Tournament sat-day may 7th 20:00:00 in game time
2v2 t1 fit Light bots
400k entry fee per team
no two same bots on a ewar ( castel and castel or prom and prom or yagel and yagel)
there will be 10mil Prizes! Any prize donations welcome
Hope to see lots of people there always good fun all welcome!!

sat arena Canceled got tied up with  real life.....


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Epic fail yet again for I am not goonsworm nor is anyone in my Corp that I am aware of nor have I ever claimed such things.
Second it is rare for a new player to show up for these tourney nor are they forced to join in. Regardless of the lies that come out that filthy comunist mouth of urs we do not scam nic from new player. Also it has Ben posted in tourney forum that if anyone need help with nix of bot ect for said tourney WHys has volunteered to sponsor said people so they loose nothing. 
Two or four kill from a tourney depending how you make it in the tourney I don't see that as stat Padding. Lol us out numbering u happens few and far between ur the ones in domm comms 40+ In channel lol keep spewing more of ur rage plz.  I guess i wil also start adopting your propagandA tactics and spew lies out of my anus as well.


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Epic lulZ everyone knows that the Corp numbers that show on it Corp page are not accurate bc of inactive ect and trying to add numbers that wAy is fail second I don't know much about the whole civil war who started what ect at the time I was just a member not leadership within NA I just killed things and for a time I had most of ur alliance locked down solo thx to how epic and cheap the intak was back then. ALso go ahead and troll my tourney ur alliance are the only ones that never show up it's fun and everyone gets along for an hour or two dispite Corp association I'm sorry that ur Corp/alliance can't be mature enough to handle that.


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first of all lol for trolling corps in your own recruitment thread shows how desperate you are...I dont think M2s even does that witch is saying something b/c we all know M2s usually troll hard

second of all im glad your outnumbered mechs can kill off light bots it shows they are getting smarter........slightly

third I think its amazing that you call your archenemy 2 corps with significantly less #'s even combined then ur corp not to mention ur whole island alliance thx for the compliment epic

Tournament sunday may 1st 20:00:00 in game time
2v2 t1 fit Light bots
400k entry fee per team
no two same bots on a ewar ( castel and castel or prom and prom or yagel and yagel)
there will be Prizes! Any prize donations welcome
Hope to see lots of people there always good fun all welcome!!

Whys & Doob win arena


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Syndic wrote:
Mara Kaid wrote:
Syndic wrote:

A: Light bots cost ~200-300k off the market from infinite NPC sell orders for a reason. They're a newbie

Why are you loosing kains and mesmers to newbie bots then?

I propose this as a "Syndology 1"

Because you're a profound follower of the occam of zergology, and only engage when you got a 7:1 situation. That's fine... We'll simply up the game and move around in 20 man groups, so by all means bring 140 people to zerg our 20... if you can find enough willing to follow you.

lol talk about the pot calling the ketel black and all instead of 15 ur gonna shoot for 20? lulz we dont even have 30 actives where u getting 140 man u sure do spew some b/s


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light bots MK II is a high price to field when chances are u will be zerg and tackled its not worth the risk and unless its t4 fit there no point fielding it and if it is t4 fit u mine as well be in a speed fit kain

Syndic wrote:

Lower Kain speed to Artemis levels but rework the ammo so:

Magnedart: +10% range modifier
UDC: +20% range modifier

Also, rework Gauss/EM guns to LCL/HCL lasers so they have the same optimal range.

I got told from multiple players from multiple factions that Kains having 60m optimal range with Magnedarts is ridiculous, when you see roaming Kains close in very fast into point blank range to do damage its kind of easy to see what's going on there.

That sounds great and all but what do u do about the missile bots? Kains will no longs have speed needed to counter there long range but If they can shoot just as far as arts would they need there speed?

who knows but one things for sure assualts are still useless..check market some sellling cheaper then light bots


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Syndic wrote:

Hello Evasion Modules & Evasive Nexus modules.

I dont really see why you're talking about penalties; they're a natural counter for the Evasive line of modules which - when used correctly - give light EW's some ~10k effective HP.

A: lights only have 2 low slots getting rid of frame or rep will doom u to die evasive mod wont give u enough bonus to rid u of the need to rep

B: not everyone has 15+ people ready to zerg at a moments notice and to fit out what your gang needs to be successful

C: Not everyone likes to zerg up some like to solo and u cant fit every mod u need on 1 bot
Im not saying make it to where you can epic solo wtf pwn everything but atleast make it vialbe


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As it stand assualts are useless and with this patch lights will be as well.....with a mech pilot with good precision u can get 2-4 shot  in a light now a mech with this mod who knows prob 2 shot u maybe insta pop? As it stand assualts hove no advantage/use lights had there surface size witch even now is only a very slight advantage....take that away ant there useless so now I guess everyone should just train mechs and g/l roaming solo in a mech on a beta island even being masked Im sure it's tuff to get away from blobs and if u have no masker or detector well ur screwed....looks like solo ganking is goin to be a thing of my epic past welcome new age of I got bigger zerg then u and u die......but hey safer beta islands I guess

highway is fail!!! wtf now its gonna be prob harder to catch solo farmers and miners in beta...they see u comin on map then bam if they slip into the highway before u can there goes you kill....everything else is good but plz stop adding easy street and lame sauce to the game

"The second one is the Weapon stabilizer, which will reduce the hit dispersion and explosion size of your equipped weapons, raising their effective firepower." Well I guess there will be no point in useing my light bots anymore and mechs with good precision can already chew them up good now with this mod it will be pointless to run one....way to go

Oh also Assualts are still useless!

they reallly need to put your trophies and loss info viewable by other agents that open you profile info

everyone welcome....

corp vs. corp tourny will come soon im trying to get a broadcasting thing in place so people in and out of the tourny can listen and thats where ill set up matches from so me being on like 100 vents/ts ect. wont be needed also trying to get it to where i can get 2 people on still in works just trying to get stuff into place. I have had class the last two weeks so have not made much progress

also i have not gotten any mails of any corps interested in signing up for such a event

Perpetuum corp vs. corp arena coming soon!! All assclowns welcome!! Stand watch at your mailbox for formal invites or send me ingame mail expressing your interest to join up!
(still in the works but coming soon)

Well I'm glad to see that you decided to stay with wow. Oh look I ended my sentence with a period how cool am I now hurrah can I have A+ now b\c we are in english class now and no longer a game forum and people are grading me

Accumulator  expansion energy management are good skills....umm... Personally I think tiered gear is nice to have but putting your ep into the right skills is most important skills is what makes the most diff umm...basic bot skill will increase ur bots bonus thus u get more dps and rep ability all depending on your bot type best thing is look for a corp that will be willing to help u put ur ep in the right skills

A: there is a recruitment chat channel and corps are always lookng for fresh blood
B: there is also a recruitment section in these forums
C: there is also a corp search option in game top left of your screen

And finally to me it looks like u want someone to hand feed you if you would have used the above listed options or and send a app into many corp maybe even a mail to  there recruiters then I'm sure someone would have picked u up by now but to blame something else  for you not searching hard enough is fail on your part sir

I agree on the land mass also but they can add as much land as they want untill corps brake ties and stop forming alliances that blue/green 80% of the servers active corps nothing will change


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I am USA central time but recruiting from all time zones

No guts no glorry!! I am recruiting many MINERS/industry!! Also PVPers are welcome!

main goal is small pvp hit and run tactics also planed corp events...this will be no cake walk!
this corp is starting from scratch! be patiant main goal is to have fun promote and enjoy the game! Be patient and together we can accomplish great things! pm or ingame mail for questions and info

The 62nd Infantry Mobile were the fist combat unit created by "The Syndicate" to infiltrate and take over strategic locations of Nia. With the success of the invasion the 62nd were tasked with a new ever growing problem. Independent agents are greatly increasing and growing out of hand. Seeking power and stealing vital resources from "The Syndicate" these independent corperations and there ill gotten gains must be dealt with!! "The Syndicate" is now intrusting there most decorated unit with the task of makeing strategic hits on these corperations. A task of constant hurrassment to slow and raid there supply lines.


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More to come! Post your fav vids diff places to promote game!

Alliance fails to protect there own!

Perpetuum Blalf 1v2

perpetuum balf pvp

perpetuum balf pvp2

perpetuum balf 1ew1light vs mech

Perpetuum Balf pvp 2mech die