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Radars you're talked about can be not a part of own outpost, but producing only on it and then transported and placed wherever you want. It can be destroyable and repairable so you may need to care about your radars. Such radar can be our first little part of POS system.


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IMHO Steam is mostly a resident-sitting senseless program that eats resources making everything else working bad. Game deliverance? You don't need it for Perpetuum, just simply download it from site.


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IMHO you should feel your speed to understand how it's important big_smile


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This topic can help a little if implemented correctly, leaving assaults stealthed and not making them too op


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Steam? In my Perpetuum? NO WAI


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Sure it is. Everyone mining at alphas mostly, not only CIR. Thats it.


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Porblem isn't people are using assaults for roaming, porblem is - people using them MOSTLY. I want to see mixed roaming groups, much more mixed.


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Okie M2S. Tell me which corp is living on Beta fully now.


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It's not an actual CIR problem. I don't think DEVs were planning to see people roaming on one type of bots mostly. That was with light ewars, now it's with assaults. More tactics, more fits, more robots - that's what we need. It shoudn't be a bot-of-the-week game, in other case why don't just remove every bots but arkhes and use them in all ways? THAT will be balanced.


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Noone will tell you what extensions you will need for new stuff, Jelan. Also, stop turning each thread to "I hate CIR" please, you're turning in Mara big_smile


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What about some special module that grants syndicate protection on user so he can't shoot or be shooted by other players? Or kinda pvp flag on alphas. Such thing should be permanent unless you turn it off (unfit). After that - welcome to the painful world!

Such thing will allow alpha corps to do whatever they like on betas (actually, there will be no safe zones anymore), and when they feel they're ready - they can join pvp competition. Alphas will be no more safest places to mine, that will force ppl to use theyr betas more. With radars on outposts that will be even better.

Such protected people can have some restrictions in something - to stimulate them turning protection off.

This idea has been taken from Neocron world - runners there have special implant right from the start - Law Enforcer. It fits one brain slot so you can't use it for any other implants, and it can be putted back in while your level is lesser than 30.

If it's anti-tank rifle (dunno how it translates, PTRS in Russia), then one bullet can penetrate tank armor. But there is no such weapons and ammo atm. However, they can be added and used as counter-deflectors on small robots and as a heavy sniper gun on big ones.

Find 1, 2, 10, 100 more such newbie players and you'll be able to more or less compete old players. This game more oriented on team-play i believe.


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Radars are good, but will they help at all? Even with them it will still be safer to mine at alphas - guarding a caravans hauling stuff a bit easier than guarding miners all time they mine. Increasing amount of roaming npcs? yes, but doesn't it makes alpha corps mining harder?

I believe there should be something very special and different to make beta islands more preferrable to live in.


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And square-select all controlled units and right-click sending them to attack emeny island.


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And i want the ability to zoom in my target somehow.


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People like them stealth, thats it.


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I've docked in with my shield running. After undocking i've realised i still hear shields sound (i use shields often so i know how they sounds so im pretty sure that was not ambient), even with shield inactive. I've turned it on and off, sound remains. Then I've moved out a little (with inactive shield), sound kinda "remained" on that place where i was docked.

After that i've docked in and out again, but only relog helped. I didn't tried to reproduce it again.


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Ewars aren't combat bots, theyr role is different (and they play it well). Assaults are still looking for theyr niche, and all these changes are exactly about it.


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If such splitting will be succesfull, maybe you'll take a look onto mechs / heavy mechs too then? smile


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Well even on vanilla alphas observers have a chance to kill you (depends ofc). New alphas...well...didn't was there yet, so can't really say how dangerous they are. But if you don't want to see them as pvp unsafe, then they should be even more dangerous.

Another thought - what if miner npcs will actually mine? You know, they spawns near mining spot, come there (with some defence ofc), mine for some time and then leave. So you'll need to have a fighters with you or wait until mining spots are safe. Also it can create additional resource sink that can help economics (prices lesser than 2 nic on almost any resource looks a little...frustrating)

full catching is possible. not everyone will raise all the extentions, just these he want to so youll be able to raise the same extentions at same level somedays. and even if you gonna raise everything you have - numbers of extensions aren't unlimited, and devs can't add them infinitively. so in about 25 years playing EVERYONE will be at the same level.

but there is an idea. we have some ppl leavd the game by different reasons - probably we can have theyr EP big_smile


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Make alphas unsafe, just a zones around teleports and stations, as it was earlier. Raise rewards for misisons spotted in unsafe zones.

I want some arms that can do melee damage to make my ictus more usable big_smile

A little example. No matter how late you will come to a party with unlimited drink. You'll be drunk anyway. And at the end on party there will be no more or less drunk ppl.