Topic: Asintec tutorial assignment / File #3-a and #3-b

Asintec tutorial assignment / File #3-a:

As you can see, I am in ICS Alpha Terminal and the assignments window shows all available assignments in alphabetical order.
(1) As the small dialog sais, objective B is still not finished although I am already in the terminal.
(2) As the last line within the description sais I should look for the succeeding assignment 3-b. It is not in the list.

The good thing is that the assignment 3-a was completed as soon as I left the terminal and moved around a bit. At that point the assignment 3-b was automatically added as an open assignment.

Asintec tutorial assignment / File #3-b

The second objective sais that I should take the data console to the Daoden Terminal.
(3) As you can see, no data console was added to my cargo.
I had to kill a few Npc-Arkhes to finally get the needed console.

The tutorial assignments do work, the descriptions of File #3-a and #3-b should be updated.

Re: Asintec tutorial assignment / File #3-a and #3-b

#3-a: we are aware of the problem that "reach location" objective points can take a while to notice that you are there, we are working on it.

#3-b: I'm a bit confused by what you said. When you accept the assignment you are given the assignment item into your private storage, which you need to move into your robot's cargo, and then transport it to the other terminal. There are no NPCs dropping this item, so that part I did not really understand.

Re: Asintec tutorial assignment / File #3-a and #3-b

Yes, I forgot to mention that I did not reenter into Attalica's terminal to look if the data console was added to my private storage. But what I do remember for sure is that I killed some Arkhes (I always use the take-all-loot-button) and then was able to finish the assignment somehow.