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Copy from the beta forum archive:

Those who get the "The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method." error:

We have contacted PayPal about the issue, but they said they can't do anything on our side, you need to contact PayPal and they can check out what the problem could be with your account.

If one of your buyer is having difficulties
completing a payment, please advise them to contact PayPal directly and
we will advise them further after reviewing their PayPal account.
If a payment does not complete, we cannot see any information about this
payment in the recipient's account and any possible error messages will
only be visible in the sender's account.

See also here:

The most likely cause is that the customer's credit card failed bank authorization.


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Mirv wrote:

When I recycle them, they produce no components, but it says "Additional Results Expected".  After recycling about fifty of them, I never saw anything happen.

They do recycle to random minerals, you can miss that if you already have some minerals in your storage since the result will autostack with them.


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XrayIT please do a screenshot of problematic LOS situations the next time you see them if you can please.


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Gremrod wrote:

why does the ecorp guide to mining link point to content.perpetuum-online.com/usercontent? Do we get hosting space with our accounts?

It was me who uploaded it there months ago because the original download link was some crappy filehosting site with malware alerts.


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Benos wrote:

It is better but direct damage weapons still have problems, you can see your target and still hit the ground, while with missiles it works perfectly even over small hills.

That can be deceiving though, since most of the time you are observing the terrain from above, not aware of the slight bumps on the terrain.


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Definitely no item shop.
In the future we might offer extra services like avatar change or decorational stuff, but nothing that will give you the slightest advantage in game.


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So when you are talking about the LOS problem, are you talking about the current state, after yesterday's fix?


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I'd like to have some "missiles are useless" people in here smile

On a slightly more serious note, if one half is saying that missiles are the weakest weapon and the other half is saying that they are too powerful... I think that indicates that it's just right.

This is probably the most reported bug that we still couldn't get a hold of unfortunately hmm
The only solution to it is to delete the perpetuum.gbf file and let the client download it again.


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Some guys had fun with Arkhes, nothing interesting unfortunately.


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Jelan: you didn't you just got on the troll train so you got removed with the stream smile
And it's usually number 6.


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That usually indicates a problem with your paypal account. Do you have enough money on it?

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It wasn't removed. What is the problem, do you get an error message?


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The only thing that can help is closing all other programs that use bandwidth, torrents, IMs, voice comms etc., or if you are on a wifi router, changing to cable if possible.

Confirming what Neoxx said.

This is being worked on.

should be fixed

For 3. see options/gameplay/alternative control method



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Mirv: you probably moved them away since your post but right now I can see 560 missiles in your Arkhe2's cargohold. Are you aware that if you move ammo between containers then they autostack if there was already some at the destination? This can seem like they just disappear.

Atrilic: look for your modules equipped on your other Arkhe. The confusion here might be that you can also equip non-activated robots, and the two Arkhes look similar.

(Fun fact: all lost module reports so far turned out to be misplaced items smile )


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They probably meant player created orders.


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Where have you read that? There is no such mechanic in game.