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BUMP! Due to market forces, direct sell is available at 6.5m each


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Listed on market at 8m.
Direct sell @ 7.5m or.best.offer.

Discount available for large orders.

Mail me ingame


Bubble chat makes the game too cartoonish methinks
Range chat is good

Winter Solstice wrote:

Aww if there's a next time I'll suffer without the AC.. the noise reduction to get rid of the AC sort of killed me a bit smile

I like your voice *blushes*

Obviously the devs think pelistal's are the "overlords" of the game.


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Can you adjust so that all the ewar does 0.00001 damage on successful hit,  so it will register?


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its out now


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not out yet

Kamikazie wrote:

No way. If its there and ready I can wait a while and all of a sudden I want to undo a 45 day extension... pow instant done. Click and wait you need to wait once you decide you want to do it. Wasteng the I between time. The game works on pools of extensions and should follow suit there's a pool of reset points. Why change the way things work

You are right.

You mean in-game mail?

+1 more post!

It's the same thing really: click "de-level" and wait, or wait then unlearning it.

I feel that the Reset Point (RP) gain should be 1:1, and will stop people from jumping to the FOTM build

For example, if it took me 2 days to go from lvl5 to 6, it should take me 2 days to "de-level" it. After the 2 days, the EP will go back to my pool.

Newbies will benefit this because they most likely won't exceed skill level 5 in the first few weeks, so it will be easier to play around. This will hit the vets the hardest because level 9 to 10 will take 45 days. In other words, it will be exponentially more cumbersome to "de-level" a super high level char.

why not just reset everyone's ep, and make all accounts follow the new character features. minimize lots of headache tbh

DEV BoyC wrote:

We found the cause for the teleport/dock disconnects while doing the memory profiling - that issue seems to be resolved, and the fix will go out with the next client.


Have some etiquette farming mission spots. If there are others, allow others to complete their missions as well. If there is nobody, farm to your heart's content.


Hexxus, imho you are being very harsh on this game. This is a small indy team, not a world-class developer. Even those world-class developers experience "issues" that may fall under your "broken game" definition. A lot of your comments are very small issues, such as "targeting takes too long", or "should automatically make next target primary". I can't blame you because you only have access to trial forums, but we do hash out these problems with devs on the main forums. The devs also have priorities which issues need to be revamped.

I do commend on you on taking the time to write this post. You make a good observation about the UI being hidden initially. Would be useful for players to have a preset UI when they first get into the game, and/or have tutorial covering each module

Finally, I am sad that you will not recommend the game based on some of the above not-very-important issues. Since it is a trial, why not let your friends decide for themselves?

Kieron Veidah wrote:

Having a login queue would be really lovely actually. I understand that Devs have put massive efforts in improving the servers and fixing bugs (and still are), but my experience so far has been very frustrating as I could hardly get a chance to spend time in game.

If I could also make another suggestion, it would be lovely to have a place where to address account issues in the account management section of the official website. It looks like there's no place where to keep track of account management issues, or even how to get in touch with a customer representative whatsoever other than that posting on the fora.Looking forward to having a chance to log in the game again sometime soon.

good idea. only after the current issues are fixed though


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You will want to start pve'ing to make sure you have the income to replace lost bots from PVP. or join a corp when you subscribe and they will hook you up

Right now, improving relations will unlock more lucrative assignments. It will also offer a bonus to refining/recycling/etc. Every assignment will improve relation with some corps, and decrease relation with other corps. (i.e. TMA + 0.05, ASI -0.01). It is possible to get high standings with 2 or more - practicality depends on what your goal is.
I don't get what you mean by strongly oppose =P


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Our "trial" is not intended to be a completely free access; people will just be on trial indefinitely and devs will never get a penny. It was not meant for a trial user to be rich either.

However, I do agree that ammo prices may be too steep for trial users (especially hard if they lose their starter bot)


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Jack Jombardo wrote:

I play since 3 days now and up to now I just have one big problem: Amunition sad

Most of the time I'm online I try to gather enough Amunition as the Market just offers me the very expensive NPC price (I belive it is NPC price) which I can not afford from Mission rewards.

Would it destroy the market, if you let Trails have access to the basic Ammunition market? Maybe small Amu only?

Same for Basic mining "Amunition" (don't know how it is named in english)?

If not full access, how about "buy cheapest in Terminal"?

Just for Amunition! Not for any other item.

I have asked the DEVS to look into lowering the syndicate buy/sell orders for ammunition to make it easier for you guys.

Fanyen wrote:
Raife wrote:

As has been said before, doing that could take up dev time to fix the problem. If it would, then I'd rather them fix the issue instead of making a queue.

The only problem is it's not being fixed in a timely manner anyway. A day or two of not being able to log in, most people will be ok with it, after 3 days people start to get irritated.

A login queue is not an optional thing in my opinion. I can't think of any other game out there that doesn't have one.

With the current non-system we have here, I can't go do other things if I want to play this game. I am forced to sit at the computer and click the log in button repeatedly. If I even tab out to post on the forums I may very well have missed my chance to log in.

edit: Also, I recall someone stating that a similar problem had happened once before. Maybe they were talking foolishness, but if it's true why wouldn't you have a log in queue ready to go just in case? Learn from your mistakes and all that...

Your concern is perfectly valid. But keep these in mind: 1) servers supported 900+ accounts with minimal lag before. 2) servers were upgraded a few times so capacity was expanded and lag minimized. This is a bug that they are narrowing in on. 3) we never anticipated a huge influx of players like this, they are a small team and are working around the clock. 4) they never had a queue system because it was never intended to limit players. Devs have said that this is now their top priority (after fixing this lag).

Finally, this is a great game with great community and devs. You will miss out on a lot of you give up on us now!


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What you say has good logic. However, I dont think it applies right now. I can't speak for everyone, but we are trying to welcome ALL the ex-eve players with open arms, trial or not. We help trial users as much as new subbed users. I feel that if we take the route where we only focus on subscribed players is not how we want to be percieved. The devs made this game because they enjoy playing it above all. That's how we want to retain subscribers - by showing everyone that we have the best community and best devs.