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+1 Arga - great post.


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True, but how many changes were implemented and didn't need a change or major nerf?   

If they're batting 75% - IMO - that's a good number.


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Not to ignore some of the valid points above, but I am all for an aggressive implementation timeline, with time after implementation allocated to make tweaks and fix things as needed. 

Otherwise -  the devs continue to allocate development time to this rollout, instead of implementing the "next" set of new features. 

Keep the new content coming folks, and I'll be here forever, in exchange for new content faster, I promise to have patience when things aren't 100% balanced on day 1 of rollout.


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Here's an idea -  How about letting us purchase downgrade tokens after the initial period is over. 

For an added money maker -  How about selling two types -a regular downgrade token, and one that allows downgrades for skills above level 7?


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With the focus to "make industry more accessible for newer players"   I'm surprised that the kernal system didn't get any love.   The kernal mechanic is likely the largest obstacle for newer players to build non-tier 1 items.

What about a simple tech tree mechanic (similar to many skill-tree mechanics in other games) that allows players some ability to guide where their research points go?   Second - allow players to progress down a research line faster by researching higher tiers of a specific item once they've completed researched the lower tier.  (Without having to research the entire line of T2 items of a specific race.)

For example - If a player wanted to first research up the Medium Missile launcher tree, they could devote all of their kernal "points"  to working on T2 missile launchers, then T3s, then T4s. 

To keep it somewhat difficult - you could countinue to tie the type of kernals to the type of equipment. (I.e. Green Mech kernal "points" are still needed for Med Missile launchers)


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you are.....welcome?


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Agreed with Ville -  And because of that - I would be inclined to keep any mechanics to allow said griefing, regardless of the penalty for said griefer, out of the game for the time being.   

Let this game mature more and draw in more players, before we start putting an "edge" to alpha.

Maybe this is a "larger" player choice  but when prototyping - I would like to decide what item my prototyping "points" go into.   Unlocking the next level up as the first one is complete.


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This is very nice!  Very slick looking!