Full immune is impossible and too imba. Realistic ballistic calculations will be too hard for server i believe. However, you can have something like a negative of critical hit - a chance to hit, says, heavy protected part of bot causing no damage. Not miss like on mediom guns shooting small target - it should be independent on target size.

Also you can have some extensions to change that chance, or maybe armor/lwf fitted causing influence.

However, i don't think it's so necessary right now.


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When you're docking up with shield activated, sound of that shield remains on the position you was when docked.

It takes something about 1,5 - 2 years to raise all your combat extensions to 10. After that, you will not see any difference between old and young player in that role. Just wait wink


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Честь и слава советскому человеку, человеку труда. Он - главное, бесценное богатство нашего общества.

Reactor on Ictus is pain too.

Special robot with a bonuses to nexus stuff seems more reasonable than a mobile controlled field container. Or even special repair bot with bonuces to remote repair.


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Still, interference stuff looks more like a mines - you don't know if your enemy will step into

Ofc but IMHO in similar situation Zenith or Vagabond have more chances ECMing theyr enemies - ECM stuff doesn't eat accu so much.

while hes shutting down these 2-3 targets, his shield is running low so another 2-3 who remains simply kill him.


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Interference isn't the same, and interference modules working in different way.

An extension that allows to decrease accumulator usage of energy drainers and neutralisers. Can be some new extension, or as a change to Efficient Energy Transfer. Or, Ictuses and Troiars can have additional bonus for that.


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Right now we have Maskers, Detectors and Markers. Seems very logical (and useful IMHO) to have Blinders - a devices that can directly supress enemy Detector strength, making him blind.

Maskers works good. But from time to time you may need to hardly blind one exact person.

why can't you just use lithus or sequer for such role?

hehe why don't just make all extentions downgradable then? you got your ep, you spend them, if you don't like it - you can simply downgrade any extention without losses and reassign them as you wish. something similar as in Global Agenda.

+: no more "ohnoez ive spent ep wrongly and silly and i want them in different way and bla-blah"

-: ppl will simply respec for every single thing - mining, roaming, guarding, etc


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Trial should include corp storage and roles assigning


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Ok but if you gonna use radar radius only, what for is detection range then?

Can I join as a DoY CEO in past?


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AgY wrote:

too bad we cant embed pictures:

Bot thats sneaking in:

found it? wink

If not .. its here:

We already have the whole line-of-sight thing. (for weapons)
All the server/client needs to do is render grey *somethings* (without a landmark) until its in radar range.

Maybe then people start climbing on the hills and looking out for something that moves .. rather then tp-camp the whole island. Spec-op bots do what they are supposed todo..
Hide in the plants and wait for the miners to settle wink

Theres a lot of potential in this wink For defenders as well as attackers.

So you want to recognise ppl only when they're in radar range? What about squad then? Should you be able to see your squad members?


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it will be a little more realistic


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all electronic and ew moduless should affect more than a guns or moving. also it can affect interference aswell.

no it should be free. you got your medal, you paint it on your robot.

And a possibility to put them somewhere on your robot (only one)

passive version of neuts/drainers/transferers please. Greenies need improvements too.

Yes, but take a look on it from corporation side - some ppl joining for 15 days and then vanishing. It's a little...frustrating and you should clean your corpmembers list from time to time.

Another solution can be - to make some kind of newbie island(s), with theyr own safe/pvp zones and npcs and markets etc. on those islands newbies can do anything they want except leaving. and non-trial players should be unable to get there.

Joining a corporation isn't necessary imho - if they need any help, they can ask and join any existing corporation in voisecomms and get all the answers there. About trading - i'd better recommend to create kinda special trial market where they (and only they) will be able to buy all the stuff they need, says, limited by t1 level and robots not higher than a mech or assault. Those robots can be a "syndicate" - worser than a usual ones in bonuses, to prevent any influence on market.