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Is that what it will take for you to step out of "Pet" status?

Lobo wrote:
Burial wrote:

I agree that Spark Teleports should be removed since there's just no way to balance them against everything(different playstyles, different ambitions and so on), but if that were to happen then:
- Teleport beacons need a buff.
- Alpha needs more connections.
I've suggested all of those many times, feels like going in circles. You feel the same? smile

First time in along time I agree with ya Burial.

Lower the size of standard to 1U leave
Decrease the CD of Emergency
Increase the CD and interval of Armored
Add a second Interzone mid sized and mid ranged
Add a TP receiver Module Head slot that makes a signal for TP's to Jump to when activated bot gets  stuck in place for 5 mins and costs plasma to turn on.

Re-introduce the triangle Alpha 1s

Allow 2 sparks only 1 Alpha and 1 Gamma.

Woah - I like all of this.     Especially with Teleblockers.     May take some tweaking - but sign me and my alts up for voting on this poll.

Atticus wrote:

Have you lived on Gamma? For defending Gamma all you need is one spark. To live on and fully utilize a Gamma island you need 2-3 sparks. So this suggestion punishes industrials, while it makes no difference to PvP type, they can still spark to where is needed.

Which is the opposite of what this change is intended to do.

The loudest critics of SpT are those who favour the roaming style of PvP, and those who are not currently holding Gammas and Beta outposts. Ville, Balf, Gunner, Mongolia. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the roam, I learned what little pvp skills I have with Mongolia, Gunner, and Balf and its a great and fun playstyle, it should be in the game. But it shouldn't be the only playstyle. And it doesn't require any SpT, you are simply roaming. this hue and cry against SpT is primarily to make roaming easier. other than a few minor tweeks at best SpT was fine. 5 minute cooldown and a 250 k nic fee would virtually solve any of the arguments the roaming side said that it was OP ...a roam could come in, hit a target, and get out before multiple SpT were utilized to respond ... a fair fight ... and the fee would allow at least a pause at non-stop teleporting. Nothing else was needed.

I played this game when there was no SpT, no Gamma, and travel was a ***. It was the biggest reason and complaint that I consistently heard from new players. SpT was in and made a huge difference to that end. Other things were introduced that have affected the gameplay far more adversly than SpT, walls, Gamma. orange and weaker NPC spawns ... yet SpT seems to be pointed at in this forum campaign as the "reason" PvP died, lol.

Estamel says we have too many Gammas.  We did not get those Gamma's because of SpT. We have them because we took them, and Killed PHM and Chaos and -12- Bases. The solution to us having too many Gammas should be to kill ours, this is supposed to be a game of conflict, remember.

Yes we took what we took after people left the game.  This is what you all tell us and for the most part its true.  Its also the reason why things are the way they are, not SpT. LOW POPULATION!

Almost without exception, the voices against SpT are those that need it least or those that have left the game and have returned to the game periodically or part time, while they are playing elsewhere. Probably waiting and hoping like all of us this game takes off and grows because at its core it should be a great game. But those who have asked to keep SpT close to what it is now are those who have built and maintain bases and gamma and spend far more time in game playing and utilizing the game, currently. At some point in the future the casual player may return, once again own and build assets (because its really not that hard) and then they will realize what a crippling change this proposed SpT modification really is to the game play and to newer players. This is a PvP game but it is also a very complex game of growth and building  and empires, the SpT change affects everything but PvP the greatest.

All that was needed was a short cooldown, 5 minutes at the most, and a higher nic charge, I would guess 250k,  Not too high as to kill any noob chance of using it, and not too low as to not make anyone think twice (yes I know there are ultra rich players)

Its a terrible change and terrible proposal that will adversely affect the future of this game.  It will not affect the future of the political lanscape, our bases will ONLY change when someone comes and takes them.

There's a point in here somewhere. Find it. Cheers.

Dev Zoom -  hopefully my final comment on this.     Atticus and Merkle made two very thoughtful points in the last two pages of posts.   Look at the voices on this forum and weigh their playing activities, their playing time, and even motive.   (Motive is hard, but do what you like with it.)   Temper a reactionary change based on what you perceive to be a forum groundswell, when in reality, it's a small sample of players with a very limited in-game activity set.   PVP is nice, but in reality, it's a small part of this game, and spark teleport affects ALL of the aspects of the game, not just pvp. 

If you're going to make a controversial change - I advise that you start with "easy"  or something like it, and reserve the right to tweak it harder later.   The adage of "boiling the frogs slowly" should be heeded here.


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Another benefit of being in STC -   Ready-Made Enemies that will troll you both in game and in the forums!

+1 - but I also want COUNTER-hacking mechanisms.

Deployable structures - (Destructible like turrets) to counter station hacking.
Field deployable anti-teleport hacking.  (Like probes, drop em from your cargo), and make them armored!


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Shadow wins.  Thanks and good night.


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Back to my -1  post.

If you're worried about mission abuse -  change the mission system.

Otherwise - there is no PVP abuse -  everyone can do the same thing.


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-1   Around the world quickly is good.

This is great!

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." -- Bill Cosby

Zoom - You just pleased everybody!!

For additional  information - you might want to look at the Southeast corner of Landers over the last few days.   I believe the same tactics were at use - but with subtle differences - (The defenders made it "work" this time.)

Lots of buildings were put into reinforcement on Sunday -  3 day timer.   Today, during my destruction stroll around the island - I see that they are out of reinforcement - And the terminal they were attached to is also completely out of reinforcement. as well as completely repaired.  All of this is before the timer was set to expire. 

Again - my guess is that terminal was deconstructed and put back up - which reset the timers prematurely. 

As an aside -  This seems like a poorly designed mechanic -  It's too slanted to the defenders.

This is a very well written and thoughtful post.   When you're ready to join a corporation, look up me or one of the other STC officers.   You might be a good fit with us!


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Okay - fair enough.   I like to keep my Devs focused.  big_smile    I don't want them thinking about Siege bots yet.   

I know you guys are reading this -  get back to coding!

All of this is well and good.  but the game doesn't need more bots right now.  It needs content for Carebears!  PVE, etc. etc.

Moar carebears = more better for the game!

New Bots in 2013 -   The rest of 2012 has got to be for the Alpha folks!


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Agreed - under current research system - these changes would be a no-go.


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Agreed with Doek -   LWF or Extra Plate -    Tactical choices are important!

What about a SUPER Lightweight frame that all but prevents you from taking part in pvp. but makes you even faster!


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Really like the changes! 

With Spark teleport - don't make it too easy and too quick -   do we want to see people able to move back and forth from offence to defence too quickly using pre-positioned fleets of mechs?  The one good thing about CIR camping an island is that their island is undefended!

If we're advocating that - then I say go for it!  Just be intentional about it.


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For those of you that have kept reading and  haven't immediately gone to the RPS chat channel to sign up  You can clearly see that STC also boasts an active contingent of non-corp supporters and detractors.

You're not playing in MMO games to be a wallflower!   Join the STC Lightning Rod!


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Well done Jasdemi

What Martha said ^^   I won't comment any further, because I think it's been covered.

Ahh - selective "Research" on your part Ville. 

1st kill -  Shadowphile killed on Novaya Traya during battle.
2nd Kill - Shadowphile is stuck on Greensward island instead of logging in at home base terminal  and attempts to Evac -  He's caught and dies again.
3rd Shadowphile -  Not sent to terminal so can't do anything but respawn again.  Safe-logs until he can leave island with a tad less harrassment. 

That doesn't sound fun - nor criminal.   no?

Edit: Second point -   Bug confirmed on 29th?   The Dev's post is today.   STC reported bug on 1st after it happened.

Syndic wrote:

When I lost my bot last time, I had to go out and mine resources, refine them and produce my bot. I was under the impression that's how Perpetuum is supposed to be played. I'm asking because latest events have given me a different impression.

I hear you, and now that the hotfix is in place, all is right with the world.   For a few crazy days -  people got to shoot people... a lot.   It was fun.   I didn't die, and didn't get to respawn - but I got to shoot at people who did.   I'm nothing but better for the experience, or at least was entertained for a few hours.

Again - "no unfair advantage was gained over another player"

Lighten up and enjoy the ride man.  No one gets out alive.

Syndic wrote:

Can you please clarify for me Zoom if this applies:

What is strictly forbidden:

In order to make sure that the player community isn’t disturbed by the actions of a few, AC forbids the following activities to the players:

* It is forbidden to use any kind of third party application or tool that interfaces with, mimics or interferes with any part of the game system in any way, including the use of macros, control scripts, bots, system time manipulation tools, memory access tools or reverse engineering tools;
* It is forbidden to use any trick, hack or exploit that allows the player to gain ingame currency, or anything that an ingame monetary value can be assigned to, or any kind of unfair advantage over the other players.

Undocking several times, in some cases 8-9 times, in high-value and high powered robots that were affected by this bug during a SAP of a Beta outpost is a clear, intentional exploit of a bug and an unfair advantage over other players.

It cannot be said that this is accidental, because then it happens 1-2 times not 8-9 times.

Thanks for your response in advance.

Where was the unfair advantage to other players?  It appears that players on all sides repeatedly undocked after destroyed.   It also appears that a grand old time was had by all.     Because you didn't get to play does not constitute "Damages"

We left him there for that very reason.   I'll leave the owner to reply... or not.


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WTS  Greensward Flavored Colixium.   
For the discerning palates - we also have extra-virgin, cold-pressed, Davis Barrier colixium

Capitalist-priced at only 150 nic per.   See an in-game STC member for further details.