Annihilator wrote:

DPS comparison graph

see how anything outdamages long range missiles as the extension for cycletimes are trained up? (took adv. robotics and all damage extension lvl5 as base)

now imagine your slow little green bot that has a weekness against kinetic damage gets hit by a EM gun? (note: t4 em gun and t4 missile launcher having about 0.5s cycletime difference)

Very interesting. Do you have a graph comparison at max skill? My thoughts is that missiles perform better at high extensions simply because the net increase is higher (12 minus 30% versus 6 minus 30%).


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Devs have mentioned that in light of recent events, a queue system is at the top of their priority list. Although not mentioned, I believe the plan is as a backup in case these lag issues happen in the future. They have no intention of setting a cap during regular playtime

Slightly reduce prices of ammo to make it more affordable for new trial players. I disagree with increasing ammo drops, as Indy players play a crucial role in supplying the demand


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I disagree with letting trial accounts access markets not because it is illogical, but because the market is very fragile. When it is stable and trial accounts can't affect the market dynamics, I agree that trial users should be able to access it. With the new population influx, market should stabiles rather quickly


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The native bots have jammed our sensors, so we actually don't know much about the planet's topography. The only known parts are the ones at present which we cleared the evil robots. The map itself is not a representation of the world, but I agree that it would be nice to have an "overall" view of the planet for rpg's sake


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The plasma loot is very good nic, it is a sort of bounty already.
I disagree with selling timecodes in-game. It effectively makes it a FTP game and indirectly forces grinding.

I fully agree with neoxx. I think people get thrown off by the "ignore LOS" comments. While many players may feel a large advantage against npc's, I assure you that the benefit is drastically reduced in pvp. When the opposing player is also hit and hiding, your cycle time will be your worst enemy as a lot of your missiles will miss the target

We are all in the same boat. Devs are working tirelessly to resolve this issue. In the meanwhile, a number of us are staying away to give space for u guys. Just keep hanging on!


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As with all bots, it depends on the situation. As a missile bot user, I have many advantages. First being able to use both short range and long range missiles, which will be useful when swarmed by both long and short range bots. Second, Having a better LOS means one less variable to consider, and more fighting options. Thirdly, accum usage is the lowest for green bots, meaning that more options for module usage. Lastly, it's a great psychological weapon; both in graphics and in alpha damage. Scares the *** out of me when all 1/4 of my hp is drained in one volley.

Ewar I have no experience with, but fighting against overlord ictus, they drain my accum in no time, rendering me a sitting duck not being able to even fire weapons.

To sum up, green is definitely a viable choice for pvp


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My over 1000 figure was based off memory. I definitely know it exceeded 950 - and I rounded it off to 1000+. The figure wasn't meant to mislead anyone. If your graphs say it was 974, then it was. I apologize

DEV Calvin wrote:

Unfortunately, no. We have serviced over 900 players with inferior hardware.

I can attest to that, I was there when server had over 1k players and had minimal lag.


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As a player who has been here since launch, I have experienced both ups and downs. I can't help but feel that a lot of these "devs are great!" posts are from the afterglow of leaving CCP. I am afraid that once that "glow" is over, that people will jump on the anti-dev bandwagon. I want to point out that while the devs here are great people, they are still people, and will make mistakes. However, what they do best is that they listen to the playerbase, and they work tirelesly and quickly to resolve issues. I have stuck with this game for so long because I do believe that the dev's in this game have been the most professional (and quirky) than any other I have played. Above all, they churn out content very very quickly.

To sum up, the devs have been the best since launch and are not putting up a "show" just for new players. If ever the 'glow' from leaving CCP disappears, please don't jump on the bash-the-dev bandwagon!

Cool Syndic, thanks


Great!!! +1

Great idea! When i played Myst i spent a lot of time reading the lore. I even bought 3 fantasy books on it *embarrassed*. Perhaps devs could ask the community as well to participate in lore-making. We are the first wave of inhabitants and we could tell our side of the story too, of course in role-play mode. Would love to pick up an fragment telling a nice quote from an ingame player, or a battle that had happened months or years before. A nice way for us to leave our mark in this game.

Thanks for your views, I hope devs read this asap!


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I think trial users should be able to join corps with a trial membership. No access to Corp storage, nic transfers, etc. The issue with spies is only a problem if they are allowed to join intel chat, or intrusion events. Corp members will decide if they want them trial members to join in operations. It would be nice to have Corp vs Corp arkhe battles, might spark that coolness factor for new players to want to invest time to pvp in a better bot.


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I'm jealous of your 30fps. I am currently running around 7-8fps. Would love to have option to choose low building detail AND turn off weather effects (ghost mist).

Great post. I wholeheartedly agree. Economy needs to grow at the bottom to be self-sustainable

Would be nice to have a single mission unlocked by having all subcorps rep past 1,2 etc. These missions would have higher payout, or unique (fun) missions, and can only be  done once every few hours or days

On the topic, I agree with syndic that it should be ingame. It's not difficult to do considering it's just mostly text. Would be more uptodate as devs could insert it. If there is a guide ingame already, why not expand it to include these things?


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As I noted in another post, why not have titles or achievements to differentiate the best of the best. On the same note, I always thought it was weird that there is no penalty killing your own faction bot. It would be nice to have separate reputation for destroying other faction bots, not your own.


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Also, along with the topic, perhaps there can be a pve event for individuals with group search capability. Doing stuff with other people (not just Corp) is always the funnest way to play a game. I played lots of mmo"s where the game sucked but I stuck around for my friends and guild.

For incentive to participate with others, perhaps "titles" or "achievements" can be introduced based on number of npc killed, minerals mined, or items crafted


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Large alliances will pretty much have it locked down. Perhaps different tier structures for smaller corps to fight over. It's easy to say that larger corps fight over better refining bonus and smaller corps fight over less bonus. But in a way, it's unfair because then smaller corps will never catch up to larger corps.

Just thinking out of the blue here, but what if these structures would deploy mobile turrets that lasts a set time for protection. I.e. Camp for 30min to secure structure, turret lasts for one hr. Would give players who can't spend hours upon hours a day something to contribute to