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Well right now I picture P like a pot with a plant in it, got it stashed away in my closet  I thought there was some buds on there a few times, But on closer inspection was just a few seeds. No big deal though, I'll just keep adding water an give it light a few time a week..


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I dont think I attacked you,. just pointed out that you might be emotional, or vary board =p

see what I did there?

I did attack the data though,. and gave 1 example.

I dont glance I read,. if we use this Data then. P has 1800 or so subs,. I see this as a healthy adolescent MMO, that works..

1800 = floating ship,.

only 200 play,. only like 15 post here,. possible only 12,. 1 person might have alts..

Forums are for amusement 99% of the time,. and the P forum is a graveyard,. SO thought I should stirr the pot,..



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Crepitus wrote:

@Greenleaf I think sinking ship references the fact that by their own numbers their modest population lost more than half of its active subscriptions (that is NOT active players by a long shot) with in a few months of release.

Your to involved with game drama,. that stat sheet is,. Flawed in so many ways,. and has been a bad smell on forums for years..

Many players from Mankind, like ( myself ) would argue its history on there. 2002 is around the time of a mass server wipe, they basically lost ALL there current players, But mankind from (1999 or so) survives..

Guess what im pointing out is,. Stats like that are not reliable.

Perpetuum is still a long way off from petering out,. come back later if it got boring.

And yes, Hats off to Grim,. Good post,.


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Monster wrote:

I am a graduate level business major and avid gamer who knows the devs/designers have a lot of hard work ahead of them if they plan on saving this sinking ship.

Well, I would hardly call it a sinking ship.. its still a good game,. installs fine, Runs good, good concepts, seems to handle player loads reasonably well,. and its not Broken with bugs or connectivity issues..

Tilron wrote:

Granted I think there should be a way to gain EP while playing the game but not alot of EP.

No. they just need to add more light bots, and other various light bots,. and possibly a few more light bots..


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I think I said this months ago at some point but, Alpha needs the Milk and Honey,. so the casual alpha player can just day dream and get lost in things to do,. then call his friends,.

More exploring content is perfect,.The relic thingy? perfect type of concept, More please,. There is a major lack of interest in exploring,.

Take this wonderful blue/green/red system and make it into something more..

I dont care what anyone says,. But daily missions, or repeatable daily content is a must. give casual subs something to do, an GASP,. not log out after spending some ep.

An good lord, more light bots,. LOTS.. you should be patching them in faster then battlefield can add new weapons..


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Dont stop now, this post was getting interesting,. =p


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Jelan wrote:

Alpha should never ever have everything thats available in Beta, its risk vs reward.  Where do you think all the Zydrine and Megacyte comes from in Eve??

/cough  --->  (drone missions). people need to stop using eve as an example,. the 2 games are nothing like each other.. faaak sakes

everything should be in reach to Alpha players,.. beta just needs a better turf war system,. POS should be a good start,. BUT everything EVERYTHING should be at the alpha players disposal. PVP will not brew in a boring game,.

the fourms here are complete crap atm,.. Alpha needs to be fixed first,. at this point,. Beta and its closed mind inhabitants should be put second,. the game is clearly boring to the new comer.

Alpha all so needs pvp,. faction pvp or something.. the whole risk vrs reward should be loot drops and gold,. but raw mats for crafters should be on Alpha.. Crafters and cannon fodder npc hunters need to be saved from bordom,. pvpers like my self are hardy,. we can wait,..

just get some more useless fun into the game first..


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As far as the game logs go, it can lag the game to high hell, so Its obvious the devs could see/track the NIC generated and then remove it. all it takes is one exploiter to effect players associated with them. So some players could infact play the "im Innocent" card.

If this is you? then blame the idiots you associate your self with.

Like Glimpse I have never insured a bot, and none of my friends had insured a bot,. we have done ALOT of bot/NIC sharing and we lost nothing,.we had never be associated with any dirty NIC. 

It was 100% obvious there was an Insurance exploit,. I was surprised it took so long to address ,. I dont think the majority realize how much they may have generated so it was a shock to be wiped clean of NIC.

The Devs are kinda in the wrong for not stating sooner they would be swinging a ban hammer around..

The players involved should have known there is no such thing as a free lunch..

I think its obvious that hit dispersion/ surface size needs to be revisited by the devs, Im sure its on there to do list somewhere..

And last time I checked, light bots  do in fact have medium slots.

Ekim wrote:
Redline wrote:

Sandbox mmos have several system inherent ideas - like having to prevail with the tools one has got in that coherent world - that sandbox wants to be. Consequences are a key element - possibly not prevailing in that world also - instances cripple that.

In fact consequences and political system as well as goodies are missing. Things get boring when you can do what you wanna do - sounds contradicting to games? Not at all - its the key element.

see i hear this type of thing all the time followed by the obligatory " go back to wow lol"
and i cant find  how adding another place to have some pvp without having to go look for it and only finding some miners or a blob is taking anything away from this game
I wager it will bring way more to the game than it takes away from it, for starters there are many people playing perpetuum who have never pvp'd and if they have some easy pickup fights they might find they enjoy that aspect of the game and get involved in the " real game"

you say consequences like an arena instance system cant have them it could also  -gasp-
have rewards too!
things get boring when you cant do what you want to to as well in a "sandbox"game

so any way back to this whole topic has a separate thread now so back to what ever the hell this thread is about

The issue is preventing the advantage of a larger group over the smaller group.. its a endless infinity and cant be solved.. Nature has no fix for this other then extinction ( over population) or self destruction (large stars/black holes). the concept echo's into something virtual like Video games as well,.. Its silly to think just cus the game is a virtual creation that some coding could solve this natural effect.   

Adding an instance will make the problem finite sure, but its not a solution. its a fundamental change to the system and not part of the elusive sandbox people are looking for. So if someone says go back to some other game,. its short sighted,. But,.! if your looking for a fair and level esport,. They might be right.

Still a interesting topic to read about.

Xini Nemesis wrote:

They just coded it wrong.

In laymens terms corp A interference is on a different frequency to Corp B and does not affect it.  If Squad C has a member of Corp A then A & C are combined into the same interfence field.

That way the blob will suffer but smaller squads wont as they will either be further away or not suffer from the 1 + -1 phenomen due to the different interfence  field.

Hope that makes sense smile

Makes perfect sense,. we can insert as many layers as we want,. or fraction it up infinitely ,. the result is the same..

The larger value will still be larger,. There is no way to make 1 = 2,. could be possible to get it close no doubt, but then what about 1=3 ? ,.. insert more layers?,.. its an infinity. it cant be rationalized with.

There is no solution to prevent strength in numbers.

The only thing I can think of is some type of layer that effects the targeting of a group trying to zerg lock and spike one target,. some type of interference or feed back to make it more logical to spread out the dps. but again,. I dont see this preventing the strength of simply out numbering the competition..

Anti blob consequence's are in real life,

The result is a 1 + -1 = 0  for the larger number.

The smaller number is just out of numbers.

Strength in numbers,.

its contradictory, or an Infinity,. it is what it is..

A whole different concept needs to be explored,..

Tokugawa wrote:

American arrogance? Some I'm sure.. but down here in Texas, we know who beat the Germans and stopped them from taking over your whole continent. Twice! No need to be grateful, we know how hard it must be to always be in our shadow. It will be okay. Deep down, we are grateful for all of you (that are not hypocritical self centered bastards always whining about the evil USA) great historic peoples that have been the foundations of civilization for centuries. I for one think the Dutch have done so much right.. I'd love to live there. Regardless, we Texans know where the center of the universe is, and it isn't the US. (Somewhere around Austin I'm pretty sure)

Are you Sarah Palin ?

This is how dumb you look --->  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyCsMrKQ45w

I think Toku just had a spudnut moment..


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Savin wrote:

Of course, maybe we've had our head in the clouds-

Lol savin, your to much fun,.. when is your head not in the clouds,..

,. back on topic,.

I see no problems with the sequer in a healer/support role. lots of cargo to piss away booster charges,. , clearly a good shield tank,. 4 high slots for ew ,. etc etc.. is this not obvious ???


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Kain Simmons wrote:

i hate to barge in but Darkfa(i)ll serves as good example what happen to games that focus on pvp content only. Its a Paradise for all the Iron Man, Hardcore Ganking PvP Addicts yet its EMPTY.

Darkfall has more players then here, A LOT more,. pvp is not its problem,. its the scripting/ afk clicking/ epic attribute grinds,. and the obvious super build problem. non combat crafters left after seeing most players just grind the skills an craft for them self. problems go much deeper then the pvp in that game. I cant help but to say it,. but the pve there is a lot of fun, and if you dont farm beside a know city full of gankers you are fine..

This game has 3 outcomes to choose from. (1) Pve dungeon crawls, (2) pvp turf wars, or (3) a blend of the palyers in a fair an fun environment. right now I think some of the issues are obvious,. pvp is a 5/10 and pve is 3/10.. all areas of the game needs to be revisited by the devs. hell pvp/pve in wow is better ATM ,.

I gave this game a 7/10 at MMORPG,. I think I may have been a bit reserved an buffed my rating a bit,. I have a soft spot for pvp games. The Devs here are taking a risk, I respect what there trying to do here.

The 3rd option is hard to achieve ,. but future devs should never give up or cave to one side or the other,. we have a market full of games like that all ready..

Wraithbane wrote:
Greenleaf wrote:

Whats amazing is,.. the degree to witch some people dont care about the facts.

Put effort into giving the devs an Idea what would make you feel "safe" in a open pvp world. Try to meet the discussion half way. pvp No is not an option,. pvp yes is not an option,. there must be a nice blend of the two so all players can enjoy the game.

preparing the readers for a good bye post is,... Whaaaaaaaah! *sniffle*  waaaah,..!

Pretty much what I'd expect from you Green... As difficult as it may be for some to comprehend, many people simply have NO interest in MMO PvP.  Thats as valid a choice as being pro PvP is.

There can be pvp layers that dont effect you at all. like faction pvp, (SWG) for example.

There is no reason why there should be 100% no pvp at all in Alpha.. I been there man,. I know how bad a FFA open pvp is,. (shadowbane) it can be ***,. no one is saying there should be a lawless gank fest,.

griefers a side, There is a lot of other casual pvp players out there,. it may come to a surprise or your ignorant to it ,. But there is many layers of pvp that can be done. And not all of it will effect you in anyway,. But yet...  ya have to be draged kicking an screaming.

Savin wrote:

Sorry to get you worked up, Greenleaf, that wasn't my intention. But I realize you're a very frustrated young man who sees the world in a very stunted fashion, so it can't be helped, really.

Anyway, since you are unclear on what "facts" means, and able to ignore the several posts in which I make suggestions about PvP and many other things, I can safely assume that you're the lowest-common denominator type to whom the developers are looking to appeal. In which case, good for you!

Im not going to flame you back,. so nice troll attempt. forget about me and watch this video.

dont negate the video just cus its me posting it.


I was thinking about an idea,

The game has an energy injector module, what if there was a new charge to be used in it for navigation,. like Nitrous Oxide charges for a speed boost.

still a demanding item to fit for a EW bot, and it pwns the cargo hold,..


Whats amazing is,.. the degree to witch some people dont care about the facts.

Put effort into giving the devs an Idea what would make you feel "safe" in a open pvp world. Try to meet the discussion half way. pvp No is not an option,. pvp yes is not an option,. there must be a nice blend of the two so all players can enjoy the game.

preparing the readers for a good bye post is,... Whaaaaaaaah! *sniffle*  waaaah,..!

Wraithbane wrote:

Green, this game is obviously not just open PvP. Other wise it would have many fewer players than it does. Given the quality of some of your arguments, I'd say you are hardly one to cast stones.  I have in fact played EVE for more than five years. Its the same character name, you are welcome to check it in the data base.  I played EVE because I enjoyed collecting battleships. Its a hobby to me, not an obsession.

The Dev's are the best judge of whats best for the games future.  But everyone has an opinion. The rest of your above doesn't merit a response.

I think it would have more players if there was pvp on alpha, not a wild west but some pvp yes. It is just my opinion,. we really cant prove our points either way, So we make a point by using the past as an example by observation.

but to simply say no,. its unreasonable. I like P. but it needs more layers of pvp to keep me interested.. nuff said..

eve was just an example,. I had a bunch of toons there as well, not sure why you need to prove anything like that, were not pen pals.

Wraithbane wrote:

only a server side flag has been shown to prevent ganking/griefing. PvP Yes, or PvP No.  Its the gray areas that shade off into the "possibilities" some are so fond of that are VERY difficult to get even close to right.  Not to mention the continued time commitment required to deal with them.

No matter how clever people consider themselves to be with these systems, it almost always turns out that even more clever people find ways around them. Then the Dev's end up spending time patching that, and the next and the next... There is a clear pattern here.

Meh,. your arguments are boring and hold no weight. you reduce it all to griefing. A player like you should not be buying a game that advertises open pvp. your not the only one thats been around since UO you know..

There is plenty of games out there for you,. you said you played eve for more then a year, it has open pvp, all ways has. but yet you seem to think this pvp yes and pvp no is the only thing that works,.. so why did you play eve for so long then,?

Pk have cut you deep,. we all understand,. We do. But why your playing a game that advertises open pvp is confusing,..

The devs are all ways racing the players, no matter if there is open pvp or not. The industry is full of boring theme park MMO's and pvp yes/pvp no worlds,. Stop crying that devs just want an easy job,. Its a *** Argument.

horrible QQ  -3

No need to nerf bots, just add more,. The logic you have here is flawed,. roming groups in eve have mixed speeds,.

Wraithbane wrote:

Making more possibilities available doesn't have to include the ability to gank and grief. But if past history is any judge, that WILL happen, unless the Dev's are VERY careful(and willing to make an open ended time commitment to evolving their response to the gankers/griefers). Wouldn't it be better if they didn't have to make that commitment in the first place? It would likely be much better for the game(profit wise)  if they simply added to both sides of the current game.

I think the only answer then Wraith is 2 separate servers.. sadly but yea.

Another problem is we dont want every tom *** an harry with a epeen to gank people all in one place,. It will just make beta more impassable to the pve player,..

Once the pop rises you really think the pve players are not going to fill this forum with tears cus they feel they cant play in beta,..?

Im going to generalize now,. tongue

- pve players are like a swarm of locusts that want want want,. give them an inch now and they will out number everyone, and if the devs like the revenue then beta will just see sanctions eventually, and the game will slowly become more an more ,. /cough pve only...

Im going to be *** now,.

Some people say to just nerf the mob,. nerf the item,. nerf the spawn,. make the spawns worthless,..Nerf everything,. hell,. get rid of the npcs ,. orrr wait,.. hmmm.. -think i just got stupider,. what are NPCs for again? right right,..there's a pve player playing... all most forgot..

Wraithbane wrote:

I've been making very substantive points, and I've yet to see any one refute them, with a clear understanding of the consequences involved.

Well I had to step in here,. But its obvious.

hmm lets Refute.

Deflation of ore,. oops did I just say that?

promotes lack of interest,..

lowers the value of items,..

Fires up heated forum debates in a game that advertises open world pvp..