Topic: Aborted a tutorial assignment help.

Well I unfortunately aborted a tutorial assignment (its the tutorial assignments which you get when you create a new character).

I believe I was hung up on the 3rd phase of the mission and thought if I aborted it, I could redo it. Apparently now I can't get it back and it looks like my character cant progress through the tutorial assignment mission in the terminal.

I see the "Truhold-Markson tutorial assignment / File #3-b - Training - Asintec Alpha Terminal" In the "All Assignments" but no longer in the "Available Assignments" sad

When I click on it in the "All Assignments" the mission descriptions pops up, but no option to accept it.

I went to agent profile and all it did was take me through the tutorial on how the game plays.

Is there something I am doing wrong? roll

Thanks in advance.

Re: Aborted a tutorial assignment help.

You have to go to the indicated Asintec Alpha terminal, that is where the assignment is located. You will be able to accept it from the available assignments once you're there.

Re: Aborted a tutorial assignment help.

Thanks Zoom, that solved my issue smile