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ANT wrote:

Try this epic skill "Communication" where you stop firing at 25% and.. zOmg.. Don't lose anything.

Dueling is in-game

doesn't help when you got an (un)lucky shot and your 4x Prompt Gauss do 3 crits on your sparring partners Ictus, which had not his shields raised yet. (thats and instant kill)

its capped at 100%

you get a 10% damage bonus if your explosion/dispersion is less or equal 1/2 targets hitsize.

18th Nov 18:30 (your agent creation time)
+12 days = 30th Nov 18:30
+27 days = 27th Dec 23:23
-45 days = 5 days 17h left for your Reset, counting from the time you made your post.

that would mean, you would get more and more NIC from the lower missions.

also, the standing is for a combat agent just the "bonus" (you get money and ammo already)

I cant wait to see the AoE weapons.
Really hope that its not just radial damage from explosions.

would like to see stuff like
- reflecting lasers (aka damage chain)
- piercing Railguns (hits others behind the target)
- swarming missiles (multiple missiles per launcher, no target lock necessary)

the advantage of the mechs is also the head- and engineering slot count + high sensor strength.

they give you much more freedom about what you can fit. (except for the ictus which is pretty gimped because of its 5 torso slots)


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i may remind you,
that the longer-no-jump then protection-timer is in there because someone complained in beta, that their prey could use the inner teleporters to buy time or to get away.

since we have the "no teleport with pvp-flag" implemented, i dont know why that jump-timer is still in there, and why its longer then the syndicate protection at all.


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Alexander wrote:

It's a robot, not a ship.

2 amps, 1 tuning.
4 magnetic weapon.
1 rep, 1 armour rep/lightweight, thermal resistance.

omg, fail of the day!

IMHO , the problem is not "the low risk, high reward" on the alpha islands for anything

its the "high risk, low reward" on the beta island for the majority of the playerbase: single player or small corp, that dont have ownership on an outpost.

Styx's farming example is a bit the extreme.

When i was on beta island, in Joke - i couldn't do anything that i liked during the times i was on. Mining on Beta island cant be done AFK if none of your corpmembers is in TS to tell you intel, your allies kick you from TS because they fear spys, and NPC farming needs either good equipment or at least three player to be fun (2x DPS, 1x active Sequer looting)

Alpha island higher then rank1 spawns, that can be farmed alone with average equip and extensions are pretty rare (and those are camped very often).

Theres that really high wall you have to overcome between lvl1 and lvl2 regarding the difficulty (risk) , but it isn't reflected in your reward.

look at the location of the mission

its most likely at asintec alpha terminal wink - > #3-a has sent you over to that terminal to pick up a delivery...


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the guy who made the planner used a OCR software and screenshots to get the data.

use the search, or just open your eyes:
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … inefields/

You got the short answers already,
here are the detailed ones:

raykor wrote:

Granted, medium missiles have a high chance of missing an assault

the chance to miss for missiles is independant of the size of the target. The always have 10% "chance to miss" minus 1% per rank in "missile guidance"

raykor wrote:

but given that their base damage—which begins at double that of light missiles...

given the fact, that without extensions, a medium missile will do only 40% of the damage against an assault, 30% on a small bot and 27% against an EWAR Bot...

raykor wrote:

... and will easily approach TRIPLE DAMAGE with skills—will more than compensate for the lower hit chance.  Add in the mech's extra missile slot and increased armor and it becomes ridiculous.

And as if the damage wasn't enough, then comes the even bigger problem of range.  The mech's medium missiles have a base optimal range of 330 meters versus the small missile's 150 m.  This is more than double and with skills will reach TRIPLE the range of an assault.  If an assault does manage to survive that barrage and get within range of the mech, he will then face the short range missiles with a base damage that is triple that of light missiles and will EXCEED QUADRUPLE DAMAGE with skills.

I know this game was in beta for a long time so there must be a lot of players with PvP experience in mixed assault/mech battles.  Please tell me that I am wrong?

... everything else in your post is way off the reality.
not to forget, that a waspish has a range bonus and can shoot its small missiles on longer ranges then a mech can shoot with short range medium missiles.

last but not least, with a little investment in a certain extension, a small missile will always have a 10% damage bonus against mechs (like any other small weapon)


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yeah, i dont know where you get your "new server" idea from

look at the top bar of the forums - same happened for the italians - and do they have an own server? They got Italian GMs, Italian localization of the game AND the forums.

wall of text: give the politic/economic tree more extensions with higher complexity ?


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we had that suggestion already in closed beta.
it was turned down by the beta testers (especially the PvP faction), because they feared china-farmers would just grind low lvl npcs to get their hands on as many decoders as possible.

i can't find the old topic anymore, it had some good and some bad arguments in it.

*edit - found it: Beta archive topic


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i dont think its cheap to kill small rookie mantis with a kain and a tyrannos at all.

the ammo you shoot there is more worth then the loot you get.

at the same place, my gf was with her full-industrial TM-A agent, in a castel and not a single weapon extension above the starter ones, just two ranks in locking time and 3 in sensor connection - and killing those mantis in two to three salvos.

its hard to guess who worked more money efficient.


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is see several fully medium fitted MECHS farming t1 spawns on attalica...

thats obviously NOT the purpose of a mech...


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write one.

i would have done already long time ago, if had macro-skills in excel or access.


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lvl 3 opti weapon : t4 small laser: 22TF * 0.91 = 20.02 = 20 TF
lvl 4 opti weapon : t4 small laser: 22TF * 0.88 = 19.36 = 19 TF

because you did it on the small t2 laser, which has already built in "lower CPU costs", that extension didn't give you anything.

take a t4 medium missile launcher (afaik the most CPU heavy weapon):
lvl3 = 45 TF * 0.91 = 40.95 = 41 TF
lvl4 = 45 TF * 0.88 = 39.60 = 40 TF
lvl5 = 45 TF * 0.85 = 38.25 = 38 TF

i would say, that medium hcl lasers are sold by infinite orders on ICS alpha marks this as a grand bug...


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first, thelotec dabis has 18 TF base

3% per lvl

lvl3 = 18*0.91 = 16.38 (rounded = 16)
lvl4 = 18*0.88 = 15.84 (rounded = 16)

nope, they are not ignoring the issue, it just takes time, or m2s to find a very unbalanced way to exploit it. (like their Suicide ganking in beta turned the alpha island from only 50% protected police zone to 100% non-pvp syndicate protection zone)

If PO had created their own system from scratch, this comparisson wouldn't be here.

lets see - Jumpage Evolution, planned as Space-flight-SIM MMO -> guess what it got compared to, even without any other similarity then beeing a space MMO
(btw, dead project, one of the Publishers has sued NetDevil)

Black Prophecy - same as JGE

Tabula Rasa vs. Hellgate London -> while both games had almost nothing in common (Hellgate wasnt even a reall MMO) they have been compared all the time during their beta phases.

You will always read "this is like ****" in any game forums, because its in the nature of mankind to compare...


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Zscero - you must understand - if you could duel without loss and without the fear of a third party to interfere, it would be so gamebreaking.

imagine, you could test out different setups and optimise your equipment without the hardship of going against a unpredictable pvp faction which will kill you and your stuff every test run you do, until you eventually found a competable setup.