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SunnyJester wrote:


Problem identified. smile

I'm sure hardcore player BadAss and a few others would be quite happy to help you with your problem. lol


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Everything is working fine, but then people start to become bored and leave- story of Perpetuum apparently.

Of course people get bored and leave, you've made a game based on a pseudo-business model like EVE where making economical choices is a big part of the game, and in your game the most optimal economical choice is to NOT PLAY or COMPETE, because the things to compete over (Beta, Gamma) have no tangible or profitable net gain.

With no reason to fight over anything and create a drain on resources, the only choices left to the players are to keep stacking more zeroes behind more zeroes (because I really need that extra trillion NIC) or not play until a war breaks out and jabber gets pinged.

Not to mention your latest atrocious balancing that made all the players who specialized years of EP into EWar/EnWar/Pelistal be the red headed stepchild in the metagame. And we all know what happens to little red headed stepchildren.

I've been telling you the same thing about Beta since the VERY FIRST TIME you nerfed it when you decided moving titan ore completely off Beta was going to stimulate Alpha - Beta trading.

Continue not listening, you got a great track record there buddy!

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … iscussion/


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Burial wrote:
Syndic wrote:

Dear Player Dev Zoom,

What do you think Beta islands should be, how do you think they should function, why do you think they aren't functioning now, what do you plan to change to address the game situation (dead)?

Aren't you cute. How many times have you asked it now?

As many times as necessary for it to become apparent that the Devs are either;

a) Actively ignoring a large part of the playerbase.
b) Have no idea what to do with the Beta islands.
c) Gunner purged Zoom for not being a spy, just an artist.

The difference between NSE and JOKE is a fine example of the difference between using diplomacy and being insolent.

Gunner approves.

Posting proof is against the EULA and forum rules.

Botting has been widespread on Alpha 2 islands, particularly Hershfield and Shinjalar.

Saddest part is you can only see a russian sequer account mining in that screenshot.


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Spicy you dirty hobo sitting there in the AFK channel being all AFK...



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Dear Player Dev Zoom,

What do you think Beta islands should be, how do you think they should function, why do you think they aren't functioning now, what do you plan to change to address the game situation (dead)?

So Zoom, how much time do we have left - roughly - to milk the cow before you remove static spawns? I mean, we've been milking it for months now and it's getting a little bit ridiculous. big_smile

DEV Zoom wrote:

He's right though.

So how long do we have left to milk the cow before the static spawns are removed from Alpha?

I'm interested in what the actual Devs have to say, not wannabe Devs.

Where is the "static spawns are removed from Alpha" part of the patch?

Or can everyone just continue botting in peace?

This aint your first patch rodeo boyos. You know how it works. wink


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T3xasp3t3 wrote:

Never could get into dota. Not saying it's bad I just don't wanna take the time to learn a new MOBA

Weedy will teach you

Gunner is still building up the testicular fortitude to embark on this journey to evolve into the master race.


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The master race plays dota

Might be time to aquire more food for Gunner.

Think most of the Devs quit by now, last I heard on the grapevine theres only 2-3 of them left.


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Always is. lol


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Probes are functioning and balanced pretty good.


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Prompt replies to deny something that "isn't happening". lol


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You are the prime culprit for whining until Zoom removed what little reward on Beta there was with missions and explosion damage.

Creating the problem then offering a solution that benefits you and everyone else in your alliance that can't capture a station, sounds like quality Dev manipulation.

Zoom it's funny how you remove explosion damage in 72 hours after topic & ticket spam from people that couldn't be bothered to go kill scarab mk2's near Moyar, but you let those same people run bots on Alpha for months and that's not a problem.

Favoritism to old Closed Beta GM's much?


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There are already 3 non-lockable terminals on Beta, why is nobody using them if station locks are such a problem? smile


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Anyone living on Alpha should be making the most of their income by mining titan ore and selling it on the market.

Nerf it until it is so.

Meanwhile, botting continues.


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The day Zoom stops catering to botters crying "exploit" at anything that generates better income then alpha-botting, is the day we can discuss actual mechanics.