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So you want PvP without consequences in a full loot PvP game?

Not supported

Cal Sinai wrote:

If not, then why? Shouldn't the players that aren't going to reset get something as a reward/incentive?

I think it's more to make the game a bit more newbie friendly at the start with the 45 days from character creation time limit & one time use

Thanks for the confirmation Zoom


Cal Sinai wrote:

Interesting that first mention of this is on a 3rd party site =\

(I'm using "interesting" in the worst way possible)

Agreed if there is truth to these posts I'm disappointed that I had to stumble across them by chance on MMORPG.com instead of hearing about it on the main perpetuum forums

http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game … 91#3969091

Wondering if there is any truth to what's being said in this topic. Mostly concerning the posts by BoyC.

Alexander wrote:

Arkhe's supplied on the beta island should have no equipment.

Arkhe's should only be allowed to fit Syntec equipment. The tutorial should be adapted as such until the final few stages that reward you with basic equipment. Syntec weapons should only be able to shoot Syntec ammunition.

I think this would pretty much fix the problem.


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Lupus Aurelius wrote:

...geez, don't they teach you kids critical thinking anymore?

Why would they need to do that? They have the internet to think for them...:rolleyes:

Didn't really know where to put this but the below link is for Massively's 2010 player choice awards. They also have another one for best of the decade listed on the same page.

Perpetuum is listed for quite a few of the 2010 awards. So have a look and vote for your favorites

http://massively.joystiq.com/2010/12/06 … ce-awards/


P.S. Devs feel free to move this to a more appropriate location if there is one smile

Why would you want medium launchers on a waspish. It's bonuses are for light missiles.

This topic is interesting.

I see no reason why someone shouldn't be able to destroy their cargo or their mech for that matter. Denying the enemy the spoils of war is a legitimate tactic.

In eve online people are known to self destruct their ships. Mind you it does have a 30 second timer.



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sweet. that's wicked man!

The proximity method is interesting BUT with the current outpost battle mechanics what's to stop a defending group from blobing the *** out of an outpost to the point where no one can do anything combat wise and just cap the passive or the material points for an easy defense.

It couldn't be implemented without some sort of change to the mechanics of taking and defending an outpost.

Really the only way you could prevent blob warfare is to instance the battles and hard cap them. but then you've defeated the point of an open PvP world. Relating just to incursions of course



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BigCountry wrote:

There is no "sand" in L2 areas man.....lol


Well have fun fighting with 50kers  in your "L1" areas then because I'm having no problem building sand castles in your so called L2 areas

It's really tough to limit player participation in these battles in a single shard open server.

As much as I don't like instances perhapes what is needed to add some diversity to these battles instead of just blobbing bases to win.

Maybe they need to add a Strike forces type aspect to them. Instanced battles that take place inside the station with a player cap. You'd still need to manage to take certain objectives in the open world to fully take control of a station. But add an instanced battle over say a control module within the station. Say 5 on 5 for arguments sake.

Set it up where you can only access it from one point for attackers and as players die in the instance other attackers can jump in and take their place and the same for the defenders.

I donno I'm just posting this as it pops into my head


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Judging by the responses I've got in this thread it's pretty obvious that certain people missed the fact that this is a SANDBOX game not WoW where they hold your hand and give you everything just for logging on and everyone is treated like whining children.

Sure my advice with the EP is terrible for a new player BUT it is one thing you can do to beat the 50kers. Like I said if your not willing to use your head, and think creatively to find a solution to your problem then your going to fail miserably at this game.

I'll give you another freebie solution to your problem why don't you try *gasp* something other than solo grinding level 1 combat missions.

Well not entirely...Missiles have a different LOS so it would boost missile bots to damn near OP status. But introducing some sort of mechanic that causes you to miss your target by X% or something Dependant on the number of bots between you and your target would force people to have to pick targets closer to them or risk missing...or if we want to go this far....hitting someone else

What about adding a friendly fire aspect?

Edit: It would require some sort of targeting cone like 90 degrees in the direction of your target. It actually could be expanded to every bot in your way.


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Sorry hard to keep up with the forums at work sad


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BizzyBeast wrote:
Ixath wrote:

Shrug. When I first played (2 weekends ago?) I had the same problem. Some jackasses farming the mobs for my assignment who locked on faster than me. I got pissed and almost quit and then realized I was being a whiny *** and moved to another mob. Problem solved.

So you gave up on that mission and that was a valid fix to players having a logical reason to farm those mission mobs, without even having said mission.

To me you being a whiney *** would have been much better then a senseless sheep.

Honestly simply being out locked by people is not the issue and l2p would apply if that was the case.

Decon wrote:

I know exactly what is being discussed and I will stick with my original response. If you have a problem beating out other people to get what you want it's not an issue of EP it's an issue of player skill/creativity.

I know you got really excited that you got to post with seemingly tough or cool m2s guys and you got all hyped up. But cut that shat out around Bizzy Beast, I dont play that bull.

Youre trying to make it sound like youre playing basketball.. 'Mad skilling up on punk az beeches, wit dat skill son.' Youre in a mech hitting R then spacebar. There is no super awesome slam dunk awesome AND ONE moves you are rofflestomping newbles with, ROFLMAO.

Oh ima get creative, ima click the MOB from the screen, not the target list.. BAMIZZLE, SCHOOLED ON KID.

This is what you sound like, it sounds so *** when I imitate it, doesnt it?

There isnt special pinky excercises youre using, its 30,000 EP and has nothing to do with skill or creativity. Its small %s that add up to an advantage thats not easily circumvented. Think of it like this, on forums I have 12% more logic then most of you. While its barely noticeable, its the main reason why I riverdance on your stupid posts.

You do understand that you could train Accelerated Target Locking (ATL) to level 9 for 17,153 EP  almost completely nullifying the EP advantage a 50ker would have on target locking.

But what about the dual sensor amplifiers you can put on an assault bot you say? Well for 17,594 EP you can train ATL to 8 AND all the prereq skills to pilot an assault bot yourself. Thus most likely giving yourself the advantage.

Both scenarios can be done with a brand new character.

(Note: All EP numbers were taken from Perpetuum Planner using a Pure combat character build.)

Like I said it all boils down to player skill/creativity. Use your head next time you decide to spew ignorance on the forums.


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GLiMPSE wrote:

I think you missed the train... we've moved onto rectal storage discussions.

Oh...well then.

I recommend creating storage containers to keep everything organized in there. They're really cheep only 5000 NIC a piece and you can name them whatever you want.


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BizzyBeast wrote:
Decon wrote:

This has to be a troll.

There is no way a maximum EP difference whine thread would be started so soon after the game was released

Oh man thats a shame, AXE is so big that their newer players dont pick up on any info?

Sadly youre trying the opposite arguement of whats been the norm. 50k EP (early access) vs 20k EP (25th and on) has been almost totally agreed (obviously) to be a huge advantage early on.

What you meant to say, but got confused or flustered, was that it will even out in several years.. So whats the big deal. Ill assume you would have gone with that, had you been informed on what you were discussing.

I know exactly what is being discussed and I will stick with my original response. If you have a problem beating out other people to get what you want it's not an issue of EP it's an issue of player skill/creativity.