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Probly the easiest way to balance that, agreed.


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On the contrary, this new patch is getting me to resub my accts again. I needs more ep! Playing right into their hands, Im sure. Well played, Avatar Creations. Well played.... smile


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Ville wrote:

There's not an honor book, it's the role it "WAS" designed for.  Regardless I'm done giving feedback, its not listened too anyways as Jita already pointed out.

Don't say things you don't really mean... wink


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If anything its just a buff to yellow bots, that was probly deserving anyway. But it may go too far in some spots.


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Ville wrote:

The ONLY difference between the MK2 Versus the MK1 is 1 less suppressor.  The Zenith gives you no special bonus for usage of suppressor that is worth wild on the field of pvp.

The zenith MK2 has a 20% ew range bonus. I consider that a special bonus that IS worthwhile on the field of pvp.

The Zenith Mk1 is a little gimpy in comparison to the baphomet tbh, but a small ew strength bonus or something to the mk1 would probly overcome it. The biggest advantage the Zenith mk1 has is the base locking range, and the cpu/reactor to extend your range a bit farther than the baphomet. TBH, my problem would be comparing the baphomet to the intact. I am having a difficult time making an argument why to use the intackt ever again, tbh.

I haven't dug into the viability of a baphomet mk2 suppressor/ewar bot pvp  fit yet. I expect that it is less effective than we think it is atm, but maybe not...


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I'm not really against this patch so far, tbh. Things have needed a shake up for awhile... A few bumps in the road to get over yet, but shouldn't be a big deal. See you in a few days, or never. Who knows.... o/


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Come on, after the last patch its like having an entire hangar full of new bots! Some people you just cant satisfy...


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If someone wants to mine everyday for 2 years with 5 accounts and not sell any of his ore. Seems very difficult to stop him from doing so. With mechancis or otherwise.


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I just feel like somewhere around the 1-1.5 million ep mark, you should just stop *** about ep refunds and whining about the occasional extension balancing.... You are already better off than most people in game, so just suck it up... Amirite?


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All this system does is allow you (CIR and Co), to play the game even less, and only log in to perp for a siege. Bring more people, play less. Still own everything. Just not seeing the benefits....

Well, before the gamma wipe I new guys who farmed observers by running their accum dry. So it was true back then anyway. Not sure if it has changed now...


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Removal of the internal corp market bothers me a bit. Then you force people to just trade internally with corp members instead of using the market. Seems like it will just make buying/selling in corp more tedious, but not really solve the main issue...

Stranger Danger wrote:

Whats it like to have an ego so big it stops you from playing a game you seem desperate to stay connected with via forums?

Ask Arga? Or Syndic maybe?

I still think this idea would be good in some form or fashion. If you can somehow make MPC stuff available to newer corps without the risk associated with traditional gammas. I think that in itself is a huge PVE update for the game. Giving the newer corps/players an opportunity to play with the content that has been worked on for SO long, seems like a great way to spice up PVE without taking an inordinate amount of developer time....

I am becoming more and more amused with Stranger Danger telling everyone how they need to play the game... Where have I heard that before?...


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Stranger Danger wrote:

we can lock down the map with only a few players under the current system.

Perhaps its time to change the system?


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Except for the colony building, terraforming, colixium mining, etc. Yea exactly like that....


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How about a PVP zone gamma that just will not allow the attacking of structures? No turrets obviously, but all other MPC stuff, terraforming, etc can be built.

Then you get the excitement and thrill of transporting in and out and mining while exposed to risk. But the safety knowing your sandcastle won't get kicked over in the night. That way there are still some risks involved, but not the all or nothing we currently kinda see...

I suppose hell camping and Logoff traps may dissuade the casual gamma person. But the thought of losing a bot is a lot less worse than of losing your gamma base.

So production characters with maxxed skills and maxed relation can get within 4% of the gamma production ability on alpha. And a brand new player can produce about the same on gamma that a maxxed acct can on alpha.

The problem with that, is how many people have completely maxxed out production characters? Answer: almost no one except for a very few vets.

To have to buy an account and wait 18 months to have a maxxed out producer sucks balls. Noone wants to do that. That's why the gamma bonus was so huge. Even a PVPer could spend a few thousand ep and be more than capable of producing his own stuff.

Of course, that all being said. There is still room on the market to make NIC without great production skills. But it is a lot more work to do so...


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I suspect that is a hold over from when you could choose which missions you wanted to take. To prevent abuse etc.


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Personally, I consider the Gamma patch to be fairly decent endgame PVE/PVP content, tbh. I know many, who have had a lot of fun terraforming/building gamma bases, including those who have no interest in PVP. I think it brings a lot to the table. I myself had a lot of fun spending countless hours terraforming for defence or offence, building, destroying, deconstructing gamma bases.

That being said, as endgame content, the cost of having fun on gamma can be rather high. Making it hard for newer players/corporations to experience it, until much later in their perpetuum lives. While this is not necessarily a bad thing. For gamma to really shine I think it will need a fairly large population to really see its potential. I can't imagine the day when Gamma islands are all actively owned and lived on... Would be an awesome sight.

All this really leads me to is, at this point. Its really not about what the old bitter vets would like to see. The game population needs to continue to grow, and as such I think 2 things need to be addressed. Beginning and middle PVE content, and the viability of small scale pvp.

We need new PVE content to keep the early players hanging around, and we need viable small scale pvp to keep the new corporations and PVP players hooked. While I prefer the small unit battles to the larger ones, I realize the need to have a healthy mix of both. But I can tell you for sure, that if you cant find enjoyable PVP to do with 5 friends, you will never even get a chance to try it with 50.

As an encouraging note, with the upcoming PVE redo, things should be getting better. On the PVP side, some changes are being made to help this I think already. With hopefully more to come...

And I too don't particularly care for people choosing to hide behind forum alts either....


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On a side note, it is great hearing you guys complain about having to defend all these saps. Collecting sap loot 28 times a day is no small task... I feel your pain...

If you are in a squad, and someone else in the squad accepts and completes a squad mission. Then everyone in the squad gets a share of the nic and relation for completing. regardless of what island you are on etc. That is most likely what your are seeing.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Let's not forget that currently it's only "no effort" because hardly anyone wants those bases, so the defenders can just not care.

Just about every corporation in the game wants a beta outpost. The main reason "no effort" is given to try and take one, is that the game mechanics allow a single numerically superior opponent to be in every Beta outpost in the game at any and all times. With ZERO effort involved to do so.

P.S. Just because Syndic says the same thing over and over, doesn't make it true. smile


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A place to spark to and store you sap loot has intrinsic value.


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Syndic wrote:

Without an incentive or reason, it doesn't matter in the slightest what the intrusion system is like because nobody will bother since... it's not worth it.

Owning a Beta outpost seems like it has to be worth something.... Since it was worth it to you to deny them to every other corporation in the game and hold them for yourself. Even if for no other reason, its worth having one for the cortexes and beacons.

While they may not be worth losing billions in assets to protect, as a rule they still have value.

Fix effing sparks. At this point I don't even care how. I was never a fan of the point system, and I am not really a fan of the cooldown. Just do SOMETHING, holy hell.

I really like the one faction only thing, tbh.