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Topic: [NSE] Open Contracting

Market got you down? Have trouble getting that mod you saved up for just to find out it's out of stock? Are you possibly a rookie that wants a job to do with out signing the recruitment forms of a corporation? Well have we got a deal for you!

NightSong Entertainment has many tasks that need doing, and we need more man power doing them! Details below.

NSE is offering the citizens of Nia the opportunity to take on tasks to earn themselves completely fit up bots. From as small as an artifacting argano, all the way up to a T4 blinged out Rivelar. These tasks will be tailored to your skills as a player ensuring you can do what you want and earn a buck in the process. All wages are paid at current market value to better, and for a limited time Rookies (3 months or less time in game) will recieve 125% of market value for their work!

To negotiate your contract today, send an in game mail with the item, bot, or set up you are looking to earn to Jade Winterheart, as well as what your skills are focused twords, and we can get you into the deal of a century!

This has been a NightSong Entertainment announcement, enjoy your day and cause some mayham!

~Ambedrake/Jade WinterHeart/Amano Terijima
NightSong Entertainment

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