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Hi everyone

I thought it would be neat to tell you all what I think so far about this game

I first created an trial account almost exactly one year ago cause the premise of
controling an bipedal mech eve-style was just too tempting

to be honest i didnt made it far at my first try back then, because I saw my self doing nothing else in this game as to re run one single mission that wasnt too far away from the starting base to get some standing and money ... maybe

also Kernel farming and crafting was an option because there was no stuff to buy on the market ... but then it wasnt an option because creating an alt on the same account is like shooting yourself in the knee in this game

and lets face it, the non bipedal, dog and insect like robot designs are just disgusting at times

I recently created a trial account at to check out there latest graphics
update, wich is impressive ... and someone somewhere mentioned the name
perpetuum and I suddenly remembered about the bipedal mech premise

the first thing I did this time was to invest some EP Points into Relations and Parallel Assignments

then I carefully checked all the available assignments and indeed I found a spot where you can
easily take 5 assignments at ones, doing them all in one run and it only takes half an hour ...

so I quickly found myself in the position of running level 2 combat missions in an nicely equiped
starter bot wich unabled me to skip light bots completly and directly advance to controlling an
assault bot ... wich still looks disgusting but has that undeniable satisfing aspect of 5 mounted
turrets and an rocket launcher

so after I really started to like that four legged weapon platform I discovered that you can sell
those syndicate-tokens you are collecting with every mission ... in instant I had enough credits
to buy myself a ... Kain ... finally a real mech

so here I am, after four days of playing the game, maning my own Kain Mech running level.3
combat missions ...  /  /

there are two things I learned this time: if done right you can have a pretty fast start into
the game even as noob AND dont be too careful with spending your starter EP ... inital skill
levels are cheap besides the credit requirement and you really need to be able to take at
least 3 or 4 missions at the same time

so is this game an EVE.Online clon? ... clearly not. While there are only two games out there
that are like EvE ... EvE itself and Perpetuum ... Perpetuum suceeds in an area where EvE is not,

the simple and genuine fact that movement in Perpetuum is executed via WSAD and keeping/cycling
your opponent at optimal weapon range isnt an automated process ... clearly sets this game above
eve.onlines general gameplay

unlike in where traveling comes down to jumping in straight lines from point to point, it is
a real journey in this game ... because navigation cant be done in straight lines and there are actual
landscape mobs and obstacles

graphics? / / /

hm ... I think we live in times where an optimized client can be at least 2GB of size and should include
the option for a high-res client

let me say the design of the planet itself is awesome ... the atmosphere along with the outstanding
soundtrack of this game is just perfect ... its unique, sets themself a part from everything else and
really reminds me of how people in eastern europe and russia evvisioned the future and alienplanets
back in the six and seventhies ... I just like it

but the robots need more polygons/details ... the textures must be higher rsolution and there has
to be more contrast and colors in the graphics itself ... normalmaps !?

so I really see myself rather staying here then at wich is just boring after 3 or 4 weeks

and I want see how it looks when more people will be playing this game here ...

the entire concept of the game and all its different aspects seem to be rock solid and deeply
thought through ... its so much more satisfing to roam the island for a few hours doing missions
or taking long trips to remote outposts to save 2/3 on an item offered by a player, then it is in eve online

Suggestions to unable new players a better start into the game:

in my impression what helped me most getting into the game was spening those EP into Relations
to be able to take more then one mission at a time ... so I think you should make it absolutly clear to the new player
that he is playing a caracter that was hired and send by a company to do those missions ... maybe even grant a new player the needed skill to take more missions right from the beginning and reduce the starter EP about the same amount

I am aware of the fact that figuring out how to and where to take more missions at ones is the very first challenge
you have to overcome in this game and I can say that because I felt incredable satisfied when I made linear progress
where I was only expecting crawly grind ...

battle mode: /

but in order to make those new players not quite after the first few attempts evening out this first challenge into the game should be considered

also there has to be an tutorial inside the game or at least at the webside that looks exactly like Zortag´s Guide to Perpetuum this is just the right way to inform and build interest at the same time

and also maybe you should offer new players a basic standart interface layout ... maybe like this:

and somewher in the game shouls be mentiones that the Accumulator has an gaussian falloff when reacharching,
that really helped me being more efficient in combat

thats all I can thnk of right now ...

greetings, see you at the gamma frontier

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As a suggestion, fit medium guns with few stabilizers, in the end it does way more dmg. smile

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Thank you the review always good reading this topics.

"standart interface layout" I think this is important, why we dont have, probably because DEVs think dont want to force the new players to any kind. But after all you can change this if you know what is for. And hard to tell this is the better option. I think I will start a post of it.

Energy to Earth!

18.01.2014. [12:57:58] <BeastmodeGuNs> after that i remembered all those warning about 1v1 you lol, and i found out why xD

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Good read.

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TY invaeder zim, very unbiased review of the game.

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This is a very well written and thoughtful post.   When you're ready to join a corporation, look up me or one of the other STC officers.   You might be a good fit with us!

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very good post and shows very excellent where the beginner content needs improvemnts. but also shows the quality of this game.
just thought i should write a mission setction for my guide, but unfortunatly this is one thing where my experience is very limited and here i would need input form others that have done a lot of missions.

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Hello and thanks for the kind replys. smile

I already thought about joining STC after I had read the recruitment text in-game.
But I postpone this action till I have a regular account.

@Zortarg: yes, It hought about collecting all the information I gathered so far about the mission system
in a form in wich it could serve as overview for me and other people. If I have something worth to share
I will try to contact you.

Thanks again.


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while you found the design of the planet awesome, I hated it.  I felt like all the robot structures looked the same.  That metallic grunge look isn't winning any beauty contests anytime soon, and you'd think robots could come up with better structures than "giant metal object with cords and stuff".  Not only that but the plants seem awkwardly about, and most of the landscape is completely empty.  No ponds, waterfalls, etc...  No rain, or lightning... no fog...  no giant sun gleaming down... I suppose maybe the starting area I'm in is drab, but I find the graphics to be probably the worst part about this game.