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Ville wrote:

Dev Zoom, great job. 

I might return when syndicate robots hit.  Probably not but maybe.

If the population truly is rising again its probably best we both stay away


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Basically the main drive behind this change was:
1. You shouldn't be turned away from the game because you have to wait for EP to be competitive, while you can't do anything about it.
2. If you are playing to get EP, that means you are playing, and that's what we wanted.

Competitive against who? There's nobody playing.

You need to either get a glut of new people and try and keep them or bring a glut of old people back and then try and keep them and the new people. Any ideas about how?

Jita wrote:

*edit: Offensive. - DEV Zoom

Banning the truth. (...) *edit: Inappropriate. I'm not banning any truth, I'm just tired of weeding out your insults. You made your point above already. Game is dead, we're incompetent, etc. You're still here. Good times. - DEV Zoom


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leo davinci wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
leo davinci wrote:

Zoom, in harvesting missions can anyone in squad complete the step of - Acquire 1 Harvesting Work Log, or does it have to be completed by the agent who took the mission?

Anyone should be able to do it.

Is there a maximum distance allowed between the terminal where the mission was taken and where it can be completed? (IE mission has to be completed within 5k of the terminal/field terminal)

He is asking if you can position an alt next to a field terminal and then leave one alt next to one plant and another alt next to another plant. No travel time means faster missions and of course a squad bonus.

Ville wrote:

Why would I risk 250 million Nic to make 400k?

Of course not but you dont need to. You could do it in a mk1 bapohomet. The difficulty and associated payout is way off. Level 4 mission payout and difficulty should be level 1.

Ville wrote:

What's the payout atm?

for a level 4 on beta 200k per squad member or 400k on your own. It used to be 8 - 15 million.

In regards to the difficulty question, a few of us have said before that it would be better to keep the old rewards and make the missions harder.

Let me give you an example. So i've just logged in to do missions on beta - a take a level 4 combat mission solo.

Mission payour for a solo level 4 on beta with no extensions is 400k.

My first spawn is a troiar and a tyrranos.

My second spawns is an arkhe and a castel

Now this is a level 4 mission on a beta island. That kind of spawn should be an alpha island level 1 mission, its completely crazy.

Aye Pod wrote:
Jita wrote:
Blocker wrote:

ohh comon Ville, you know perfectly well that until recently you guys were the ones that comprised the majority of the server. We could, on rare occasion, muster a dozen pvp'ers against you at best. What's changed is the majority of your alliance has stopped playing, now more times than not we can field even numbers.

Not whining, just pointing out the basic facts.


You leaving out the fact that most of your crew wouldnt step up to pvp unless you thought you had the advantage. Same as us. You just seem to be mad that we found that advantage up until we decided to stop logging in.

NER fought for two years without the advantage. PofE folded after one fight.

Ville wrote:

Then there's no reason to do squad missions.


If its broken now then its 100% better than what you are suggesting. Explosion damage fix all over again. Missions are fun and pay well. The problem is NIC sinks, not mission payouts, nobody is going to do a level 6 mission for 5 million.

Lobo wrote:
Ludlow Bursar wrote:
Lobo wrote:

The Beta station only infers a slight bit of danger in getting your newly minted bot. Also other game most blueprints and faction point trade hubs are in lowsec.

Like this idea for many things in principle but I don't think the number of Beta terminals/islands and the way you have to access them makes this possible in Perp as it currently stands.

Yeah but I don't like the Idea that the cream-de-la-cream of bots can be got by doing lvl 5 missions from Alpha 2 terminal and then just buying it there. Taking a sequer with a mk2 heavy in it to a beta station and TPing out with a black bot isn't that dangerous.

It would also make Beta control more critical when if put in to place you might have to swap meet style trade with island owners to get your bot.

I would actually take this a step further and make the reward a single 1/1 efficient CT that can only be made at a gamma station or fully upgraded beta terminal the CT is destroyed upon manufacturing process. (Materials needed same or more than a mk2 HM + a Mk2 HM)

Come on Zoom think more inside the Skinner box and less of the Pavlov dog drooling over shineys.

Jita this would ensure a 3 way fight as no one could control all 3 or even 2/3s of the islands if it means control over blackbot production.

you wouldn't need to really, you just probe the entrances and have alts logged off on them. I can see why you want it but not sure how positive it would be. In the current game it would work well. In the game a couple of months ago it wouldn't.


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Burial wrote:

Right now it's either:
1) resist boosted = outrange / ew down and try to break through reps.
2) sensor boosted = find a good position and melt it.

What's the point of sensor boosted turrets if people can still outrange them?


Also both resist boosted and sensor boosted turrets do *** dps. You can get in a sensor boosted turrets dps range with a modest force and rr and shoot back with even blue bots.


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any ETA on sparks removal?


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Ville wrote:
Burial wrote:

Falling back on the everything is fine rhetoric is easy.

No.  I am using the "If you want something done right, you do it yourself" mantra.  Now if you would like to work for something instead of asking for hand outs you can easily obtain it.

Well that's true. Nobody has tried for the last two years. The biker gang didn't try vs STC. This was all a dream.


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That model needs more use but yeah

+1 for someone who,is taking responsibility for making the game better


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Naismith wrote:

There will never be "multiple entities" in this game.

Accounts are now sparks.

Same game except everyone without 10 accounts automatically loses.

Sure they will. Wasn't it not long ago that NSE wanted to pair with remedy for just that? The only reason a lot of corps are together is because you need to be to even try and compete. Giving people the room not to need to do that will stop that train of thinking.

This point is Syndic, the current way of working leaves beta empty and dead. Why not try something different? At this point there is nothing to lose. It might be your right and it won't help at all but it's better to try something rather than sit and do the same *** that isn't working for another year of no content.

If it was as easy as the debs putting another three islands in with four npc terminals then I'd say do that. Since it's probably not just open beta 1 and leave beta 2 lockable so you can have both kinds of beta. If it doesn't help then by all means turn it back.

Yes you guys fought for it and congratulations you won. It's time to move on from that fact and try and help the game grow much like STC did back in the day and you guys did with Norhoop.


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Naismith wrote:

Spreading out the problem doesn't solve it, it just further caters to your group of 5 actual players to sneak around and try to get a kill or two, at the expense of every corporation small or large that's trying to hold a station.

You have no capability to hold a station ergo you won't, unlocking them allows people like me to simply come live in the Beta station of whoever I feel should be evicted.

It does however that becomes harder without sparks and with multiple entities living on multiple islands.


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Annihilator wrote:

station locks could go if the stations would work like the lore behind them.
but Perp-DEVs and Perp-lore are to opposing forces.

and no, you don't want the same guys that attack you, undocking from the same terminal. did you join the game that late to not have experienced how bad that is?

It's only bad if it's one target. If there are six island and six residents with no sparks you start to run out of alts.


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Illiathos wrote:
Jita wrote:
Illiathos wrote:

Station locks secure beta islands so people assaulting gamma need to cross alpha. It also rewards the corp owning stations with easier saps.

None of those reasons are about living on beta. People living on beta creates PvP. People living on gamma and alpha doesn't. Simple as that.

I'm saying that 1 unlocked station per beta faction is enough for you to live on beta. The other stations are just an incentive.

Denial of content as a method of getting PvP is *** gameplay. Beta 1 needs unlocking with beta 2 able to be locked.


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Burial wrote:

Remove Beta locks and we wouldn't have the constant 2-faction bullshit.

It would help. You still would to fix beta production vs risk IMO.

If they reverted the beta mining nerfs and bring back those sweet big red mining spots that would help. Really though for production Epi is life and static 1400m spawns like you used to have would be the kicker. It's not like lots of folks didn't die mining them. It's the illusion of safety.

What you need for beta to be viable is the ability for a small corp to live and produce there without the risk of getting pushed out by a blob. That means they need the option of not engaging. You can't force people to fight, you need to incentivise people to risk. It may be frustrating if you go roaming and people just dock up but if the incentive to be undocked and mining / ratting / missioning / doing logistics is good enough you WILL get PvP. Maybe not the big battles but real roaming PvP.

With open betas that can't be locked you really can't incentivise or boost beta too much. Gamma will always have the advantage for a strong corp as it has protection, no scouts and the best production in the game. Just Make beta low risk and absurdly over powered to get people's *** out there. PvP drives everything in game and without it the game is ***.


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Illiathos wrote:
Tonnik wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

are lowest level beacons really no solo content as some say?

You can do lol 1 mech beacons solo so no that's just whining

I bet that's pretty damn hard, unless you have a mk2 heavy with great skills - so all in all, every newbie is still going to get hurt by getting very little solo ways of getting kernels.

Well the point is if we had a lot of low skilled solo players in game there would be no shortage. Level 1 mech beacons are actually pretty hard and not really solo content. There are lower level beacons if your skills are not great.


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Altera wrote:
Jita wrote:
Altera wrote:

I fail to understand how the hoarding of vet players has anything to do with station locking.  Are you trying to push an agenda?

Because people can not live on beta and attack you constantly without need to get more stuff. If you live on beta you don't have that luxury.

You can stage out of the open terminals on the beta 1s.  I still think you are being lazy and want to just be able to harass at your leisure with almost zero actual on-line play time.

This may be an alien concept to you but when I make a suggestion or post I'm not doing it for me or my corp but because I think it's best for the game to succeed. I'm one of the few people left in game that has seen what good looks like and would like to see it again. Don't be so partisan.


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Annihilator wrote:

for me, a lvl2 harvest mission generates 18 NIC / piece harvested. market gives me <2 NIC.

given that newer player have lower cycletimes/amount per cycle, i don't see anyone seriously harvesting into a fieldcan for the market, even with the travel times between field terminal and plant-groups, unless the market prices raise.

All stuff mined for missions should go on the mark t as an npc well order


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Annihilator wrote:

are lowest level beacons really no solo content as some say?

You can do lol 1 mech beacons solo so no that's just whining

I think it's a good idea but for beta only with a good reward.


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Burial wrote:

If they want to give more space to players, they can't allow any Alpha or Beta sparks. The whole idea is to expand the travel time between one faction Betas to another without any convenient shortcuts.

They should, however, allow a single spark for Gammas so people can at least come and defend and don't need to do Arkhe back every time they move something to Alpha for sale etc.

Zero Sparks is the only way. Every counter argument here boils down to "but I won't be able to do everything in the game solo" and that's the whole point. You shouldn't be able to. It will be harder for solo players. It should be. You may see more market interaction because of this.