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Altera wrote:
Ambedrake wrote:

+1 with more hashing out of the idea.

While I do agree a trial period would do the game wonders there are some concerns.

First not allowing them to fully be a part of the Nia main islands (Virtual island is cool here), to do this they need a semi full featured demo island to be a part of.

Second I believe that 6 hours is not quite enough to get through the tutorial and really fully understand the basics. Some things like artifacting, and fitting balances can take a few hours each in themselves for the thickest of skulls. Maybe say a 48hr trial?

Third, while I understand the need for people interacting, this community can be toxic. Whether or not to allow them to interact with the main games chat or have them completely separated off on their own is one that should be considered, especially as general chat can get rather dismal at times.

Fourth, the tutorials are crap. To be honest it would be best to have video tutorials instead for each section as text does not convey enough information in the small amount of asset space it has. Even if its as simple as a 'mission' breif video for each with audio voice over on each step similar to some other games, this would be seen as a nice feature and give more clarity to the more complex things such as artifacting.

Fifth, while I understand most will not, some very well may chose to make trial accounts just to lock out names. This can be remedied in the most part by having the character creation step moved to actual deployment to Nia instead locking the name selection to full accounts.

Lastly, a tutorial on the game is nice, but more essentially a tutorial on the settings should be added as well. There are many useful options in the settings that are not fully explained until you meet other players, and some players require setting changes in order to keep a connection to the server stable. By getting this out of the way early you may very well keep many players that would drop early on due to technical difficulties.

These are the things I believe would need to be done or happen in order for a trial period to actually work.


So, bottom line; if the DEVs drop everything they are working on and focus on this, they might get this released in 2 years. You sure your sticking with a +1 wink

Merely stating if something was done to this effect it would need done properly and the above is what I see would need to be done to make it work. I doubt they have the man power or the ability to complete such a task at the current moment so +1 to the idea, but not feasible at the current time so would need to be put off till such a time that assets would allow for such a thing to be processed proper.


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Hello to all,

I have been away due to this last term in school being extensively time consuming, however summer break is nearing fast and I shall be back in game in approximately 3 weeks time. To celebrate the start of the summer vacation time I will be looking at kicking up some community based competition while I get back into the swing of things, while some prizes are still under review for me to give out (Our community maintains certain assets in hold for any game we chose to do contests in) there are others that I have the full leisure of giving out due to us designing them ourselves. So what will be the first round of prizes for the winners? Well some custom backgrounds of course!

An example of such a background, you will notice the corporation, players main character name, and a 4 point profile. I have turned this into a template with the four race colors and four tier 1 heavy mechs so it can be of any race bot you would like with what ever text you prefer.

Example : http://s7.postimg.org/r24hnmm3d/PERP_NSE_ROVOC.png

See you in 3 weeks folks,
Sleeping NSE CEO


The new mission system is supposed to be soon(tm), I'm looking forward to giving it a test run to see if its halfway fun.


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You do realize that there are people with CCNP and CCIE certifications playing this game with issues right? These people are more qualified than 99% of people out there to *** network issues, and yet they still have these issues.

If it was an ISP issue there would be specific ISP's with common problems, and this is not true.

If it's a local area issue then the problems would be in geographical pockets, again this is not true.

If it's a localized to the house/office level issue then it would be consistent until configuration changes are made or equipment altered. Yet again not true.

If it was an issue on one of the major network hubs, there would be large pocket issues, consistent to geography, again not true.

If it was somewhere in between, the packet loss and spikes would show in the trace, again still not true. Most loss is at the data center itself in most viable traces.

Yes there are SOME local network issues for SOME players, most of these players know the local problems and do not report it due to it being on their end. Before posting something like this you may wish to take a look at the various traces, and get some added empirical data from different sources as well, this is what we call using the scientific method to test your hypothesis. As this relates to Computer Science, using the scientific method on a hypothesis is probably a good idea.

Have a good day!


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Different Uni's. My Exams finished, his are starting, this is why I think all Uni's should be on the same schedule =P


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I know give everyone 40k EP for surviving the great outage of 2015 =P lol


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02/11/2015 17:00:00 PST - Recruitment Open


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Jita wrote:

Define most. Your looking at about fifty die hards from 15000 players. That's 0.3%. If the player base was a steak dinner we are the bit that sticks in your teeth that no matter how hard you tongue won't leave.

Okay, your analogy made me laugh so hard I almost dropped my laptop >.<


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Take it from Ethos's bro's [NSE] they come highly recommended! Check 'em out mate big_smile


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DeathPaw wrote:

I didn't have any lag issues until a couple weeks ago, which was a couple of weeks after everyone started complaining about lag.  Now I have frequent disconnects and extreme lag on all clients.  Game is mostly unplayable.  Yet there are times I can get on and play normally for 1 min to maybe an hour.  The lag occurs randomly, and can occur during minimal server use.  Changing video settings has no effect.  Bypassing wireless router has no effect.  The lag is even present on their web site.

To Avatar management.
You should have 100% of your programming talent addressing this issue.  Player retention was pathetic even when the game was running normally.  Now players are dropping quickly, even vets!  Your income stream on this game will continue to diminish with the player drops.

Welcome to the party Paw. Alas tracking down the root cause can be difficult when they don't control all of the equipment involved, in example if its a networking issue then that cause will have to be tracked down and remedied by Internap, though determining if it is network related as opposed to server related can be checked by carbon copying the server to another location and implementing a stress test on it which they should in theory have the capability to do so long as they know the methods involved in simulating the stress loads.


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The base yield that all miners pull was increased by 50% causing cascading amplification when parsed down the line of the algorithms making mining more efficient then it used to be. At least that's how it was explained to me, I'm not normally a miner big_smile


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Market got you down? Have trouble getting that mod you saved up for just to find out it's out of stock? Are you possibly a rookie that wants a job to do with out signing the recruitment forms of a corporation? Well have we got a deal for you!

NightSong Entertainment has many tasks that need doing, and we need more man power doing them! Details below.

NSE is offering the citizens of Nia the opportunity to take on tasks to earn themselves completely fit up bots. From as small as an artifacting argano, all the way up to a T4 blinged out Rivelar. These tasks will be tailored to your skills as a player ensuring you can do what you want and earn a buck in the process. All wages are paid at current market value to better, and for a limited time Rookies (3 months or less time in game) will recieve 125% of market value for their work!

To negotiate your contract today, send an in game mail with the item, bot, or set up you are looking to earn to Jade Winterheart, as well as what your skills are focused twords, and we can get you into the deal of a century!

This has been a NightSong Entertainment announcement, enjoy your day and cause some mayham!

~Ambedrake/Jade WinterHeart/Amano Terijima
NightSong Entertainment

[Structures not included]


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DarkTerror wrote:
Amano Terijima wrote:

#3 :

Probes probes everywhere! Probes are awesome, everyone should have one, or ten. But their cost makes them prohibitive to use in quick temporary excursions (at least for the younger smaller groups.). Give the new guys a hand up, make 1 hour expiry probes that are tied to the player that drops them (max 5 per island at a time) and does not require skills to deploy! This can increase the amount of people venturing on to beta and heck even artifacters hitting gamma! And for those with a few extra bucks, we don't mind using the more permanent variety already in place for at home, so hand those kids some toys and send them off into the sand box to kick up dirt!

A million nic or 2 is well worth it if it prevents your mining fleet from
getting a ganking.

I might be wrong but I don't think probes were designed as a permanent tool that allows station
owners to sit on their fundament looking at porn/tv/whatever waiting for the
probe at a TP to go off and let  them know how many mk2's to send out to pvp the noobs.
The fact you are finding it more expensive than having real people guard the
gates is actually worth a chuckle.

If you really want to help the noobs, make the current probes limited to 2 hours. Plenty of time for them to protect their temporary fleet operation and it won't hang around broadcasting who was there.

I never said we found it expensive, quite the opposite. We have little other use for NIC so have stocked up on probes and don't really care. I just remember the early days when we couldn't afford it and would have been a nice edge for us to have. AKA Thinking of the upcoming new guy, not ourselves. So before spouting off about how everything is aimed at my benifit in the list, you may want to think "do they really need this?" before posting.

DEVs don't seem to think there is a problem with the current probes, so the idea was aimed at the little guy being able to contend with those who can afford the bigger toy. I know at least 3 corps that wont use them and could have saved their miners had they done so, purely for the issue of cost. Remember, NIC isn't an issue in my neck of the woods, nor is stock of toys, so most of my ideas are going to be aimed at the new comer.


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I used to horde in eve, but that wasn't for myself. I kept fit ships all over the place in mass so whenever a fleet lost someone and we had a pod rolling with us it was a simple pit stop on the way to get him back into something quickly and not have to knock him out of the party for prematurely detonating on the battle field.


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Blocker wrote:

Ok more or less agree with most of those suggestions, especially the corp management idea, I'd go even further and also suggest adding alliance management tools.

ohh I forgot the probes point. What is it about these bloody probes that has you guys so infatuated ? From our point of view they should be removed from the game entirely. I mean, take a newbie who wants to do some ninja epri mining, he jumps onto beta and straight away his presence is announced! Where is the "ninja" in that ? From our point of view all the probes do is act as a deterrent to newer players to go to beta. There is no "stealth" available when there is a bloody probe up at every TP entry to the island.

Was more thinking that they will probably not remove probes all together, so best of both worlds would be to give the rookies the same chance by making cheap mini probes that they can put out while they are mining and such. Would give them forewarning of incoming hostiles. Simple pop the perma probes, wait 10 minutes to see if the locals are awake, and if not put your own ninja probe down cheaply to ninja that epi and not get blind sided, since as most know a mil nic isn't as disposable to younger groups as it is to older and larger ones.


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Below I will list things of desire, necessity, and all around randomness that has come to my head recently! I would like these ideas to be further elaborated by the players who are roaming the forums.

#1 :

Packet Loss % shown next to the Ping at the bottom right! As many of you have learned recently you can have a beautiful ping and get booted from the server due to packet loss, but it doesn't show in your ping because its not latency it's straight loss of data!

#2 :

Terraforming Anchors! As it stands now, terraforming is supposed to not degrade around a gamma station in a certain range (when it works that way). But what about wanting to create a cool shape on the island? Well you are *** out of luck unless you carefully place stations to hold it up, which can be a problem as well as a waste of resources. Enter stage left, a terraforming anchor. Plug one of these puppys down and your terraforming wont degrade with in a 1,000m radius! Are they destructable? Of course! As long as you can make it past those turrets that guard them. Now this can take some tuning but I think would be viable, useful as a building tool, setting up perimiters and highways, or even making a pretty little bunker spot for the children to play. Heck can even make it have to be connected to a base or command relay to work so that it requires a little gas to maintain!

#3 :

Probes probes everywhere! Probes are awesome, everyone should have one, or ten. But their cost makes them prohibitive to use in quick temporary excursions (at least for the younger smaller groups.). Give the new guys a hand up, make 1 hour expiry probes that are tied to the player that drops them (max 5 per island at a time) and does not require skills to deploy! This can increase the amount of people venturing on to beta and heck even artifacters hitting gamma! And for those with a few extra bucks, we don't mind using the more permanent variety already in place for at home, so hand those kids some toys and send them off into the sand box to kick up dirt!

#4 :

Bacon!.... I mean Beacons. As it stands right now beacons are happily done in relative safety of Alpha, meaning there is no reason to really PvE on beta or gamma right? You are absolutely right! Alpha is a one stop shop! Well, lets mix this up a bit, what if we take those pesky Tier 4 and up mech and above (leave the smaller High Tech mobs up there so rookies can get a foot hold on their trees) and move them scaling to Beta and Gamma. This goes for beacons as well. Small beacons can be deployed on any island. 1 Stripe mech, on Alpha that's cool. 2 Striped mech, well that's HT Mechs that needs to be on Beta or Gamma, 3 striped Mechs, send those puppys to gamma too. Granted the issue of the cascading booms destroying loot is a problem, but this can be easily remedied. Beacon rats are immune to explody friends, and loot containers are immune to explodys too. This means that you can's one shot cascade a beacon wave like in the past, but at the same time beacons can be done in Beta and Gamma again properly! Now this doesn't mean you will be immune to explody things near you, far from it, if you beacon in pew pew land you need to be able to use some tactics to not die in a horrible fire! (Or do as long as I'm watching, I bought some more popcorn this week and need a reason to pop it.)

#5 :

Tool Tips! We all know tool tips are out dated, and many are not shown properly (Yes Zoom the shield question is what brought this to mind), I know the devs time is limited, hell MY time is limited! But there are a lot of players with time on their hands! Release the rest of the formulas to the Wiki, then allow players to submit via ticket (hell make a new category for it) their fixes to the tooltips rewritten to reflect the way things actually are.

#6 :

Hey, you know those tokens that just pile up everywhere? Yeah those ones in the "Liquid Beacons" folder in corp! How about we give them some use! I propose we put some ROTATING things up on the token market to make it more useful! How about a section of the market that (racially) choses at random some things to put on the market. Doesn't have to be fancy MK2 crap or anything, how about ohhhh maybe random (racially chosen by token) T4 gear, or some basic CT's etc. Heck you can even expand on this and have the Alpha shops CT choices go to Tier 2, Beta Tier 3, and PLAYER CONTROLLED BETA tier 4 CTs! (Granted 50P or less to make the mass builder still more profitable in the long run.) This gives yet more incentive to people venturing forth into the explody yonder lands, as well as giving a reason to log in each week to check the roulette wheel of prizes for all those hard earned tokens. Oh not to mention getting certain things into rookies hands that normally they would have to wait for 3-5 months to get their sticky fingers on so they can compete in the wild hills of yore!

#7 :

Hey you know that paint your bot thing you got sitting on the back burner? How about once you get this server thing worked out (and please to God move it from that horrid data center its in now) you can possibly make it usable! Oh schnap I know! How about we make it so BASIC colors can be purchased via tokens, and those really cool CUSTOM SHADED colors are purchasable via credits! (One of the most common rookie questions is what are credits useful for!) This can get a few extra bucks in your hands to help out your own cappuccino habits, and hell maybe keeping the server going in a better data center? I know if its priced right at least a dozen of my dudes would happily paint their bots AND RISK THEM ON THE BATTLE FIELD! I see disposable income coming in through this naughty pipe! Got it? Good, NEXT!

#8 :

Hey that Colixium stuff, yeah that junk in the ground of Gamma. It's useful for Scarab MK2's, buildings, and well... buildings! How about we do something with it! I know, how about we make up some T2+, T3-, and T4+ CT's that use it! We can even make them rare drops on officer beacons, and paired with the beacon idea above, will make them used more often and cause even more territorial warfare! Heck let's take this one step furthur, how about some fancy FACTION bot CT's in those there token markets? We can make them use some Collixium, and they can be a nice imbetween MK2 and MK1 bot (kind of like your shiny Vangaurd Mesmur that is out whack a moled by its MK2 cousin!). This give young pilots MORE REASONS TO MISSION! This gives older pilots REASONS TO SELL COLLIXUM. This gives beta and gamma crews REASONS TO OPEN TRADE AGREEMENTS! There ya go, new toys which can be naught but carbon copied, and tweaked a bit from something that already exists. New reason to mission. New reason to go to beta. New reason to go to gamma. New avenues for rookies to get in the game! Win-Win, oh and add that paint job thing with this, and we got more reason to BUY PAINT! Chaching!

#9 :

Volunteers. 99% of MMO's have em, you should too! You devs are cool and all, Zoom gettin in there and stirring the proverbial pot, CRM kickin' some data center sleeping tech's *** into gear, gargaj for.... well gargaj has some cool charts that I love to troll, would like to chatter him up a bit more though. This is cool and all, but hey lets face it, we need some volunteerism around these parts. If they have to sign some NDA's what ever, I've personally signed a few dozen of those things in the past and it was hella worth it even though I worked for free on a lot of those projects. I propose, that we get some people that are willing to do so to volunteer on some things like say, answer simple mechanics tickets! Or actively help (and moderate) the HELP channel in game! Or even, God help me, do some in game scheduled events! Lots of *** is doable here, and can spark some more interest, and not a dime would EVER have to come out of pocket.

#10 :

Last but not least in my forum rantage (mainly due to not being able to stay logged in at all), how about some PROPER access control mechanics for corporations. I have NEVER seen a corporation, real OR virtual use a single account EVER (at least not ones that are actual corps and not some idiot that filed SCorp because they thought it wise when they should have done an LLC). Break that *** up, doesn't need to be fancy, one general *** dumps into here wallet, one assignable wallet, and one 'savings' wallet with high access control. And on this note, I don't know any corporation that makes their employees take *** home to sell it online, so lets do a little bit of touching here so we can sell from our corp storage's! And finally on this rant, how about building? I don't expect those shiny new cabinets I ordered to be built in some employees garage, no I expect it to be done in the warehouse and shop of the corp I bought the damned things from! Why should that not be the same for corp jobs in game? If its corp materials, and corp CT, then it should be able to be done from, and delivered to the CORP STORAGE don't ya think?

This has been the Feature Discussion rant for February by yours truely, Amano/Ambe/Jade. Please feel free to go further into these ideas in discussion (AND THIS MEANS YOU TO MASTER DEVS!). These ideas are meant for the betterment of the Perpetuum project (granted once the servers stop wonking out). Keep it civil, and enjoy the irony I added to this months suggestion thread.



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Shameless bump for a cool crew!


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it's become common place to see Gen chat go from 40+ to 10-12 in one of the mass disconnects. I booted up Terraria today because of the constant mass kickings, and that's saying something...


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Eh why not +1


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

Me, Shy, and cutman all also experienced a heavy amount of lag during a small terminal brawl we had with NSE on norhoop at 04:24 server time near tmb, im surprised that my demob and guns worked and that targets on my screen rubberbanded inside my range me rather then so far that I could not see them anymore, lol.

To be exact, had some 5-10 second delays on module activation, and rubberbanding happened every 10 seconds, after the fight, everything was fine as usual. except for some delays in use of repair service for mod repair and trying to open folders in station which had alot of delay too.

I dunno wtf is going on, but this lag has gotten much worse in the last few days, I've gone from never having lag to having lag in even the smallest of gang fights...

Welcome to my world, I had perfect connections when I started the game. Then they talked to Internap to 'work' on the problems for others, now I've learned I can use the chat windows to check if I still have connection (which I lose all the time now).


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Annihilator wrote:

also, a great money sink is a working bounty system.

you kill someone - you get a bounty on your head, that is payed from YOUR wallet, and perma-pvp flags until the bounty was removed. The system would also include your corp, affecting docking rights, taxes and standing with npc factions..

... ah, dreaming....

This in its raw form will cause exploitation, to properly impliment global flagging would require one of two things. A security level standing, which IMHO would not work in the layout of this game, or bounty restrictions such as a time limit on the bounty, when the bounty becomes effective, a time frame which a person in unable to be bountied as a cool down etc. Though this would be a great idea, would need some fine tuning in order to make it work properly with out over exploitation. (Should start a thread hashing out ideas on how to lay this out, I would like to see something designed too big_smile)


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Jita wrote:

Think about how this would work. If you never log in and your sat on a billion epriton your storage costs would drain your nic quite quickly. When you run out of nic the game would begin selling off your assets starting with the minerals, then the modules, then the robots until your at the base level of stuff where you are not charged at all. The market would get flooded with stuff as people sat on huge personal and corp assets prevent themselves from incurring large costs. Transaction cost is rebalanced to prevent people putting stuff up at crazy prices to keep it. As nic becomes more scarce and stuff becomes cheaper ICE starts to be bought and sold and there is a reason to do PVE again. Corps and individuals no longer have cost free piles of stuff that will last forever. Having stuff in multiple stations incurs increased costs making power projection more costly. The game becomes more about if you play NOW and not two years ago and the balance of power shifts making new corps stronger compared with the old.

I would put an intermediary step in there, like a 30 day impounding before sale which incurs a rent + 10% penalty to remove the items impounded. To make this idea efficient there would have to be some corporation level changes as well, such as wallet division’s, direct from corp storage features like corp market orders manageable by those with proper roles, build from and to corporate storages, etc. All of these changes would feed the ability for adaptations that can help markets when paired with the aforementioned NIC sink capabilities.


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Jita wrote:

IMO the nic sinks should be geared against resource accumulation. Nic cost that's exponentially higher dependent upon the amount of stuff you store in personal and corp hangers.

Maintainance costs that increade dependent upon how long stuff stays not used.

Low to none existent costs for people with a moderate amount of stuff who use it often. Punatively high for people who have piles of *** they don't use.

This would push a lot of stuff on to the market and encourage a more hand to mouth existance reducing fatigue.

The real wealth then would be nic and provided you keep steady inflation this would balance the game as well as increase ICE sales.

Ironically I agree to a point here with Jita, this would also cause more conflict in Beta's as well. Since at the moment if you lose access to a beta terminal your corp storage stays open unless you destroy its assets and close it. This would cause fights to reopen and relocate those corporate assets. This could also backfire as well, as it would do two other things :

1) Encourage corp leads to self store intems in personal hangars
2) Cause larger corporations to use storages in Alpha (Unless the payback from station services belong to them ofc which can cause corp based deployment stations instead of alliance based deployment stations)


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Goffer wrote:

take as NIC sink into account:
- Noralgis incubator
- Gamma base (Deconstruction, Concrete Layer,...)

This work to a far better extend than Cans or storage cost.
What might be needed is a NIC sink that scales better with corp size, as a corp with 5 player has nearly the same costs than a corp with 100 player, but this is something more needed in a future with large corps, as 100 active player in a corp are not existant.

I left these two sinks out for different reasons, Noralgis incubators we have not purchased as a corp for ages due to them being an artifact drop. And the gamma ones are not used often enough to consider a true sink, only really in the sense of a mining tower and even then the sink is eclipsed by the output. Your point of scaled NIC sinks is dead on, when NSE was a 10 man corp the NIC sinks felt proper (as 10 rookies) but shortly there after they were so insignificant that we stopped caring the quantity we purchased of most NIC sink items.