This is how all bugs should be reported from now on! smile


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The restriction is negated by the fact that you can enter the page of the person killed and have a look there who did it and where.
Ouch..long sentence. tongue

Can you please stop with the WEIRD WORDS! tongue

DEV Zoom wrote:

Today's patch brought a slow wall decay of 3-5 HP with an 8 hour cycle. This means a wall will die in 17-28 days if unattended (ie. repaired with wall compiler modules).

We felt this was necessary to avoid littering up islands too much over time.

This also means that walls that aren't undergoing maintenance will be easier to destroy over time. After 8-16 days they are down to half in hp. Making one plasmabomb enough to bring them down.
Regular maintenance is necessary.
Good or bad? I don't know..

Laptop...with..ehm...stuff in it.

Mechgeeks! tongue

Mark Zima wrote:

Note about bombs: if they are buffed they'll be abused in other areas so walls themelves need changes, not bombs.

Maybe there could be like a permanent wall and semi-permanent wall in the same location.. I'll try and explain:


You first designate a location for a wall and the nanites build it up. What you have on that tile though is two different structures. The base structure on the ground.. and the wall itself.

Let's say that the wall itself is tough to destroy..but not as tough as it is now. It will slow down attacker sure..but you don't need to spend 10 mil in nic to get through it. Either implement a new smaller/cheaper bomb..or make the wall targetable.


IF you destroy the wall the base structure on the ground still remains. You can safely move over the tile where you destroyed the wall. But in time the nanites will slowly start building the wall up again.

The groundstructure could either be built and destroyable by all but very costly. (Griefing still available)
maybe the current islands outpostowners are the only ones who are allowed to build and to remove them. (Non-griefing )



Kaldenines wrote:

Currently the bombs are just too big and cost too much to be practical except in cases where you have very little time.  Also why can't we just lock and shoot the damn wall?  It doesn't make any sense.

It's a tough balance. If the walls are too easy to destroy...nobody will build them. hmm


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Turn the volume down and they are actually singing "riveler".
Scary stuff. tongue


..and the possibility to build walls two or three tiles high..

Perpetuum + Dwarf fortress = <3

Awesome work Gremrod!

Surprise wrote:

Also I would like to suggest that you set up a donation drive and allow us to donate money which you can use adwords to drive the game with

...and an excellent idea!


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Good to have you aboard! big_smile

Positive thinking is my favourite thinking. big_smile


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Stephanie wrote:

Dare I suggest transport boat bots?

Load up the boat on one island, pick your landing spot on another island and have the new island initiate with you in a transport ship a short way off shore with ... thinking on my feet here ... about five minutes required to get to shore and unload during which you will pretty much be a sitting duck.

If the transport ship doesn't get destroyed whilst you're on the island then it can be used to get off too.

Would help with choke points and provide other interesting gameplay aspects too. Admittedly some aspects I almost certainly haven't considered that the more experienced Beta-ites might point out make it a daft idea but hey ... its just an idea smile

I love it! <3


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Arga wrote:

Its good to have an upbeat message!

Dont worry too much about the forum drama, even the devs said in the podcast they wanted a game that "generated its own drama" smile



People don't usually voice their opinion when they are happy and/or content. So forums mainly get the whining and complaining.

Dazamin wrote:

Still a bad mechanic, still discourages ppl to actually live on beta, and still Syndic makes more sense than most in this thread..................... The end is Nigh smile

I'm quite sure you have to actively play the game to come to this conclusion. Where are you Dazamin? wink


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I was involved in four different fights yesterday.
Just saying. smile


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Interesting topic.

How about islands have exclusive minerals as follows:

Hokk and Kent - mineral A
Dom and Nova - mineral B
Alsb and Hoop - mineral C

To build Pelistal bot you need a large amount of mineral C
...and so on

I'm still smiling to the thought of Nova bringing their forces down to play mechsoccer. lol :-)

Fun topic. :-D

I think there is enough players out there that don't want blobs. I'm even going to be bold and say that most don't want blobs.

This is not the problem. The problem is that in human nature we always seek out the path of least resistence. In easy translation...we are lazy.

That is EXACTLY why game mechanics like in Intrusion 2.0 are so important. If we can't kill the blob, we can at least try and strangle it as much as possible.

I'm not saying that 2.0 is perfect as it stands. Tedious mechanics should of course be avoided. Let's just play a bit more before we start polishing it.

Kaldenines wrote:

(1) People knowing when a SAP becomes active leads to alarm clocking.  In my opinion nobody should know well in advance when its going to occur and only the defending corp should be notified when a SAP is about to go online.
Everyone else should have to go to the sap and look at it.  The idea is for the intrusion system to track natural activity on the island and not how many friends someone can have turning up on a SAP at 11:30pm.

Great idea.
How about a scan like now, only that it shows you if a sap goes active in the next half hour or so. Maybe we could have cheaper charges with different time increments. But not too long in time since it would defeat it's purpose.

With the amount of saps going active your're bound to find some when roaming. And for a corp to actively hit another corps station this would definately help the defenders.

Can someone with a more strategic mind put some more thought into it please?
I don't want to be on the forums...I just want fun fights.

Let's work together on this people! :-)

Smokeyii wrote:

Well, this thread went about as I expected it to go, with CIR and co. crying, and 62nd loving it.

It seems fairly clear that certain people will tire very quickly of walking from one island to another to defend saps, so I see resets coming in the near future... which is a very good thing IMO.

Maybe certain pet corps will push out on their own to take diffrent stations, espically since the auras won't benefit them. There's nothing wrong with being friendly with the people on your island... if there's enough stations to go

It'll be interesting to see if the devs can keep pushing alliance and blobbing away from the game. Everybody says that game mechanics can't stop human nature. But Intrusion 2.0 is an interesting step towards such mechanics.

Exciting times! Keep up the good work devs!


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I like your logic. :-)


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Egil wrote:

Shielded miners? T1 fits? Masked? Protection?

Or is it only viable to have fully T4 fitted rivelers out?

My point is that there are always ways to adapt. Chokepoints hinders adaptation and makes the game streamlined and easymode. IMO

''Roaming gang on the island! Safelog miners and send out the blob!''
Works all the time. Fun stuff.. :-/

so your idea of good pvp is ganking miners?

you really should go back to eve & play in worm hole space lol.

F***. I kind of derailed this discussion into just miner ganking didn't I? The main issue was the chokepoints in general..why should it be so easy to see someone enter that big territory?
I'd rather go on an island unseen and maybe get a fun fight...than just be stomped by everybody and their moms.

And if you do have unprotected, easy to find miners out. I will of course blow them up. :-P