OMG +1000
  I can see the difference only when red and orange are close to eachother. If they are not I must always ask, or get close than run away. What a pain in the a**

Being able to filter them would still cause problems on radar. But I love the different shape's idea


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Ville wrote:

With auto pilot fixed.

I'd like to see an NPC that would spawn from some sort of deployable device.

The NPC could serve multiple roles.

-Transport, after deploying the NPC would loot any available cans or container.  The npc would then transport the items to a terminal.
-Buff Bot/Miner/Harvester/Combat? - We could purchase tiers  with PC and different module setups.  Even nexus support.

These npcs would have a 30 to 45 minute  timer.  Once the timers up the npc disappear.

Killable on alpha or beta.  Flagging the aggressor and alerting the owner that its under attack.

The npcs can have different levels of tank/speed.

Any other thoughts or comments?


Can we please get casino's in the game?
  I think it would be good to start with one central..ish located casino, Then work out all the details with adding more later.

Aside from pure entertainment there are a lot of logical reason's too. But I won't get into that because it could be opinional.

I am currently trying to activate my accounts but all I have is a prepaid Visa. How do I purchase 1 month or ICE.
  I do not have Paypal. Paypal is asking for info I don't currently have in order to set up an account so that is not an option.

LOL I also remember those Syndic what a good laugh.

    Lets face it the Perpetuum community hates each other, But that is the byproduct of a great sandbox. What I don't understand is why or how the hate and drama has weaved its way into the devs. I would like to assume its because they are so in love with this game. I think the more drama and emotion people get with the game is a sign of this games ability to pull you in and be more than just a simple free time waster, But I agree with Syndic all the way that its not encouraging or entertaining to read dev post's that have unhappy attitude or stress popping out of every word. Of course the community is going to tell you everything wrong,bad,broken,disliked,evil,hated,OPINIONATED,drama B.S. Its there responsibility as a player that wants to see the game go further. Nothing would get done if we all told you what we liked with no desire to improve.
   It is important to sift through all that bs and find the valid ones. But also just as important at this time is to sift through all the bs of gamer's that don't play perp and see what they are looking for.
   If the game only evolves around a few current players it will only have those few current players but if it evolves around millions of general ideas it will have millions of players.


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Dev Zoom do you have stickers with the website info and maybe a cool pic? Or any Perp clothing?
   I would happily purchase them and use them to spread the word. You make stickers and put a link on this site to purchase them. I will put one on the front of every vending machine in my company. (I own a vending machine company so there is no need for worries about the legality of doing that)

DON'T GIVE UP DEVS!!!!!   Take a few minutes to serf the web and l see what people are looking for in a game and you will realize you have that game well on its way. Sure it might need a few tweeks and added content for the vets in game, But Perpetuum is an amazing game. If we look at everything perpetuum right now no one can say this dev team has not produces great things. Anyone who does say that, Tell them to take there programming skills and make one so we can all criticize there work. I promise you Perpetuum Development team you are on the verge of a top selling game. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

        Oh and the game needs more short time activities for the not so hard core players so get to work because only my opinion matters. lol


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Brutalizer wrote:

they have to change it or this game WILL die.  When I consider playing this, or Eve....  I always pick Eve.  I can play Eve while watching other shows, this game my guy always gets stuck in the most random "impassible" areas.  It's going to be a huge turn off to new players if they get in "dead ends" frequently, which is the case.  I got stuck countless times and the impassible areas seem really complex to navigate (like they tried to encompass an area but only one entrance 90% of the time)

It's annoying enough that the plants only serve to impede your travel.  I have yet to find a use for them in combat, once again speaking from a new player experience.

I'm not trolling here. I would just like to give a different view by saying this is the exact reason why I personally do not like eve. But the rest of your points at top of page I agree with and think they should be looked at for adjustments. Nice post and I hope you stick with perp.

The only thing I would like to see changed is reinforce mode stop the function of the structure. Merkle stop trying to have mechanics changed to help things your currently attempting in game. It's bad enough mechanics got changed after chaos outsmarted nebs during the first siege.


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I do agree with syndic and have a feeling the devs understand the issues he has brought up but let's face it we all know the dev team is small and struggling to bring what's needed to the game at the pace it's needed so I do hope that steam can bring the income required to do this.
  Now to expand on syndics ideas I think also what eve has that is a high point of interest to a lot is all the passive and check one a week mechanics to gain items in game. I would love to see modules that can be places to mine offline at much slower rate of coarse. Or how about human finally get the ability to inhabit the world and can be put to work, need to be protected, or can be used as mini combats or logi aka drones

I would like to see one starter island in the center of map then leave it to the play where they would like to spread


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I could be wrong but I thought there was talk of those being held off for use on bigger boys in the future


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It would be fun to play around with but in the end everyone would get find that perfect OP setup and you would not see anything different

It's great to see you back best of luck to you


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Celebro wrote:

...but Devs like band aid fixes its quick cheap and easy tongue

Anyways this is about cargo hold increase, things like NPC bounties is another good thing, but covered by plasma.

The  volume of raw materials is the same as commodities no wonder there is virtually no commodity market. Why the same volume? Might as well work with raw materials and scrap refining and commodities entirely.

I have calculated commodity volume for a castel:

Commodities required: 4.77U

Castel packaged Volume: 6.00U

Something odd still going on?...

When creating an item from a condensed commodity you add mass to it therefor also adding volume so I don't see a problem here. I will say that rather than changing the amount of cargo space it might be a better option to just lower the U of materials.

mqx wrote:
Merkle wrote:

I too have spent a unspecified amount of time on a unspecified project on Landers.  Due to the unspecific nature of this unspecific job, I would like all of my unspecified NIC back, as well as all of my unspecified time back.  The time can be specifically reimbursed in candy canes and unicorns.

Thank you for your specified time, I should of probably just made a ticket asking and explaining the situation, but I will make a specified forum post instead.  Good Day.


STC would like to get reimbursed for TF-cost and emotional damages due to the demolition of a memorial site:

Yesterday 15:27:49
DEV Zoom wrote:
Unfortunately during the server crash on October 10th we have lost some important terrain layers.
so it took BOS 4 days to notice the terrain reset? I'm confused.

                                           Is this really the place for trolling?

All of the terraforming has been reset to original on Davis Barrier island Please put it back or refund B.O.S corp the nic spent on charges, and some ICE to pay for the time we spent on it.

And presents I'm low on t4

Rex Amelius wrote:

Not so related to bonuses, but how about modifying those useless missile slots to fit neuts/drainers?


I would suggest blue bots get a demob resist since they are ment for speed and either raise there dmg or lower shield obsorb ratios for all bots

Tyrannous simply need to run demob and drainers then wait for the kain to cap out before shooting. Kains can't do enough dps to break the shield same goes for tyrannous vs artemis mesmers on the other hand can do enough dps to break shields


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Keep in mind the people who lock down tp also have to get in and out so they must do alot of work to maintain there "gate" and they also create there own weak points. Gamma basis should not be able to get breached by 2 bots out on a roam

Welcome back 62nd

DEV Zoom wrote:

Alright, after some discussion here we have decided to take out the self-flattening feature of buildings in the next patch. This won't affect the requirements for maximum slope when placing buildings, so you will still have to terraform a rough place for them. This will only mean that you will have to plan ahead even more and anticipate the fact that you won't be able to flatten a slope after you have placed a building.

OMG now it will take us 2hrs of smothing for each building please stop changing things to each corps benifits. We (BOS) could cry on the forums after each attack but instead we figure trial&error and make changes to our design


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Also get extreme lag spikes when killing bots on gamma seems to be worse for observers then for overlord mechs which might be due to explosion size
  And right after undocking there is a lag spike untell you start moving