This New Tile based Geoscan mechanics have nerfed ore mining.

Before last patch, I used fast Argano to find ore field and making scan results. After that I took slow Termis/Riveler fitted with maximum numbers of industrial tunings, and I went to the site to dig.

After last patch, scan result making with Argano is useless. I need fit geoscanner on Termis/Riveler, remove one industrial tuning, make scan and start digging.

Result: 5-10% less ore per time unit (5% for T1, or 10% for T4 industrial tuning).

My question is: why are the DEVs nerfing ore mining, and what new game improovement are we getting?


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Connection lost!

Server status: Server is online.


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I would suggest developers to introduce an red NPC in the terminals, because traders  there earn big money without any risk.

God help us! yikes


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My problem is solved after run perpetuum-exereplacer.exe from Perpetuum folder.

I did not wipe any files.

Now, the file perpetuum-exereplacer.exe  does not exist in Perpetuum folder.


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Gremrod wrote:

The T1 standard Lightweight Frame (LWF).

NPC Sell Price: 138K+
Player Sell Price: Ranges from 22k+ to 44k+

If we use the LWF base commodity requirements and then use the market commodity prices a LWF is worth 28k+.

So why are the npc sell orders for this basic item 5x+ more than what they are really worth?

This is only one item I checked last night. I am guessing I would find the same for all or some of the other seeded items.

Lets look at something that is missing for setting base prices in a virtual market.

The production cost for the T1 LWF is around 60-65 k.
All sell orders below this price does not come from the manufacturers. It comes from PVE players (NPC loot).
Therefore, the NPC sell order is about 2 times higher than the production cost.
For most items which I have compared, the NPC sell price is approximately 2 times higher than the production cost.

I think that these prices are correct, so it gives producers an incentive to produce T1 module to sell at market.
NPC orders are necessary as long as we have a problem with a small number of players.


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Here I come to join the club: 1 000 120 EP smile


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If I try to extract some CT or start new cycle with existing CT in factory line, I get a system message: error_ProductionIsRunningOnThisLine

Some CT I can extract without any problems.
If I put new CT in production line, I can start production.


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Two things not clear:
1) time that counts: "Online time" or "Neurointegration date"?
2) Where do I send a message: in game or PM here on the forum?

Last few days I made some "artifact scanning" at Telesis, and I had no problems.

Maybe the problem is only on some of the islands, so it would be useful to specify the location where you have problems.


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First, the praise for the initiative.

Now, the questions to you for thinking.

William Bonney wrote:

1.  Every participating In Game Character must be a Trial Account. ...

Why only Trial?
Since the Nexus module is forbidden, and there is no extensions that affects to the speed, each player, whether he's old 1 sec or 1 year, has the same speed in the identically equiped robot.

Creating a trial acc. just for this race, takes a name that no one can take for someone future active acc. (...)

William Bonney wrote:

6. ... You are allowed to kill each other in any way you deem you can. ...

The race is on alpha islands. To shoot, ECM, demob. on the opponent, it is necessary that bot sides engage PVP flag.

Participant in the race is the fastest if fit only LWF. Why would he want to turn on PVP flag, because each armed rival is slower, and therefore loses the race?



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I am confused by the phrase "Single-player" that is listed in a short description of the game.

Perpetuum can not be played offline without your server, and the phrase "Single-player" tells me that this is possible.

The fact is that I can play alone or in a team, but still need your online server.

+n; n > 1


This error is still present. sad


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Doek, you're right, but...

"This is an elite item, used by the commanders of the Nuimqol Sapphire Vanguards. You can only obtain these items by destroying and looting Vanguard commanders. There is no way to manufacture them."

... for which you need a list of components when these items can not be manufactured?

DEVs, is not consistent, some of these elite items has a list of components and the other does not.


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From my parents I have heard phrase for a very hard work: "The Passion of Jesus Christ".
This phrase gives the best description for the research knowledge base in Perpetuum.

My first T4 item that I purchased has been T4 Accumulator recharger.

Me and my corporate members have spent more than 1 year killing NPCs, we gathered thousands and thousands of the kernels, and I still can not make the T4 prototype for the Accumulator recharger. sad

Allow us the choice of direction for research.


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Only Facts:

  • Perpetuum has over 1300 items that you can buy or sell at the market.

  • We have 3 extension for sell orders.
    Complexity of these extensions are [1], [3] and [5].
    Number of orders are 1, 5 and 10 per level. It means 10 + 50 + 100 = 160 sell orders for maximized extensions.

  • Requirement EP (time): 13,500 + 40,500 + 67,500 = 121,500 EP (9d 9h + 28d 3h + 46d 21h = 84d 9h)

  • We can't forget the buy orders. Same thing goes for them.

  • Total requirement EP (time) for 160 sell and 160 buy orders: 243,000 EP (168 d 18 h) !!!

  • We have 6 alpha main terminals + 9 alpha outposts + 3 beta terminals = 18 places for trading.
    Beta outposts does not count because they are not opened to all players.

  • 1300 ingame items x 18 terminals = 23,400 possible sell (or buy) orders.

  • From this we can see that a player can cover approx. 0.68% of the market; or in other words, we need 150 players with maximized trade extensions to cover all terminals with all items.

  • New players (not only new) complain that they can't buy anything at the market, because there are no offers, or prices are too high.

I have only one character (1.5 years old), and I want to play this game in several aspects (mining, manufacturing, trading, PVE).

From my point of view it would crazy to spend almost 6 months to maximize these trading skills. There are other aspects of the game I want to get involved with.

Balancing the game is difficult and time consuming process. I counted only a few facts, and I'm leaving this topic opened for discussion.

Initially, I'm suggesting changes in the next direction:

  1. Decrease complexity of trade extensions to [1], [2], [3], to reduce the amount of EP (time) -> ~56 d

  2. Increase number orders to 10, 50 and 100 per level of extensions.



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We have two new sparks.

I am not able to find any information on how and where you can get to the Spark License - AC1 "Gladius" and Spark license - AM1 "Alluvia".


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Norrdec wrote:

EM Needs EW, EW needs EM


EMan needs EWoman, EWoman needs EMan.

Guys, what do you do in your factories? tongue


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It's not a bug, working as intended.

Example: If your armor is 1000 HP, after the Armor Nexus module is put on, your maximum armor is now the 1020 HP.
This means that you need to "repair" your armor to the new value.
If you go beyond the effect radius of the Nexus module or dock in terminal, your armor will be returned to the default value.


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The biggest problem I see here is in the way that EULA was written.

EULA was written too generic and can be quite arbitrarily interpreted.

With such an arbitrary interpretation, any calculator or Excel spreadsheet, and even VoIP applications can be a violation of the EULA.

One bizzare example:
When you are in combat, there is a big advantage if you have VoIP. Then you can quickly to tell squad members what to do, instead of writing in the squad chat window.

I think the EULA should not be interpreted as in dictatorships: Everything is forbidden. Only is allowed, what is written in the law that is allowed.

Because these applications can be executed on another computer, they do not automatically receive any information from Perpetuum client, I think that the EULA is not violated.

I hope that in future we get interface for the Artifact Scanning, similar to what we have for Directional scanning.
In this case we do not need additional applications. Until that happens, these applications are very helpful. Without them, certain segments of the game would be "mission impossible".


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This is my experience in a similar situation:

Shut down the client, wait at least 1 minute. Run the client and Login.

If you are on VOIP with your corpmates, let them tell you when you disappear from the field. Then you can log in again, and you will not be disconnected.