I've noticed it too. Troiars north from Asi-Beta don't drain/neut my accumulator


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Annihilator wrote:

wait - the whole whining about those spawn changes is about farming kernels, right?

Is about farming stuff in general, like specific modules, kernels etc.


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never thought about using another remote rep focused robot so they could rep each other? God people sometime you seems so freaking brain dead...


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DEVs are you playing this game, 'cause some changes look like they were pulled out of the a... unknown void. I tested those random spawns and I was *** whole time, because they are too freaking random. I wanted to farm rank 3 mechs and I've get Rookie (r1 - ?) lights, yeah ofc they were like 5 but who the *** cares about numbers when I need to use more missiles to kill those 5 npc and get so *** loot I was to cry or log off.

Idea is cool you failed at delivering hmm Its too random so you cant really farm what you need tech/module wise. I can only thank you that Thelodica spawn somehow doesnt spawn Nuimqol.

In the end, fix asap. Thank you in ahead.

I think that idea no. 3 is good. Also, in the future you could combine new and old buttons of similar type/purpose.


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Norrdec wrote:

Translation just hit 60%.
The first week was fast, because there was a lot of things possible to change by a macro.
There were also 25% of already done translations when I started, but the quality is... mediocre. My favorite is "Surface hit size" translated as "The area where the bot is connected with the ground". So that means I have to go with every single token smile


Alexander wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Segreto wrote:

But my confusion aside, I cannot abide by a developer’s surprise attack on a player created character.  Finding out about this idea in a side remark in an ‘idea’ thread is unacceptable.

This caught my eye.

*scratches head*

*takes deep breath*

A lot of players are complaining that the level of information flow from us has decreased lately. One of the many reasons for this is exactly the topics like this one.

When we don't say anything, it's bad.

When Alf hints some work-in-progress and subject to change infos, everyone starts theorycrafting based on that, and then even more people come complaining that we should post specifics of something that we don't even know because it's still work in progress. So that's bad too.

I'm open for any suggestions, other than "work faster goddammit!".

On a brighter note, we're close to wrapping up the concept of the account reset and attribute system changes, and will post the results in the devblog very soon.

That's a very good post Zoom.

I think the issue stems from specifics. Alf didn't mention it was in the works.. he said what was so far planned. This closes the ability to discuss the change. If it has or has not been decided is beyond the point and honestly you're damned if you do talk about changes and damned if you don't.

Not talking about changes is probably the worse of the two. If you don't talk about changes you not onlyupset the people who would be upset anyway but you also give a royal slap to the face of anyone that, had they been informed, wouldn't have flown off the handle and could have helped shape the idea.

As said the issue is specifics. Don't be so specific. If you have changes in mind then talk about them, then make a decision and then makes minor or major changes as feedback and loopholes are found.

   Person 1: Do we need attributes? It limits player choice and locks a player inter a career too soon.
   Person 2: [Argument against]
   Person 3: [whining and no content]
   Person 4: [Arguments fore]

Dev meeting: Point discussed, player feedback analysed. Idea supported, rejected or modified.

Back to the thread:
   Person 34: [More whining and nothing more being added]
   Developer: Having reviewed this idea we agree/disagree with this idea and would like to take it further with/without modification.
   Person 1: [More ideas, discussion]
   Person 3: [Threats to leave game forever but never leaves]
   Person 2: [Intelligent argument as possible exploit found]
   Person 1: [Exploit guards thought about without major changes]
   Developer: [Response to possible exploits in system and safeguards]

Many happy and sad players but everyone is informed. This way only ideas that the developers believe to be supporting to the game (Not the players) will be accepted. Because ideas are not for the players to benefit from, they're for the game to grow and move forwards instead of stagnating.

That would be great if it was SEPARATE topic...

Great to read that DEVs are near the finish line with new Spark system

Also starter extensios could picked in the way you picked Jedi Class in Knight of The Old Republic. Through some sort of question list which you need to answer. Something like "What would really suit you - Starter Pack".

No! Same way they can introduce EP for $ (and steve is going in that direction - sp 4 $)

Some ideas are worth coping, but still its better to force your brain to work harder and be original...


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Oh so thats what I've seen few times big_smile Cool!

Now it could be awesome to have some lore about some shady energy black markets smile or DEV Lore accepts fan stories? smile

I don't really see a problem with EM guns. Electro-magnetic gun is powered by a magnetic field created by an electric field (electric current). EMW gun as Electro-magnetic wave gun (:lol:) == lasers


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Yeah, I'll sing up for it as soon as I'll get some free time. Thanks for info btw.

Alexander wrote:
Lime wrote:
Alexander wrote:

They only said they're thinking about it.
I doubt they have made any sort of decision.

The date it was set to be introduced was nearly a month ago. Is it really that hard too brainstorm a good system? something a few hour roundtable couldn't resolve?

GM Blaster announced it was on schedule and would come with a free reset. What's the hold up here ........................?

I've highlighted the issue here. This is the same GM that continually says things like this yet doesn't appears to really know what's happening. smile

Lol I thought they fired him already >.< They should consider that, that GM has no idea whats going on in PO.

Im curious what DEVs came up with, what will be the role of spark?


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They have awesome trailer vids, they could use them. Convert some clips into awesome flash add smile


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God damn who made those adds... they look horrible like it was some kind of f2p website rpg tongue

I could understand Achievements in PvE aspect of the game. Like Syndicate is awarding agents/corporations who contribute to "the cause".
I don't see those achievements in PvP since we have fighting other agents and it doesn't really help Syndicate, so why should we be awarded for that?

I would vote "yes" if it was really well connected to games lore. I don't have exact idea right now, but I'll sleep with it tongue

DEV wrote:

We are planning to bring achievements in some form, but we're still in the middle of figuring out what the rewards should be, rare items, small permanent buffs, or a combination of these.

Rare items = forced grind(but players could live with that), permanent buffs = Dear GOD! I MUST GRIND IT! (hell no!)

0110011100001111001010001 wrote:

Whats Steam?


Yeah, advertising Perpetuum via Steam would be great. But then we would have a problem with running multiple clients, would we?

http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/ … 022011.png
It's Pelistal Empire

Since you have DEV Lore (I don't know his/her actual nickname) could this person do some more than bot descriptions? Could fellow Agent of the Syndicate get some information about battles which are fought out there?

I'm not a rpg-in-mmo kind a guy but I like to see solid background and see how it's expanding.


More Syndicate, battle related etc., news.


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I would call green, because even if you don't have someone RRing/RSAing you Pelistal are still very very good. Why? Because of locking time bonus (so in the end 1 sensor amp is ok) and accumulator bonus (tyrannos i.e.) so you have perma run a small rep + some active resistance plates.

And with gropho you'll use erp tank or weapon stabs + small rep for smaller stuff


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Medved wrote:

Nice. Lets wait some tackled m2s\62 *** and nerf for the great whiners.

P/S patch history: "plz add highways to our island" "plz remove highways our enemys use them" "nerf erp we cant owerhelm 15to1 bot" and finally it would be "slow down tacklers our assalts cant run away from them".

Oh I see your point! So Syndic is M2S's Spy, right? Because he wanted EMACs on Hokk removed! Now it makes sense.

Anyway, nice troll thread. I like it! smile

I smell smell little baby hotdrop. I don't like the idea. Also it will make hauling too easy smile


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Corporate bulletins tend to have a problem with showing new comments. You need to click topic several times to get it refreshed but sometimes it doesn't show all new comments (deleting a single comment refreshes whole topic -> show newer comments).

Evasive module == effect of Halo Implants

Have you even had a problem with moving from A to B and not worry about your home base set on Beta Island? Tired of looking for that god damn Arkhe to suicide into a spawn just to move your spark faster? Well I am! Since we can't produce Arkhes it's harder to get a cheap sh*tty bot which you can use just to say „Hi!” to a nearest spawn or just move relatively fast without hurting your wallet by buying a light robot for one way trip.

So I thought why couldn't we suggest Devs a new robot! Made by humans for humans! I would like to introduce you:

Class: Service robot specialized in transportation
Faction: Syn-tec (Syndicate)

Basic Syndicate's transportation unit.

    Accumulator: 0 AP
    Accumulator recharge time: 0 sec
    CPU: 0
    Reactor: 0
    Armour: 150 HP
    Passive resistance: 15/20/20/20
    Surface hit size: 2.5 m
Targeting equipment:
    Interference minium: 10 B
    Interference peak: 30 B
    Locking range: 50 m
    Locking time: 20 sec
    Maximum Targets: 1 pcs( 1pcs)
    Missile guidence failure: 10%
    Sensor strength: 50 Hw^3
    Signal detection: 80 rF
    Signal masking: 80 rF
    Chassis: 0
    Head: 0
    Legs: 0
    Ammunition reload time: 10 sec
    Cargo capacity: 0.5 U
    Mass 2500 kg
    Slope capability 56
    Top speed: 76.92 kph
    Volume: 8 U

    Titanium: 175
    Plasteosine: 50
    Isopropentol: 90
    Metachropin: 25

You can see that I didn't post any bonuses. Well, we want it cheap don't we? So why do we need some "extras" since it'll be used for quick transport only. What do you think about that?