Craggan Mhor wrote:

The real question is who is dumber - them for putting it in, or us (the players) for agreeing to it?

Them for putting it in.

1) Yes
2) Definitely not. It would basically mean unlimited free respecs for all.

If they're going to allow instant and permanent cargo deletion, then they may as well make it a feature, and have the game delete all your cargo on death. It would save everyone some clicks whenever they die.


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Dev Zoom, it's quite a simple answer really.

Some people don't like being stuck with dead characters, which they'll have to look at every time they log in, but they never plan to use again. I know it bothered me having an alt character until I deleted it.

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Vorador wrote:

We have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology.

We fight because we must to. We will be the deterrent force of those who need it. We are soldiers without borders, our goals are defined by the times we live in.

Sure sounds like a philosophy.

All good suggestions. I can remember having most of the same problems when doing the tutorial.

Regarding #5, I would love it if the actual map had a "corp ownership" option that showed territory control. The alpha islands of course would be the default 3 corps.

And perhaps some kind of notice when a new bulletin is posted.


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An interesting perspective Smackdown.

I'm a PVPer, though I'd prefer PVErs and everyone else be happy as well. Expand the PVE by all means, just don't do it at the expense of PVP.

On the alpha islands, almost all PVE seems to be single player. I think sometimes players forget the whole point of an MMO.


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You're right, Arbalest was 10 off. Changed it now.

After reading through this thread I must say, Relandi you're being completely unreasonable. Zhyntil is right, you are mixing up completely different issues.

I don't understand how limiting tags to one has anything to do with restricting gameplay. And even if it does, how can it wrong to try to solve this issue? We want new players to enjoy the game (well we do, don't we?).

If you're talking about PVP Palamedes, it may help you set your allies to "Friend" (Right click > set relations) then uncheck show friends in the landmark options. Then you don't have to worry about accidentally targeting your allies. Color blindness aside, I still find this feature helpful in large scale combat.

Here's an image of the map as Lupus describes it, the lines being some sort of terrain obstruction which would have to allow multiple paths.

The biggest problem I see with this is that such a drastic map change may unbalance things in unforeseen ways. It may give old players an even greater head start, or allow new players an advantage that current players didn't have (through mob/resource distribution etc).

Campana wrote:

Once you give a playerbase a safety feature like that you can't take it away without there being a serious outcry

I disagree. Players can still be perfectly safe and happy on one island. No feature is being removed, only added (in this case new islands). I was perfectly happy on the same island for my first few days until I was ready to join a corp.

That actually sounds like a fair solution Doc Iridium. I really don't see any room for abuse.

I asked my doctor about Trollazilol but it does not fit my diagnoses. Instead I've been taking Spamlessadax, but it seems I may need to up my dosage.

Congratulations Deolator smile

(Or maybe being ugly isn't worthy of congratulations?)

Oh great and mighty Neoxx: you have not only demonstrated your sovereign PVP skills, but have opened up a path, that us lesser beings may become like you. You sacrificed your alt to do this for us, and so we are grateful. May we be in forever awe of your perpetual suicides.

Imagine having to come up with all these numbers and keep it balanced. Though it seems they managed it.

And props to you Gobla *thumbs up*

I wouldn't mind chat bubbles. Zone chat though would almost never be used.


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I'm in Canada.

I find if I download a clean install, and don't copy the game folder or try to log onto two clients at once, it works ok. Sometimes it happens after a crash, in which case I can't find any fix but re-download.


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Ok, after numerous attempts I managed to redownload and its working fine now.

It seems copy/pasting the game folder can cause it to become corrupted?


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It doesn't crash on the login screen now, just keeps trying to connect and failing.


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I'm getting the same thing. I startup and it tries to connect and crashes.

I tried to run a clean install (I kept a backup from last time I downloaded), but it freezes when updating and I get this error:[Click]

I tried re-downloading the game and get this error: [Click]


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Your welcome. I'm glad someone found it useful smile


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- Click -

I made a chart for myself to better recognize bots and their classes; figured it may be useful to others as well. smile