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I do too, hence my 2 accounts and about 100 days game time smile


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Sorry to see you go Pokk old mate. Hope you come back one day soon.

And Devs get some Advertising out there PLEASE !!
We all know it costs money, but if you don't spend it you can't earn it.

Shoot me a mail if you are over 25 and like a casual based corp that plays in all aspects of the game and in all timezones.

To Agra's comment.
TOG will not be entering this comp at this stage.
And if we did win the prototype prize we would seed the market like we are currently doing with many other Tiered items and bots. Anyone can approach us for prototypes now and if we can make them for you we will.

Now for the Comp issues....
The way the Devs have the current rules for any mods to be fitted will only gain the strongest corps an advantage the other corps cannot possibly achieve.
To make it fair on everyone, weapons/fittings should be limited to T3 at most (as Serpens from CIR mentioned in the blog). That way everyone has a fair chance of winning by skill not by current tech that some can't fit due to huge Corp resources and advanced tech.

I roam solo daily while I'm on holidays. If i get pew pew in 1 v 1 all good. If not I have 50+ more yagels to go out in big_smile

Purgatory come and see TOG, well get you a direct supply of what you'd like. We pulled 100mil titan in 3 hours with a small team.

Talk to Kustomrod in TOG & his " Castel of Doom ! "

Platinum Alchemist Chemical Armour T2+ from a Alchemist L1 Beacon.


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6 more recruited in 3 days. So we are still very active ingame and on TS. So if you are older (over 25+) and want some mature gamers to play and learn alongside on a casual basis drop by The Older Gamers chat channel and also visit our website http://www.theoldergamers.com , register then apply in the Barracks for full membership. We have over 46000 members globally and have over 30 different gaming divisions to play in.


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I got 3 x Star Alchemist beacons today within an hour smile
68 golden assault kernals later big_smile

Got a T2+ Alchemist Chemo Armour today.
Weight 80kg and 5 points better in resists.


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and if you are after some full PVP try Morte, 62nd, WAR etc


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Good to hear you will be replacing it with something else smile

Welcome back and welcome to TOG smile


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The sound effects have been randomly dropping on both my clients since patch.
It does come back on and then it will randomly go off again.


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We still here and still active, so if you're after a casual corp to join Mail ingame smile

TOG is lowly unlocking them now. Once we do we will post up that it is done and we will sell protos to whoever needs/requires them. Keep you all updated.


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Do what Ruval and I did today. He went out in his Ictus and Nuet'd its bum to nothing then my Memser MKII came in and popped his sorry but. Good job Devs for letting ewar take effect smile
One dead Sup Observer smile


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Thanks again for the NIC gift. It will be issued out to the newer players to get them started as always.
Hope to see you back one day.


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or just run squealing like Ned Flanders http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_RGh89k … re=related


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Shinjalar had L4 and Golden Hauler NPC's before dynamic spawn was introduced as TOG farmed it for weeks. Tellesis did have 4th stars as well and Hersh had plenty of hero's to farm as well.


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Remember it's a game.

We are here to have fun in our own ways. Some love their PVP and others love their PVE.
You can lower yourself to insulting us if it makes you feel better and I'm ok with that but as the thread was intended, thankyou Devs for the new Dynamic spawns they're great fun.


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Touch a nerve did I ? smile


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Do you feel threatened by Alphas ?

What if we just want the research for our Alpha lifestyle ? We aren't all interested in your huge PVP wars....

The game has to cater for all types of players not just PVP orientated people. Yes that's right some people don't really care about PVP that much...might seem hard to fathom doesn't it smile
So by unlocking T4 gear we can fit our bots to go pew pew in PVE which is all we want and not have to worry about what the PVP corps filter into the Alpha market at their leisure.


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Syndic wrote:

Spawns should be done in tiers.

T1/T3 spawns should only be on Alpha.
T4/T5 spawns should only be on Beta.

Tiers should only spawn mobs of their spawn's tier. That way new players don't get b*tchslapped by a 4-5th star, and vet players don't waste time and ammo on 1-2nd star mobs.

You are kidding right ?
If they chance upon 4-5th star mechs and get popped it will only happen once, then they'll come back with a group and have some fun taking out that spawn as a group.
So by limiting Alpha to 3rd level all it will do is make Beta yet again stronger ? The game isn't all about Beta gets everything better. You say you want to grow the game but by limiting what Alpha gets yet again all it will do is put another nail in the coffin so to speak. With these spawns Alpha corps can grow their research and have some fun while at it.

Good idea and implementation of heavier NPC's spawns on alpha Devs. You have actually put some fun back into the game.