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same problem here to . Now I force close Perp and couldn't be bothered with the crash reporting hogging up resourses.

Im 38, but we had 2 members at 75 & 79.

And another dual DC while in station...then a 30 minute wait to connect to dataserver. Getting really frustrating with continually issues not being fixed or explained.
Annoyed loyal customer venting .... sad

Ask requested by GM Synapse. Here's a screenshot of my traceroute
http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/6859 … heomen.jpg


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It would stop the power blocks dominating their island.
Have the mobile teleports weight at 10u so it needs something big to haul it in.

Good going PIE Corp. We've (TOG) have been seeding the market as well for a time. If you guys need any help (prototypes) just give us a yell and we'll help with what we can smile

Well then that would be a sacrifice.

Idea for now ??

New Emergency Teleport Beacon
Cost $3 mil
Time from deploy to first use 10 seconds. Maximum cycles 3.

Deploy and get 3 people out in 30 seconds at a high cost, beacon gone.

Can you actually make them as an emergency beacon. Waiting 3 minutes for it to warm up isn't "emergency" a 30 second wait time to warm up would be fair. Emergency Beacon @ 3 minute wait and 10 second teleport ($3 mil) delay compared to a standard beacon ($300k)  for 3 minute warmup and 30 jump delay not a fair comparison.
An emergency beacon should be able to get you out fairly quick in an "emergency".

Is there or are you going to be adding new content (not just missions) for the PVE alpha dwellers?

We know you are working hard on improving PVP constantly but what are you currently in the process of doing for PVE? A lot of people simply do not want PVP and if something in the near future doesn't make it worth while for us Alpha people you may start to lose members over it.

* Have some Super spawns appear every day or 2 on Alphas with L2/3/4 mechs (20+) in out of the way places so it gets a lot of players involved in killing them. Obviously have a warning system in place saying for example : Western section of Daoden about to be hit (countdown timer in place) so to warn people something is coming.

* Enable the Arena on Shinjalar for PVP. Make it at least 1000m across and as soon as you enter the arena you auto-flag for PVP (with a warning of course). Anyone can enter with whatever they wish.

* 1 in 100 chance of a small Epri field spawning under and Observer stash with about 1-2 million units of epri.

Can anyone else come up with some more ideas for PVE content. (Genuine ideas please)

We just need something more to keep us interested.

Thanks in advance Dev team if you can do something more.


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Any new players wishing to Join TOG, simply head into The Older Gamers chat channel and someone from the Corp will be in to assist you asap. We have a free TS server we use so if you like you can ask for the details and jump on for a chat.
Yes we do look after our new members well to get them onto their feet asap.


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Found the same when our Corp did a Donation to corp run for 2 hours...not much nic came in. But when I changed it to 99% it worked fine.

or a hotkey to simply hit when you want to waypoint something while running along

3-6 ...more if the missus lets me smile

Good to see you and your family are alive and well...things can get replaced, people can't.
My wife and I saw that Tornado on the news here in Australia, looked really bad.