Thanks for the help Annih, my original formulas did not take into account bot size and shield radius...

On my Vaga with a Penik Medium Shield Gen, My Absorption ratio is 0.289 AP/HP
how can that be with a Extension level of 7 giving a 21% reduction?????

Right I am trying to get this thing up to data, but i think its an uphill battle....

There so much has changed.. for one shield absorption has me dumbfounded now , plus the bot/item changes are so many game clicks and transferring data type stuff, my head is spinning......

Would be really great to have players help me update this in any way you can...

I know that this is the closes that come s to a working fitting tool....

In the original post I will be changing the Download link to a unprotected excel file..

you can change, mod, add all you like, but please let me know what changes, like let me be a central hub for this tool.

I am Back, Man Cave is Done.

Need Help with formulas?

I AM BACK.....
Been away due to moving house and now finally got my Command Center for my computers set-up...

I am sure I put the calculations & formulas in...

I have Checked &
1. the module stats are out of date, Opt Range Modifier of Ammo has been removed from some
2. i found that some of the Range calculation were taking data from a wrong cell...


I would help out all i can, but for the moment I am in the process of re-modelling my Man-Cave and all my PC equipment is packed up in the Garage...

Seems to be a bug with 2 of my fittings. a Riveler & Symbioint
The fittings are not loading


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How has the ME Ratio % calculation for the Refinery changed then???
plz tell.....

yeah, currently i am about 90secs on one of my sparks..


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Thanks for the help Annihilator


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thats not right, you cant go moving round decimal points willy nilly..


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Annihilator wrote:

sorry, im only doing formulas on the data you provide here on forums, or data of things i can check ingame

only got speed and accu nexus trained.

Hi Annihilator

Got some EW Nexus Data.
Could you chew on it and find me a Formula, i have tried but to no avail

T4 Mod 0.075
Ext Level: 2 * 0.02
Bonus: 11.80%

T4 Mod 0.075
Ext Level 3 * 0.02
Bonus: 13.95%

Version 2.05 Beta added to OP....

Let me know of any errors you all find

Anything on the to-do list that revolves around increase/decreasing extension level like ingame

My Opinion is that adding EW is needed more then destroyed/dropped modules

You can use the Games Export function in Extension History

its VBA

An exe version of this is beyond me talents, sorry...

Black Flag wrote:

(An exe version or google docs post will not be made due to the complexity of this spreadsheet.)

this is why...


Perpetuum Planner is So Out Of Date, with missing/renamed/obsolete extension i think its time I use a different way to import spark data.
So the Helpful people @ Perpetuum Tools have added a spark export option on there agent, Thanks Doek.
If we go this way ALL extensions will be support BUT, Importing the PerpPlanner data will not work for some extension.
What you guys think, Stay with PerpPlanner or go with PerpTools????

Also, Agent detail is not showing any info in the Combat Record table..

Cool website,
Check out my PM plz...

fetch.php does not seem to be working properly,

to me its only fetch 1 kill


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Calculation is, 12.5 / (1 + 0.25) = 10 sec.


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I agree with Annihilator..
You will have to get used to the Hungarian Maths....