"Those who do the work reap the rewards." Thats as simple as that.

Franlky i would take your proposition more seriously if you had "at least" pushed 1 combat and 1 industrial relation up to more than 6.0

In that case your proposition would be more interesting, in the fact that you would be also impacted by the change.

Playing a game has absolutely nothing to do with being mistreated as a youth, its time investment versus reward ingame. Every mmo need a grind somewhere, or it would be instant gratification as i said earlier.  Here we have a grind, and the reward is better efficiency.

Now if the DEVs choose to dilute and dilute each time more the grind part out of the game, id prefer they tell it now so i wont bother:

-farming NIC
-farming research
-pushing up standings

If all this become easier at a time or another because someone cant handle the grind, ill just "do nothing more" and wait until it becomes easier. My time is not less precious than any other one time.

There are boring things to do to build up your world, so you can enjoy other things, wich have much meaning BECAUSE it was tedious to get them....   See my point?

If we follow your reasoning of "dont wanna do the grind", lets just play all the time like its atm in the test server.


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Did someone hear that?  A distant voice coming from afar...   Telling me to "Nerf ERP"?????  WTF!

And what about the peoples that grinded their arse out of the missions to get max standing?  Since you dont want to do it, lets just remove it then? Its a grind everybody agree on this, but if you want instant action gratification the game's not for you obviously.

   Its like saying:  ok remove kernel researching altogether. I dont like it and i dont want to do it. What? Some peoples/corp dedicated hundreds of hours into that? Nevermind, theyll just be happy i dont have to do it yikes
Their time is less precious than mine its logical.....


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Was it 12:00 GMT+1 the opening time? i cannot connect server seem down..


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teh teztserver his vaporwarz !!


We all want more new players retention, and more players in general.  But if its a the cost of seeing my characters evolution scheme trampled without any recovery option every three monthes, im not so sure its the game i want to stay forever....

Change of that kind (industry 2.0) that detrimentally affect older account to reduce the gap between them and new accounts, have 2 bad effects:

  -the vets feel scammed. They bought an extension level with a described effect, often very expensive, but now the described effect doesnt apply anymore. Saying "but your an industrial anyway, so no need for refund" totally exclude the fact that this game permit you to cross train whatever you want. The 30k EP spent in expert mass prod efficiency, that will give you at best 0,5% less material need for prod, would be very more useful to make a basinc prototyper or RE toon. Dont forget we are coming to the 800k EP mark for the oldest accounts, and this amount is the limit were cross training is better cause speccing is almost at max....

  -player wont trust anymore the "invariability" of said extension described effects. Why would i trust that my adv ballistic will forever add me 3% more dmg? This imo weakens the confidence players have in their build and therefor in the game continuity, reducing dedication of said players. And dedication is the beating heart of a sandbox.

All in all the signals i receive from those changes are: 

  -you paid from the beginning one or multiple accounts (seniority aspect), knowing very well that this would give you an advantage over newer players, more than actual online time (more than in fixed skillcap games or lvl character style games), but now we will reduce this advantage to something marginal because we feel like its frightening the new players.  New players retention come with fun, not with less gap between them and vets. WoW didnt improved players retention by letting lvl 30 characters beat lv 50 (its a complete different gameplay i know, its just for the rethoric)

  -game rules are subject to changes, like the game would be in beta. You take decisions about your character(s) that could be very well discarded by gamedesign changes. Without a way to change your decisions afterward.

Now for the ridiculous metaphor:

"Dont be sad you bought a ferrari FF 360k dollars man, because of the new engine limitation laws. You still go 5 kmph faster than a fiat wagon, and i know how you like speed!"


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Celebro wrote:

make more materials exclusive to beta.........Hauling materials from beta to alpha will finally be profitable and worth the effort. (Haulers as a profession)

Ressources.  Localization.

oh ok if the destruction ratio on explosion stay the same, then it looks like a good improvement for sure

Now the obvious exploit:

Repeatedly fill a sequer full of stuff to haul and destroy it each time, during 5 m. Move to your destination during 5mn by TP or whatever. Destroy the sequer.  Take the easily moved stuff.

Its an idea but it need some other rules to avoid exploiting.


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Now with the Perp/eve comparison:  someone can tell me what was the number of active players when plex were introduced in Eve?  Certainly not around 100....  That kind of game mechanics must be supported by a good amount of players imo so no one feels too much the inequity between the irl "rich" and "poors"...

Introducing that would have a negative effect on the long term.  Peoples that simply think plex= more players... need to think more. And really, if that happens, and i have to play surrounded by chinese (or whatever nationality btw) farmers and full of bots...  farewell then.


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Lol so good lol


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And dont forget the tuner result get rounded each time. With 5/6 tuners it can modify the result quite a bit.


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So true.


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Mining liquizit needs many different operations, that are WAY more complex than just buying plex. Your example is pay to play to earn NIC, not pay to earn NIC

Show me how you mine liquizit with ten account, without macroing and almost unattended. Impossible imo

Double edit sorry.

Anyway, even with 10 afk sequers with one T4 miner mod:  you are talking about INGAME NIC creation. You will have to seel your tremendous amount of ore to get rich no?  You will have to find the ore spot, change each time its empty, geoscan each time with next mining patch....

Guys be honest with yourself. With 10 accounts, you can get rich, but with actually INTERACTING with the game. RMT can make you rich even without interacting. Its the death of a sandbox


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Sundial wrote:

Easily bypassed by anyone with half a brain:

Liquid Mining
NPC farming (use isboxer to link 10 mesmers/grophos/seths together)

Ahaha you just made my point thx. Yourself talked about the 1rst cancer that plex/RMT permit:  bots.

So isboxer is allowed? And you suggest macro mining too i guess?

Anyone with a FULL brain recognize the death of fun when peoples rely to the systems you raise here.


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Ville im surprised you got a such shortsighted vision of what plex actually does to a game. If you want real money=power, you dont need a fùcking sandbox mmo. IRL is full of it. Or at least go play a multi million players korean F2P P2W grind pseudo mmo...


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Lucius Marcellus wrote:

The key argument against Plex is that it would be 'unfair' as the IRL rich people can get rich in-game too. However, the IRL rich people can already buy 10 accounts and get rich that way, so is that really a key issue?

How having 10 account makes a player rich?  You have to actually PLAY the 10 accounts to become ten times faster rich than a guy with his single account. On the other hand with plex a guy can come, buy X plexes, sell them ingame, and become instant rich without even interacting with the game itself, except placing sell orders....

Sorry but your counter argument is illogical. Plex, and what it would permit (RMT) has a negative effect on ingame economy continuity.

2 rules that AC shouldnt transgress:

- 1 EP per minute, per active subscription.
- real money ONLY for account subscription payment (excluding plex wich is a disguised RMT wich is real money for ingame stuff, whatever it is).


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Hum no Celebro. For the surplus of NIC to be evacuated in plex, one has to buy the subscription time first....  What it would do is in fact a temporary increase of incomes for AC. It would correspond to the real currency value of the sub time "inserted" into the game market.

  But, for one player to have a sub time, the real currency value must be paid beforehand. So there is not any problem of income for AC with Plex.  The true problem with it is that you can now have real currency=NIC, wich imo is very bad for the game world balance, the "pay to win" parameter, that many of us dislike.

  Imo any way of "buying" any ingame money, items, ect with real money must be avoided. The plex system in its essence is good for everyone. The problem is the guy that has 10K dollars that dunno what to do with them, buy many many game time items, then sell them at lower prices, *** the market etc...   It makes the ingame world economy vulnerable of real money.  So for me its a big no.

A very good whine is always appreciable.  Would you like some tears in your cup of ragequit?

Nevermind its a post from another sandbox game forum that is quite similar to yours smile

Aaron Sool wrote:

This is music to my ears. I just throw in a 3 month sub for this quote. So take the money and go out and buy the guys some beer, and show us some more screenies from PBS and the new engine in works. wink

Would you be hydras that i wouldnt be surprised smile

So once and for all: Perp Devs dont drink beer. They drink vodka. All day long.

I dont know if its because english is not my native language, but for me your post looks like made by a schyzophrenic high on amphetamins. Someone explain me plz.


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If a particular corp lock a specific ressource, without selling it at acceptable prices, it will create a situation where the whole server will ally against them. If they represent more than half the server, you have a bigger problem than ressource lockdown.


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Annihilator wrote:

solution: nerf carebear heaven to force them into pvp enebled zones.

Yeah we all seen how that worked SO good.

Imo the good balance is not around risk versus reward, more around game "entertainment" of beta versus alpha. Alpha should be "grind, buildup your forces". No SO fun PVE mechanics and PVP. Only grind pve, and go roam from alpha (what a good bunch of pvpers did since some time).

Beta should be "here is where all happens". Fun PBS (cities building), real politics, more complex PVE and NPC reactions against players etc...  Atm beta is only where epriton grows, and open pvp. Its should be more than that.

Still you must have not a such greater difference in income between alpha and beta. PVE wise. Ressources is a whole another story (ressource localization should be very stronger than "epi only on beta, and titan only on alpha" its not enough). That way wannabe beta dwellers can set up forces without feeling they REALLY lose their time.

All in all, risk versus reward dont really work imo, the focus should be more about risk versus fun, and not a so tremendous difference in incomes anywhere in the game world. Alpha = boring and safe.  Beta = fun and risky.

Ok more incomes to beta, but not so much that you simply suffocate medium EP vets, growing alpha corps wanting someday to go to beta.

Nobody asked himself WHY very few dare to lose their bots, only biggest corps/alliance go roam with bigger than assault ect...? Because the time sink of grind versus enjoyment of pvp is unbalanced. Except in light/assault (or big blobs where almost safe due to number).
Its where the balance cursor is not at its place.

Make me laugh PVP guys whining about not having any targets and scare pvp, and on the other side ask for alpha nerf. Its totally contradictory. You want to promote pvp? Ask for some robots and modules creation ease.

Not MORE incentive to go on beta due to alpha/beta income differences. LESS fear of having your heavy mech destroyed. That way you would see more solo players on beta, i think.