wish to implement new factions in the future, its possible that we would have something like that.

[20:09:27] <Surprise> Can you share what your projected server population is at 1 month, 3 month and six month from release?
[20:12:45] <DEV Zoom> surprise: we are starting with a low population, and that's how we planned it, and constantly grow from there

[20:09:40] <Mortus Valitum> simple q: which language client and server have written?
[20:10:34] <Dev Gargaj> Mortus: client written in C++ and a tiny bit of ASM, server written in C#

[20:10:46] <Corky Thatcher> Right now, there is no reason for anyone to not pick 1 of 2 paths during char creation (combat or indy).  Has any thought been put into increasing the attributes for hybrid players so there is a reason to pick between schools/specialities/sparks?  For example, isntead of 30/30, 5/5, 5/5 u could have 20/20, 20/20, 5/5
[20:18:37] <DEV Alf> Corky, back then it was as you mentioned, and we wanted to make the players more specialized with their stats, so it wont change for a while, but later we plan to give chance to change your attributes somehow.

[20:11:02] <Bricktop> What are you doing in preparation to combat the lag related to PvP ?
[20:11:56] <DEV CRM> bricktop: we are looking for a better server location constantly, other than there we experience no issue currently

[20:11:29] <Siddy MKII> Is the 1km radar range going to be EVER changed?
[20:13:46] <GM Mancs> Siddy MKII: Possible.

[20:11:42] <Ecann Zenn> When Game goes live will the number of islands immediately increase?
[20:12:31] <DEV BoyC> ecann: not until the player population warrants an increase of the game world size

[20:12:31] <Akumaka> Will there be more Tier 1 module and robot npc buy and sell orders seeded by  to the market come launch?  Something to set some base values?  As it is, you spend 20k NIC to repair a looted module, and the only buy order is for 100 NIC to 1000 NIC if there is one at all, and sell orders are rediculously overpriced.
[20:16:37] <DEV Alf> Akumaka, T1 mods will be seeded on launch, for buy and sell, and with time we will remove them.

[20:12:51] <Bricktop> not to mess up the Q&A, but every time PvP happens, there is server lag. Gen chat was going silly the other day about it.
[20:13:51] <DEV CRM> bricktop: the servers are absolutely not loaded in any way, that's a pure network/internet connection related issue

[20:13:10] <Alexadar> Will be intrusion system reworked, and if it will be, how (in few words) ?
[20:17:50] <DEV Zoom> alexadar intrusion is not going to change dramatically, but we're working on other features which will make owning an outpost more worth it

[20:13:19] <Vorgrim Scout> Can you expand on the corporation built structures? How far off is this realistically? Will they be liminited in number? Will there be a capture/destruction system implemented?
[20:17:00] <DEV BoyC> vorgrim: that's going to be our primary focus in the coming period. the exact timing of the expansions isn't set yet, but it's the top priority feature we're going to be working on
[20:18:34] <DEV BoyC> as for exact limitations on the structure system, we don't have enough of it fleshed out from a balance aspect to answer that properly

[20:14:35] <Palladin> what measures are being taken to limit macro bot farmers
[20:14:47] <DEV BoyC> palladin: instant ban on discovery, the exact methods of the discovery will be kept under wraps to make macroing harder

[20:14:56] <Taurus Calrissian> Do you plan on expanding the safe zone if need arises ? if so, how do you plan to do it: new core islands or expansion of the safe zone to nearby, existing pvp islands ?
[20:20:02] <DEV Zoom> taurus probably the former, new starter islands if it gets crowded

[20:16:13] <Soul Brotha> Will there be any end of Beta events?
[20:19:56] <DEV BoyC> soul we're thinking about one, but let it be a surprise smile

[20:19:41] <Vorador> How many paying accounts will you need in order to make a benefit on the game and keep working on it ?
[20:20:43] <DEV BoyC> vorador that information is internal, sorry

[20:19:51] <Gorgabot> After the initial launch, what is your main priority for the near future/expansions.  Is it player built structures, customized robots, or enhanced PvE?
[20:24:38] <DEV BoyC> gorgabot: primary focus will be on player built structures, however if that takes a long time we might squeeze in a content expansion before that

[20:21:08] <Claudette> The current tutorials are very well done for beginners. Are there plans to put in tutorials for Recycling/Prototyping/factory in the near future?
[20:23:55] <DEV Zoom> claudette yes

[20:22:03] <Siddy MKII> How will the GMing going to be handled? What age rating this game is going to get?
[20:26:44] <DEV BoyC> siddy the game doesn't have an esrb rating as it'd say "game experience may change during online play". we refer to the eula in this matter

[20:22:19] <Littlesmack> is there any plans to have a "more" parameters on landmarks, i mean be able to have severals sets and choose between them, (example, only have bad relations on it, or only npc etc...)
[20:27:49] <GM Mancs> Littlesmack: We didn't tough about that. If you have a new idea, feel free to post it on the forum.

[20:24:00] <Cestus> will there be more options for corporation managment implemented ?
[20:24:40] <DEV CRM> Cestus: yes, there will be

[20:27:01] <Siddy MKII> what abaut the GMing
[20:27:42] <DEV CRM> siddy: will be cleared soon
[20:27:52] <DEV BoyC> the gm policy is in the works and the code of conduct will be published soon

[20:28:00] <Mortus Valitum> are you planning some mail information of kills and losses (like ancestor does smile )
[20:28:29] <DEV BoyC> mortus that feature has been requested quite a few times and is on the todo list, yes

[20:28:34] <Tr1glav> Did you consider adding the terrain factor and mass n size factors (and extensions to boost it) as  modifiers  to the movement speed and path of the bots? insted of simply using unpassable terrain hard limits? Will it be implemented in the future?
[20:30:43] <DEV Zoom> Tr1glav that is a quite complex issue, we gave some thoughts on that too before, but probably not in the near future

[20:28:45] <Bricktop> What sort of contingency plan is there for server crashes, extended downtime..act of god..etc etc? will we get re-imbursted if gametime is missed?
[20:29:41] <DEV BoyC> bricktop: unannounced server downtimes will of course be added to the accounts

[20:30:16] <Siddy MKII> will there be daily unscheaduled downtimes?
[20:31:41] <DEV BoyC> siddy: no

[20:30:55] <Unknown Origin> Will ther be maintenance every day?
[20:31:10] <DEV CRM> unknown: not planned

[20:32:06] <0odan> Dev's anyway you can tell us a rough estimate of payed accounts for launch?
[20:32:16] <GM Oceanus> No.
[20:32:36] <DEV BoyC> payment information is confidential, sorry

[20:32:33] <Mark Zima> Question: is there any chance of getting a complete entity (and extension) data dump? It helps with spreadsheets and planning.
[20:33:24] <DEV BoyC> mark yeah it's a possiblity, the feature is not planned at the moment but shouldn't be hard to do - please open a forum topic on the issue

[20:33:27] <Artem Blue> What would your reaction be to a singular dominant trade hub arising? Would you intervene to make that hub less appealing?
[20:35:30] <DEV BoyC> artem: we're still working on ideas for that scenario

[20:35:28] <Surprise> will the shields be fixed by release?
[20:35:37] <DEV BoyC> yes

[20:35:32] <Akumaka> Is there an Alliance system planned for the future?

[20:36:28] <XrayIT> what about GUI improvement ? like more HUD, colors, informations, internal view,... and of course a more futuristic look
[20:36:44] <DEV BoyC> the gui is constantly being improved as needed

[20:36:47] <Jasdemi> Can we expect a bounty feature in the future?
[20:37:15] <DEV CRM> jasdemi: not planned, we are still struggling with the idea

[20:37:30] <Horrid> Anything like Expermentation added as a crafting skill?I.E. add your own variation to existing weapons/armor etc.?
[20:37:53] <DEV BoyC> horrid: that feature is not planned

[20:38:10] <Parazac> any plans to dd dynamic weather effects?
[20:38:26] <DEV Alf> Parazac: Yes

[20:38:33] <Vorador> I saw a dev once mention "hybrid" robots for the future, what did he mean by "hybrid" ?
[20:39:28] <DEV BoyC> all robots are made up of three parts - chassis, head and leg, currently in unique configurations. the system we have in place is capable of mixing and matching these parts, for example a gropho head with a seth body - that is what we call a hybrid

[20:39:41] <Burning_Wrath> Will existing corps need to pay the 250,000 NIC after wipe?
[20:39:50] <DEV BoyC> yes

[20:40:05] <Yelb> Hi ! What it the "thing" that makes you really proud about your game ? And the thing you don't really like (but certainly plan to upgrade)  ?
[20:40:30] <DEV BoyC> yelb: most proud? that we have a launch date big_smile
[20:40:35] <DEV BoyC> least proud: the avatars

[20:40:45] <Fehz> What kind of internet connection are the server(s) running on?
[20:40:55] <GM Dissident> 100meg afaik
[20:41:04] <GM Dissident> 0/0 contention

[20:41:01] <Palladin> are there plans for player built bases? Will there be controll areas? Will the controling faction receive area buffs?
[20:41:25] <DEV BoyC> palladin that feature will be our primary focus, been answered already.

[20:41:30] <EP Ian> There are currently a lot more extensions and ammo-types for missiles than the other weapon types, are there plans to expand this to add a greater degree of variety to the other weapons?
[20:42:32] <DEV BoyC> expansion on the extension system are always planned wink
[20:43:47] <Neoxx> Ian, milssiles have 2 ammo types, firearms/lasers/EM have 2 weapon types.  (just thought I'd throw that in)

[20:42:40] <Zila Fonnex> Will the markets in save zones be linked together ???
[20:42:50] <DEV BoyC> no, they are separate markets

[20:43:37] <Happy Bunny> what new robot classes are there gonna be?
[20:45:20] <DEV Zoom> happy bunny: nothing solid yet, but we plan both bigger and smaller classes as well as diversifying the current classes

[20:44:04] <Unknown Origin> Will ther be daily maintenance?
[20:44:11] <DEV BoyC> unknown: no.

[20:44:21] <Steeldragonz> Is the Hybrid Expansion planning to go live in the first 6 months or later, as BoyC/Zoom stated before it would be part of a major expansion?
[20:45:08] <DEV BoyC> the hybrid expansion is taking a lower priority than the player built structures, but the exact timing and order of expansions isn't set yet

[20:45:11] <Cestus> I read on forums about some Virtual Arena PVP, will it be possible and how can this suit with the background ?
[20:45:49] <DEV BoyC> cestus that idea has been abandoned as it would derail the games persistent nature
[20:48:02] <GM Dissident> cestus, considering we are agents pluged into earth side interfaces to control the nian side bot's, it wouldn't be a stretch to have a simulator built into that interface, but as boyc said that idea has been abandoned

[20:45:39] <Siddy MKII> Is there going to be range increase in long range wepons, when the artificial 1km range limit will be removed. Currently there is no point using long range turrets over short range turrets in PVP.
[20:47:16] <DEV BoyC> siddy: it's not currently planned

[20:47:19] <Neoxx> Are there any plans for corporations to limit outside access to outposts they own?
[20:48:04] <DEV BoyC> not for public outposts - player built bases will have that feature

[20:48:42] <Adom> is server part of the game scaleable to multiple physical servers? like 1 "combat" server per island with possibility of new islands in the future?
[20:49:44] <DEV CRM> adom: yes, scalable, we are eager to have more servers

[20:48:51] <Akumaka> Are their plans to figure your robot's movement speed into how easy they are to hit?
[20:49:53] <DEV BoyC> akumaka that feature has been abandoned as it was very easy to exploit due to our decision of not having players collide

[20:50:37] <MacFly> What about fast travel like jetpack for example?
[20:52:42] <DEV Alf> MacFly ,  the fast travel methods that we came up, would become gamebreaking at some point, in the near future there wont be more options, but as the game will evolve we will rethink the possibilites

[20:52:47] <Gremrod> Any plans for stealth / cloaky modules for bots/mechs?
[20:53:23] <DEV BoyC> gremrod: stealth modules are already in the works.

[20:53:38] <Bonehunter> Are there any Apps in the planning to let you get involved with the game while logged out?
[20:54:30] <DEV BoyC> we currently don't have the capacity for that but we definitely intend to expand the world of perpetuum outside the actual game

[20:54:32] <Vorgrim Scout> Any plans for Corp logos and colours to be on bots in the future? Bascially a spray shop linited to corporations, perhaps a perk of owning a corporation built station?
[20:54:56] <DEV BoyC> vorgim yes that feature is in planning, as a vanity feature.

[20:55:01] <Alexadar> Fan question=) Is flying or naval or underground or my favorite "transformer" mechs planned to implement?
[20:55:20] <DEV BoyC> not at the moment

[20:55:27] <Taurus Calrissian> Is there some incoming media coverage (interviews, etc.) in the near future ? If so, where (so fansites can keep an eye out for it) ?
[20:55:35] <DEV BoyC> http://lorehound.com/news/perpetuum-rea … et-launch/ published 2 minutes ago

[20:55:48] <jellor> are there plans for any squad based instances/zones?
[20:56:29] <GM Dissident> instances /zones are notincluded in the game, all players will bbe able to find interact with each other
[20:57:05] <DEV BoyC> instances are still being discussed.

[20:56:40] <Blayze> Can the # of 'arm' modules be displayed in info somewhere?  Such as an Arkhe, which has 2 'arm' slots, where one can be a missile.. it's not real clear from the info on bots
[20:58:23] <DEV CRM> yes, we know the problem...

[20:58:32] <Gorgabot> How do you envision your expansions.  Will they be bi-annual, annual, or no particular time frame?
[20:59:05] <DEV BoyC> gorgabot the timing of expansions is still in the works

[20:59:29] <Vorador> Is there a plan to be able to "detatch" a chat window, move it separatly somewhere else on your screen ?
[21:00:34] <DEV BoyC> vorador: in the distant future yes

[21:00:46] <Kaerakh Yveri> Will harvesting be expanded to include more plants?
[21:01:16] <DEV CRM> kaerakh: yes, there is going to be a lot more with plants and mining

[21:01:33] <TehDood> Are there any plans for player controlled drones, and the mechs to deploy them?
[21:01:55] <DEV Alf> TehDood: No

[21:01:58] <Zila Fonnex> Will there be features later on in perpetuum simular to what eve-online has, to make it easyer for the members to pay for a corporation build robot / item ?
[21:04:31] <DEV Zoom> zila fonnex: if you are thinking of a kind of insider corporation-market, it has been suggested already on the forums, we are thinking about it

[21:02:29] <0odan> Is there going to be a way to search the markets in different zones for certain items and for Trade routes?
[21:03:00] <DEV BoyC> oodan: read only market access on the terrain is planned yes

[21:04:38] <Hoediur> At the moment nearly every mech can be build in a few days, are there any plans to invent very powerful mechs which require a extreme amount of resources and time ?
[21:05:35] <DEV Alf> Hoediur, the new class of mech will require more mats and will be more powerful but they also will have their weakness

[21:05:39] <Steeldragonz> Does the possiblity of more then a few Delta islands  depend on the player base size, so that players/corps are forced to fight for limited outpost control or Will islands be added at a fixed Rate?
[21:06:15] <DEV BoyC> the game world will be expanded as the playerbase grows

[21:06:35] <Palladin> WHen i minimize the game the music keeps playing. The game does not seem to minimize fully....is this a know issue?
[21:08:04] <DEV BoyC> palladin: we'll look into it

[21:08:06] <Artem Blue> Is the intent of the harvestable plants to support player corporations cultivating "plantations"?
[21:08:55] <DEV BoyC> artem yes it's intended as a part of the player built structure system

[21:08:57] <King Artos> Why was the decision made to not have characters collide?
[21:09:46] <DEV CRM> king: otherwise they would block each other, would be inconvenient
[21:09:57] <DEV BoyC> king we had lots of reasons, the main ones being exploitability and server performance

[21:09:58] <devz00r> Will we have some sort of test server in the future ?
[21:10:37] <DEV BoyC> devzor yes we're planning one

[21:11:10] <Cestus> in further extensions, wiil we discover new aspects of aliens true nature and more aliens robots ?
[21:12:04] <DEV Zoom> cestus: let that be a surprise smile

[21:12:08] <XrayIT> is there a plan for multi target system : to be able to fire at multi target at the same time not just add them to the list ?
[21:13:30] <GM Mancs> XrayIT: you can fire at only one target, however you can use any other modules( that does not fire, but instead EW or other module) on any target you locked.

[21:12:55] <Zarew> how many people buy early acces? any information?
[21:13:05] <DEV BoyC> zarew that information is internal sorry

[21:13:42] <Overdogs> Any plans for an ingame Fitting tool to preview modules/weapons without having to purchase/install them?
[21:15:02] <DEV BoyC> overdogs: not a priority at the moment

[21:15:05] <Gremrod> A long the lines of offline appliations. Will there be an API that the PO community can consume to be used in community made applications?
[21:15:37] <DEV BoyC> gremrod as we said we don't currently have the capacity for this but we'll be working on it as soon as we do

[21:15:41] <Yelb> Every island looks more or less the same. Are you planning to add more diversification to the next islands or even to upgrade the existing ones ? Lake, big river, more or less colours, kind of snow ... ?
[21:16:22] <DEV BoyC> yelb we're going to be upgrading and diversifying the graphics all the time

[21:16:32] <Tiggus> is there any plans for a "local" chat tab that is only visible to those near you?
[21:17:19] <DEV Zoom> tiggus there are many topics about a local chat on the forums, looks the majority doesn't want it

[21:17:13] <Ragn Rohk> When will the "voltron" feature be added?, ie multiple bots forming a super giant kick butt one
[21:17:39] <DEV BoyC> who said anything about such a feature? big_smile
[21:17:39] <Dev Gargaj> we thought about an arkhe-launcher so you could just pick up other arkhes and shoot them out but then someone said it was silly.

[21:20:28] <XrayIT> yes mines and trap systems
[21:20:33] <DEV CRM> no concept so far about mines

[21:20:39] <Vorgrim Scout> How big are the mechs going to get? I dream of Theloodica "Collosus" (think sc2) type mechs in the future. Any chance of that being realised?
[21:21:40] <Blackomen> Vorgrim, there are destroyers planned that are around 2.5x the size of heavies.
[21:22:36] <DEV Zoom> vorgrim probably nothing bigger than a current terminal smile

[21:21:50] <UnendingDoom> is there any future plans for pet's, be they purchasable eve style drones, tameable npc's , or summonable pets like diablo
[21:22:04] <DEV BoyC> unendingdoom: no.

[21:22:56] <0odan> Is there any plans for Airsupport or flyable aircraft to do remote hotdrops of squads.
[21:28:14] <GM Mancs> 0odan: We don't have plans for that.

[21:25:20] <auster> so c++ and c# are used .. and the graphics are done by directx ore opengl?
[21:25:28] <Dev Gargaj> dx9.0c to be exact

[21:25:34] <Kurono> is there any AOE weapons? or dps dmp types? like a flamethroulers and etc.?
[21:25:59] <DEV BoyC> kurono aoe weapons are being planned yes

[21:25:51] <Blayze> Are there any plans to speed up things? Robot movement, combat..
[21:26:29] <DEV BoyC> blayze yes but the exact method is not decided yet

[21:26:33] <Ecann Zenn> Will it be possible for a solo player to construct his own storage facility or garage in the future?
[21:27:31] <DEV BoyC> ecann the possibility will be there yes

[21:27:36] <Vorador> Is there hope to see "good" looking avatars in the future? (not talking about mine it's already sexy !)
[21:28:39] <DEV BoyC> vorador yes we'd like to improve on the avatars when we have the capacity

[21:28:49] <Melissa> are there any plans to have more pve content safe from pvp?
[21:30:47] <DEV BoyC> melissa: yes, we're planning on more pve content

[21:29:18] <Akumaka> Any chance of changing the legs on the Arbalest?  Lets be honest, they look kind of silly.
[21:30:19] <DEV Zoom> akumaka not a priority, but it's possible

[21:30:23] <Mark Zima> Question: where's the energy? Are there plans to introduce energy gathering/sending to Earth as per the backstory?
[21:31:48] <DEV BoyC> mark zima at the current point in the story we're in a foothold situation - as we progress the story the energy gathering aspect will be introduced

[21:31:52] <Siddy MKII> is there any plans to allow space travel?

[21:32:10] <Zorac> Will we ever be able to see how many people are online on the server on the login screen?
[21:32:32] <DEV BoyC> http://content.perpetuum-online.com/fee … ph_600.png until we put it on the login screen

[21:33:09] <Yelb> What about hacking other's robot in PvP ? Instead of destroying your enemy, you just take is robot, but you lose yours.
[21:33:39] <DEV Alf> Yelb , No
[21:36:45] <DEV Alf> We plan to intorduce the possibility to destroy different parts of the enemy mechs, leg, head, chassis, damaged parts will have different effect on bots, and will have stratageic importance as well

[21:34:26] <Jasdemi> Do you plan making the world moar colorful?
[21:34:43] <DEV BoyC> yes
[21:34:44] <DEV CRM> to some extent

[21:35:04] <Parazac> you have mentioned that new islands will be added as needed, will you also be looking at varying the size of these new islands as all islands at the moment are approx the same size?
[21:36:46] <DEV Zoom> prazac yes we are planning zones that are broken up into smaller islands

[21:36:58] <Tiggus> are there any plans for "unattended" mining via deployable stations such as "moon mining" in other games
[21:38:10] <DEV Zoom> tiggus yes there are plans for deployable mining structures, but if you leave them unattended, they will probably get destroyed smile
[21:38:28] <DEV CRM> or depleeted energywise

[21:38:24] <Taurus Calrissian> Any plan on going dx11 soon ?
[21:39:09] <DEV BoyC> taurus we designed the game engine so we'd have a low minimum requirement. going dx10/11 isn't planned in the forseeable future

[21:39:15] <rockfist> do u have any plans on a targeting system upgrade that willallow us to se which target our squad commader/ fc is targeting?
[21:39:40] <DEV Zoom> yes

[21:39:53] <Alexadar> Is trial accounts planned? If its true, how long trial pieriod will be?
[21:40:13] <DEV CRM> alex: planned, in the works. so no details now

[21:40:29] <Zila Fonnex> will perpetuum have FULL 3D Support ( not like the current green red system ) the 1 with eather Glasses or the magnet plasma sheet you put on your screen ?
[21:40:48] <DEV BoyC> zila: as soon as you sponsore me the hardware big_smile

[21:41:17] <Annihilator> Any plans for moderated channels?
[21:42:18] <DEV Zoom> anni yeah we'll figure something out
[21:41:41] <DEV Zoom> like this one? smile

[21:42:03] <Resentina> switch ammo type by pressing a key?
[21:44:43] <DEV Zoom> resentina we have a simple "change ammo in all weapons at once" feature on our todo. as for hotkeys, you can explain on the forums how you would imagine that

[21:42:27] <Madmolar> Will Squad assignments be fixed next week?
[21:44:09] <GM Mancs> Madmolar: we still working on that one.
[21:44:10] <DEV CRM> missions: in the works as well

[21:45:03] <MacGyver> What game are you most inspired of? X3, or Eve?
[21:45:47] <GM Oceanus> Game being ran on tetris engine? tongue

[21:46:04] <Kurono> why environment in station became holografic, detailed it was better, is any way to change it mb in options in future?
[21:46:58] <DEV BoyC> kurono we wanted distinct displays for each station and simply didn't have the capacity to produce a unique view for each of them

[21:47:01] <LazoR> there will be a special logistic mech for remote repair?
[21:47:10] <DEV Zoom> not yet anyways

[21:47:21] <Vorgrim Scout> I presume the hybrid robot system will require points in all race control to use their parts, will there be advantages to staying "pure"? For example better bonuses for the Pelistal/nuimqol/thelodica robot control extensions than 1% cycyle time or an advanced racial robot control extension?
[21:49:07] <DEV Zoom> vorgrim the details of the hybrid system are not laid out yet
[21:51:44] <DEV Alf> Vorgrim Scout   yes there will be new extensions for hybrids, those will provide minor bonuses, those bots will meant to be more options instead of must have

[21:49:15] <Gremrod> Any plans for a ticket system or some means to submit account issues etc.
[21:49:53] <DEV Zoom> gremrod yes, though at first only outside of game

[21:50:10] <Littlesmack> when is the first perpetuum fan fest?
[21:51:42] <DEV Zoom> littlesmack probably as soon as we have the funds and enough fans smile

[21:51:51] <Blayze> Are there plans to put info anywhere that tells what faction is controlling what station?  The colors are there now, but not easy for newer players
[21:54:41] <DEV Zoom> since we need to display the owners of outposts anyway, that system will work for npc terminals too probably

[21:55:29] <Bonehunter> gonna dive in while its quiet - any plans for in-game voicechat?
[21:56:26] <DEV BoyC> no for ingame voicechat

[21:55:30] <XrayIT> what about container hacking  ? with different level of security and the extensions to support it
[21:56:07] <DEV BoyC> xrayit the feature has been discussed and dropped for now

[21:57:01] <Neon> Is there a plan to introduce state recording feature, that you can later playback and fraps?
[21:57:39] <DEV BoyC> neon that feature would basically require to rewrite the whole client to work well, so - no.

[21:57:58] <EP Ian> Any plans to ever add any form of non-teleport travel between islands?
[21:58:40] <DEV BoyC> ep: not with the current way the game is set up

[21:59:02] <Neon> well, it whuld be powerful tool for community to make fraps and propogate the game's image
[21:59:51] <DEV BoyC> neon we have something similar for the dev client but to actually make it comfortably useable for the community it'd require a _significant_ rewrite of the client. we looked into it, can't do it.

[21:59:48] <Mars Volta> Can an GM or DEV play the game as a normal subscriber?
[22:01:49] <DEV CRM> the GMs has to report their real player account to us and we monitor it
[22:01:55] <DEV BoyC> mars: the code of conduct for gms on this will be made public soon - in short: yes, but with a very strict policy of deleting the character as soon as it's found out that it is the alt of a gm/dev

[22:01:18] <Vorgrim Scout> Are you happy with ewar right now? balance between types, bot bonuses and such. Also how it scales in power from 1v1 to 100v100 battles.
[22:02:15] <DEV Zoom> balancing is a constant battle, there will surely be changes


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As you probably noticed, the forums got wiped during the big final cleansing after the beta.

This was unfortunately necessary because we had to wipe the characters which you coincidentally used to post with, so there would have been nasty database issues.

The good news is that all the information is still there, you can access the old forums here (read only):


In the coming days we'll try to save over the useful threads, guides, faqs etc. to the new forums, and you are also welcome to do so in case you have an important bug or feature request that isn't obsolete yet.