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Hello, Eve refugee here.

I've been here only a few days, looking to learn from pros. Character specced for combat.

Being a fotm chasing min-maxxer, I got Sequer the first day and started chaining courier missions. It turned out to be more soul-destroying than I anticipated. Then I started ratting for a change of pace, but there's no bounty, and the loot consists of damaged crap. Solo ratting in this game is hard, even with Theodica on Nuimqol with pure type thermal ammo. All the ammo from courier missions burnt up fast, and the open market is nonexistent. Ventured into beta a bit, and it soon became clear that solo pvp isn't the way here, even less so than in Eve. I considered making an industry alt, but don't want to pay for 2 accounts just yet, and with EP rate what it is, it'll take a while on single account.

So, it's time to give up soloing.:P

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Adapt and overcome, it didn't take you long to realise. Put an app in to M2S and see how it goes wink

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You best bet is to go with a Proven Beta corp This currently could be any of the SovNoV corporations such as CIR, RG, Rome, DEAPR, to name a few. Feel free to check out our recruitment thread or drop a ingame PM to my self, syndic, or Optikan. … t-justice/

Page 4 has a nice exert about one of our new recruits.

M2S was a very strong corp are currently rebuilding from a internal issue but have a very strong group of guys driving there push back out to beta. They can never be counted out for pvp.

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If you don't want to join the herd but are looking to learn … ng-combat/

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NeX is a great place for ex-EVE players.

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Ehmm...necrorecruitmentthreads? Is this really useful?

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For other people starting the game. Yes smile