We love explosions! big_smile

Hope you'll enjoy your stay Maikey! Don't forget to spread the word about this great game. wink


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Inda wrote:



Because he is this.


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Looks like 62nd's found some tough competition!

If you've got guts and looking for a challenge.. join us and we'll train and get you fitted for some fun action on Beta. yarr

Jasdemi wrote:
Goblin wrote:
Jasdemi wrote:

Devs, have you decide yet?

Will attributes stay?
Will reset happen?

You're like children the day before christmas! wink

I assumed that it was intended, so that the player being scout needs to be more active.

Alexadar wrote:

1. Detector sometimes not working when detector carrier not moving

I thought this was intended...it's not?


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Syndic wrote:

Quit over what? Not the first or the last game where our opponents had to go hat in hand asking the Devs to rebalance things in their favor. Haven't you figured out yet little flea, that we feed on your rage and tears? lol

sorry what ?

Yeah I'm confused now...who's raging again? roll


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Mongolia Jones wrote:
Medved wrote:

Good news everyone. We have one more m2s patch.

Dude, I'm m2s, a kain pilot and got wtf-nerfed too.  This was across the board nerf that was not directed at any particular corp/s.

I have reacted by mothballing my kain due to having 2 utterly useless and 1 meh bonus.

I have adapted by pulling out my other toon who is speced in another race.

I can't think of a better post to finally end this thread.

I hope you'll keep enjoying the game and tell all your friends about it. big_smile (best and cheapest advertising)


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Dazamin wrote:

Solo Heavy Mech being taken down by multiple Light Bots, Balanced.
Solo Heavy killing all Lights easily, Not Balanced.
Heavy Mech pilot bringing a friend or two and owning the 7-8 man light squad, Again Balanced.

Has Dazamin just outlined some basic principles in bot warfare?


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Celebro wrote:

After doing a few of the lvl 1s and lvl 2 mining/harvesting and the new transport missions, not much has changed in general there is still too little reward for the time you take just to get there and back and start mining/harvesting, I thought I heard from the devs that travel time will be taken into account and would be rewarded accordingly for all missions.

Lvl 4 mining mission in beta is a joke, mine immentium for 200k nic, for the risk involved it would be better of just mining epitron , I would get much more nic/hour. Only reason I do them (not the lvl4) is to increase relations they are tedious time consuming all in all boring mostly 80% travel.

As it is mentioned in the devblog:

While today’s patch will only replace level 1 assignments, the rest of the levels will continuously get the same facelift during the next patches.

I've only done the lvl 1 combat missions myself. At the time you are skilled enough to do them the rewards are adequate imo.
Let's just hope they increase the rewards for the higher lvl missions in the upcoming patches.

Goblin wrote:

that is my problem. why are they revamping a *** quest system into a new equally *** quest system when they could be working on pve encounters, new reset system, etc.

makes no sense to me

Aren't you being a bit negative here Goblin? When comparing the old lvl1 missions to the new ones I find them to be much more satisfying.

...and I'm curious to which extent you've screwed up your char. How much could possibly go wrong? wink


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I have one or two question to the heavy mech-pilots out there..

1. Do you think light bots should be able to kill heavy mechs at all?
if so
2. How many are reasonable to complete this task?

I know I'm generalizing a bit here...but I'm curious to where you stand in balancing between the different sizes in bots.

Enlist, get fitted, and join a corp that likes fighting against the odds. yarr

Ehmm...necrorecruitmentthreads? Is this really useful?