Good post lemon

If your can times out, means no one looted your can. You will get everything back.
I don't see the point of this thread

Line wrote:

Whoa I won!

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Mara Kaid wrote:

The change on the signal detector is fun! It will make small roams more fun to do, though I'm wondering about how much impact the snap shot will have .

Mara said its fun! I won! Send me MY money!

Line wrote:

Bet 100k NIC that Balance Change #3 will cause alots of rage.

I take you up on that bet!


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Sundial wrote:

I think the problem is that heavy mechs are not supposed to be superweapons. They are best suited for defense/large scale assults due to their slow speed, but currently for your alliance they are avoided by speed fit light/assult squads who easily outmaneuver them, and have no use for offense because the enemy does not have an outpost..

This. Armor rep/rep tank is no longer a FOTM. It is still a viable build against 2-3 assaults

Remember that large capital ships are coming; those will be the epic bots, not heavy mechs


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Plasma nerf?


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i farmed one spot about 100 npcs, two "Mighty" assaults showed up back to back.


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I get it too when i'm 150kph+

I popped four observer 2 artifacts on one island inwithin an hour. The grand mechs lock at 300-350m. They are very easy to kill. Now it differentiates between superior mech and grand mechs.

Line wrote:

First news: patch is 135.25 Mb size big_smile Should be tasty

I'm eating it right now, it tastes pretty good!


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put another kitchen appliance on fire!

I will do my best!


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Update: i replicated the above situation with two npc bots spawned from infestation artifact. First bot I engaged with a "+" still on it. The second bot I waited until "+" disappeared before engaging. I was able to loot BOTH containers.

So, the bots being "+" were still tagged to me. Seems like someone messed up with the graphics, not the mechanic


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You should read the dev blog

Syndic wrote:

As for S Demobs... 150m T4 range + 30% from LR EW extension + ~25% EW NEXUS + 15% Range Extender and + (OPTIONAL) Mk2 EW optimal range increase... You'd be suprised. lol

Add a +50% signal masker + 20% from extension on a ewar light you get 234 masking value.



Arilou wrote:

I prefer the variety, but I agree that the game tends to look much better during the day. What I'd like to see is an improvement to the other times. More spectacular sunrises/sets, and much more interesting night lighting. In "rural" areas: brighter stars, brighter moonlight, and have glowy plants actually cast light on the ground and nearby objects. In "urban" areas: signal lights at high points of major buildings, floodlighting for highways and major open spaces (arena-like spots and around terminals/teleports). Lights for bots would be cool, too (on/off switch, ofc): general blinky bits, and maybe a spotlight that aims with the camera.

Basically, the problem with the dark times is that they're just plain old dark, not interesting dark.

oh how I wish to sit under the stars with a sexy kain beside me and watch shooting stars off the beach of norhoop big_smile


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Syndic wrote:

We invited the Devs multiple times to check our assets. I don't know if they actually checked them since nobody told us anything, but I'm sure if there was something dodgy they would have taken care of it. They do after all, have a proven "track record" of dealing with & banning exploiters. smile

So far we haven't had any complaints about the legitimacy of our various achievements, our communications with the Devs have always been cordial and friendly. Nevermind certain threats made by certain Developers towards yours truly involving a mountain-yak and furry robots. lol

I pm'ed a GM and asked if I could continue farming bugged observers. He said it was ok, but won't recieve any reimbursements if I die. I didn't eat or sell any kernels in case it will be taken away. Now if someone did 'exploit it', then devs will eventually freeze somebody's assets. No point in accusing anyone here without any proof.


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Snowman wrote:
Alfredson wrote:

You're making it sound like a conspiracy...

you make it sound like a conspiracy by calling it a conspiracy,  I called it exactly what it was, a problem.

Take your tinfoil hat elsewhere

Snowman wrote:

Fairly certain the Devs knew a long long time before anyone said anything in general or on the forums.

Proof? You didn't offer any. So I came to the conclusion that you're making it sound like a conspiracy. No tinfoil hat here, just reading what you typed. No offence


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\o/ mark zima is back!!!!


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Snowman wrote:
Smokeyii wrote:

i.e the Devs already knew,

Fairly certain the Devs knew a long long time before anyone said anything in general or on the forums.

Its just seems to be a very large problem with this dev team to communicate and let us know that a problem is in hand.  Thus they encourage such threads to be made because the only time they bother to acknowledge something is when a whiny *** [female dog] like me makes a thread about it tongue

Shame that it has to be forced like that, maybe its just a way to increase forum activity, which is fine.. I could find plenty more wine for my cheese cool

I disagree. I think the communication is fine.

I've been solo-hunting observers for a while. I reported the chain spawning right away when 3x assaults spawned one after the other. This was 1 night before smokey and his seth. People in chat may have remembered I said that I killed 7 obs in 1 hour (over 3 sites).

You're making it sound like a conspiracy...

Un-necro'ing this due to on-going complaints from trial users, and no response to original post.


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Kamikazie wrote:

You need something over time that increases forcing it to shut off. Else I could sit 200m off a station all day and just keep eyes on it. I can see using this module to make roaming easier, but not spying and camping undetectable forever.

ewar with signal masker


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I don't think anyone, except Devs, knows how its calculated. I think Alex has a good presumption though.

Anni, if that's the case, then the bot shouldn't even have a "+" on it if I dock and no one touches it.

Earlier convo with GM:

[17:58:44] <Alfredson> just wondering if its a bug; it was still tagged to my other bot
[17:59:25] <GM Blaster> if you lose sight of it, you lose the tag

Which is wrong too, as I tried multiple times to lose sight and bot is still tagged to me "O" when i'm in my first bot, then "+" when i switch to 2nd bot.


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Mechanic: NPCs spawned from a normal artifact will be automatically tagged for you for 5 minutes

Bug: Tags to specific bot, not to character.

Recreate: Trigger artifact spawning npc's with bot 1. Go back to terminal to grab bot 2. Return to spawn site in 1-2min to see npcs tagged to someone else (+). Note if anyone is in the area. Note if NPC are moving in one direction (indicating chasing someone), or running in circles (indicating no one touched them). Wait until the five minutes is up to see tag disappear. Conclude that the npc was tagged to bot 1, not to character.

As I am a solo account, I need to go back to base to grab my combat bots to kill observers.