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As you probably noticed, the forums got wiped during the big final cleansing after the beta.

This was unfortunately necessary because we had to wipe the characters which you coincidentally used to post with, so there would have been nasty database issues.

The good news is that all the information is still there, you can access the old forums here (read only):

In the coming days we'll try to save over the useful threads, guides, faqs etc. to the new forums, and you are also welcome to do so in case you have an important bug or feature request that isn't obsolete yet.

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I had a hard time finding the game lore, can we make it easier to find?  Also who writes the game lore, I know a few people who I've spoken with who have good ideas for future game lore and good ideas for including gama wipe into it..  Anyway I'd love to talk to the guy who's writing the official stuff..

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Hydra Merchant wrote:

I had a hard time finding the game lore, can we make it easier to find?

Err, you mean the third entry in the "Project Perpetuum" menu up here? (Also, what does this have to do with the beta forum archive...?)

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beta archive down now?

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Fixed, thanks for the notice.