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I was labelled as one of the major exploiters in axe. I am a combat char and blew up some bots I bought from the market, and had a couple of hundred thousand nic taken from me. To be labelled as such is another issues on it's own. But I do see some merits of the argument that it was the devs fault. I also see the merits on the other side. I hope devs learn from this and move on, be more open next time. On a similar note, I think dev zoom should seriously consider reading all of the posts (glossing over troll threads of course) as they contain valuable suggestions


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Xena, I have re-read the dev blog and there is no mention of them saying what you suggested. Please post where you found it. In the meanwhile, here is the excerpt:

We considered many options on how we should go about this, but in the end we opted for counting the robots that were used in these operations, checked the actual insurance payouts they received for blowing them up, and then calculated the real average market prices that the payouts should have been in the first place. The difference of these two values is the falsely gained money, their "profit". This is what we had to take away.

Ps. No, I really dislike "m2s and others" for blowing up my bots. Wasn't a typo tongue


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I am saying that the devs need to communicate their intentions more, especially with penalties. Also whether it is a fair representation of wrongdoing. Alot of posts were about "zomg he is m2s he deserves it. As much as i agree, that is not a fair rule of law. This is their game yes, but we are the customers and we deserve to know.


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I think people are missing the point in Lupus's posts and interjecting personal emotion into the discussion. I agree that the industrial scale of the operation was way out of hand, and wrong.

The fact is that the devs take away all of the profit from he "insurance exploits". See original post on devblog about their math. The point Lupus was trying to make was that he blew up Corp insured bots, profit which goes to the Corp. This was bad, yes, but the Corp got their money taken away. But on top of that, Lupus's own money was taken away. This is double penalty and it no longer follows the penalty rules set by devs after the fact without informing anybody.

I am axe and I dislike m2s and others. But please keep the discussion relevant to the issues at hand and not your own personal views of each other's tags. This discussion is really important in analyzing actions of BOTH players and devs.


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Immortalmerc, you are right that it is commonsense that insurance is not intended to be used that way. However, many of us have asked devs and gms to clarify on this issue before and they have NEVER said it was illegal or an exploit. To spin your example around, I cheated but I did it in a way to not break EULA and Devs did not say it was a cheat. So is that cheating then? Of course we all know now that the dev's think it is a cheat, it is easy to say that in hindsight. But please consider the months of no response on this issue, and given an illusory perspective that it was OKAY.


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Overall, I feel that it was bad PR to publicly name corps or individuals. The dev's/GM's should have WARNED players that it was illegal, and privately penalize those who continue to do so. I have no bad apple against the dev's for taking my money; I did it a few times and lost 200k nic. It's considered illegal now and i'm fine with them taking the money. I just want to be warned next time i'm doing something illegal that is not known to be illegal.

End of rant.


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I've had long discussions in general chat (with GM's present) about legality of insurance fraud. Was never mentioned that it was illegal. The point is, the devs and gm's knew about this practice for a long time, and even though it may be immoral, it was never mentioned that it was in fact illegal. I only had a few hundred thousand nic taken away from me, which is nothing, but the fact is that the prevalent knowledge was that it was immoral but legal. On a side note, I never knew the true extent of some insurance operations... 800 sequers?

How could anyone have known that this was considered an exploit when the devs made no communication that it was? Consider the above post regarding kernel selling to npc. Some people consider it wrong to sell to npc and reduce supply? How many of you have done that? Of course there is no mention whether it is legal or not, so you would assume that it is legal. Two, three months down the road, you get all the NIC taken away from you because it WAS illegal. I hope dev's can respond to this question, so that we can hold them to their word.


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I think everyone deserves to know that, at this point in time, is kernel buying/selling to NPC for profit is considered exploiting. Devs please respond now, I do not want to find out two to three months down the road. Thanks.


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I got no friends, so i'll pass them to you when I get them


Since I am bored at work, I might as well continue and add more thoughts for you guys to consider.

I am sure that you guys have talked about player-made items and have no immediate plans for the near future. I would like to say that numerous T4 items are now being created. Other items will definitely come in the game in the future, but it seems like there are no strong "goals" for industry players. I am thinking that for those who concentrate solely on production, there should be an advantage (other than lower costs) over those who contribute fewer points and can produce the same thing. Perhaps branded items with slight stat improvements

Building on the "no strong goals" comment, perhaps there could be corporation goals. Recently, Allods added guild features where the guild can level up, and have access to different things. For the time being, I can only think of special insignia on the bot. A guild can level up by corporation members doing missions and earning reputation.

Over a long period of time, there could be slight increases in one or two stats which will give a slight advantage to members. Of course, gaining these stat improvements will take a long time (not something a hardcore group can grind in two weeks) and will be a big factor when opposing armies are equally matched. At the same time, a new corp facing an established corp could win if 1) assuming same army size 2) same skill level of players 3) same bots, they have better strategy. The idea is to improve so called "end game" by giving players a sense that it is a constant growth, not just in terms of extensions and NIC.

This idea isn't very well thought out, so other people feel free to criticize

p.s. sorry for posting so much in a row

Expanding on the Beta island AI camp idea, these camps could play more of a role in shaping battlegrounds. The existence of these camps could force armies to strategize their approaches during intrustion events. For example, an advantageous road to the enemy outpost is flanked by AI camps, and bringing a large army through there will trigger aggro. A smaller group of players can utilize this route for a small advantage. Furthermore, the front line battle scenario will change so that attempts to "kite" the opposing army will be limited due to AI camp placements.

Benefits of a corp establishing control over outpost is control over 1)farming this outpost (which would require a substantial amount of players online, thus generating corp activity)
2) as someone mentioned, these could give temporary benefits to the outpost, such as increase in facility ratios, or perhaps area buff affects

My thoughts on AI camps on both alpha/beta islands can appeal to both PVE'ers and PVP'ers. A big part of this is, as someone mentioned, increasing artificial intelligence so that it seems like we are fighting a worthy opponent, as opposed to endless zombie farm.

I like the idea of self-functioning AI camps based both on alpha/beta islands (with beta islands being more lucrative). These self sustaining AI camps will be mining and producing bots on a scripted cycle, and if left alone, will continue to build up forces. The AI camp will incremently increase in size and number if the playerbase chooses to ignore it.

There should be a point where the AI camp(s) grow to a point where players HAVE to form up to defeat the enemy bots or curb its growth. Perhaps these AI camps are faction based, and will target each other if they come across each others. This could play well into the story that each faction (npc or player) are trying to establish control over parts of the island. I would love to sit back and enjoy an epic npc faction battle.

Further development down the road could involve specific equipment in these camps that are hindering human progress to obtain energy, and must be captured/destroyed. Also, scripting improvements can be made to AI camps to improve the difficulty level such as setting traps, or using strategies like pincer, blitz, etc.