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With the changes to assaults I could see how they can be used in bigger battles (ninja the back of the herd while a mech group keeps them occupied from the front) smile It's all WIP, but it's getting there.


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Is there such a feature on the forums that marks every post as read?


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I would go with text files/csv, that way we could use it on the mech fitting spreadsheet made by black flag/ being updated by bigsteve.


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After the energy stuff they will make owned ouposts slow moving behemoth mechs tongue At least I wish they did!


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You learned that with a boom big_smile


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Nice, but isn't the can time 15 mins? Also I hear people undocking all the time, deploy is only on the screen big_smile


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Most of the vets already dual, triple, quadruple and even octuple box perpetuum, I personally have 3 chars (ind, green, blue, no love for the  yellow!) wink


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Feel like left out alone? No one to have a good chat with? Everyone is doing boring transport missions? NOT AT CIR! We are doing everything possible for the well-being of all citizens of our island! Don't wait till it's too late, join the might Crimson Imperium Reborn! We have vast industrial and combat capabilities, able to meet every demand and fight every threat to peace on Novastrov.  AND WE CAN DANCE!

152 to be exact smile


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Nicely put, but everyone is very hasty in judging what's not in the game and how it should be already there. To be frank if anything the Dev's are doing a LOT in such short time. There is going to be more content with time. When? Soon ™


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If you make the beta outpost fed with t3 and t4 it will artificially increase the price of the ones produced by people. It's a version of game theory with the other player being the "government". It could get even uglier. There is no good way to say how much should an item cost. Only thing that is currently pricing the market, are ore prices. They were artificially increased by the insurance fraud and we don't have the elasticity of a real market - the prices didn't go down after the fraud ended. All of this is making everything more expensive. Only thing that could change it, would be that everyone agreed to cut the prices of minerals in half.

Saramara is impersonating an admin! Get the banhammer!

At the moment people have problems with those basic mining missions, because the bad people come and eat all those resources.

A good idea would be change the way the minerals are counted for the missions.

Currently we have to be in range of an assignment's waypoint to count the mined minerals for the mission. My idea is to use minimal and (possibly) maximal range we have to be from the terminal. This way people can finish the missions and at the same time they are not limited to a small, always empty spot. They can't mine next to the terminal to finish the mission either.

If you want to help people find some basic spots to mine, you could add info on 1, 2 or more spots with the specific resource.

If someone is with a lwf. I got demobbed to 0-5 kph.

The dropping a light plate part could be a bug, true.


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I also had that happen with 2 screens, one client on each. I think it's connected with very fast cycle time.

Yarren Rakarth wrote:
Norrdec wrote:

To clarify, I think the light and assaults still get too much dmg from explosions. The mechs and H. mechs are fine as they are.

Why ? thay are smaller and therefor weaker. should be thesame dmg, becouse the damage is hitting the whole bot. not less of the bot becouse its a smaller, should therefor imho do more dmg to lightbots if anything.

But it's not helping the small people, making less and less tactics viable.
I again propose to make explosion size be connected with interference.

The AOE explosion is a good addon, but it needs tweaking like everything in the game. I understand getting hurt by the aoe, but to get one shotted(boom-ed) by anything bigger than an assault is broken.

I've often used that fit on my arbalest smile

To clarify, I think the light and assaults still get too much dmg from explosions. The mechs and H. mechs are fine as they are.

I agree with Alexander, make interference affect your reactor so it's more volatile or something like that.