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I know a good idea...put the Ore back to static sites. But then again ore is a living thing that moves around so I guess it's protecting itself from you smile


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not that old yet smile

Try us Mac if old enough (25+). We play in AU/NZ Timezone mostly but we do have a good amount of actives in all other times too.
We are a casual based PVP corp. Shoot me a PM if interested



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Bump *
Still going strong. So for any mature gamers that want some PVP fun on a casual basis drop into The Older Gamers chat channel or send myself a mail smile

Could we please get an option for having multiple Squad Leaders or at least the ability to OP someone so they can add a new player to the standing squad if the original SL is offline.


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plus a few other bonus's it brings holding it on a Alpha area.

* Not being ganked en route to Beta PVP area.

* Each Corp can have stockpiles of reserve bots at any Alpha terminal for easy access to fights via Arke popping to said venue.

* No station on alpha can be locked out smile

So if you can find some likely good PVP zones close to any main terminal post co-ords in here.


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As Lemon was trying to get something organised for PVP events, could I suggest that if you would like some equal/fairer PVP we could try hold pre-arranged matches at any of the Alpha 1 terminals (Asintec/TMA/ICS) so when we flag up the new players that roam around there get a safe view of some real PVP.

So if anyone wants 5 v 5 light bots match (T1) fit post up in general chat for it or assaults, mechs etc.

Once your opponents arrive simply flag up and go for it. Yes it will have some honour involved but we can try to get something going.

or even for some laughs have a massive Free for all in lights/assaults...last man standing.

You can troll if you like but all I and a few others want is to try to get something going which may turn out as fun.

Any ideas or thoughts welcome to improve this idea.

Not being held on beta is neutral ground and trial account/new players can then watch in safety and might entice them to sub and play on.


All the best with getting the new Corp started Hunter. Need any help just ask.


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Good bunch of guys smile ^


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Update :

We are now a PVP based Corp based out of Alsbale. If interested in a joining us head into The Older Gamers chat channel.
You can mail myself as well ingame and I can contact you back. We play for fun and as a close group. We cover all Timezones from Australia to the USA to Euro.


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As I said in an earlier post. Make a player based arena with our lovely new walls.
Players can go there and have a pre-organised match and fight it out.

Would be good fun to have 10 v 10 Lights or 20 v 20 all T1 fit or have a big free for all, last man standing.


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Besides all the other comments.
I think a player made PVP arena would be a good idea. Have it stationed near a teleport eg: Haddonwol (example only) and make an arena for people to go have a challenge at in an enclosed place. Also nice and close to an Alpha TP for the newer players to go have a look at the battle while it rages.


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Supremacy wrote:

Well said. 

That maze made my head spin, lol

You can thank my twisted brain mechanics for the mazes big_smile

How about feed a "wall facility maintenance station" reactor plasma. The more walls you have the more plasma you need to feed it to keep your walls healthy.

Also Gharl no we don't hate you smile
Good on you for trying something and expressing your own opinion big_smile

0110011100001111001010001 wrote:

Coming from TOG...this thread is freaking EPIC!!!!

Stupid Carebears.

How about you get your *** together and make some noise.

Just because Gharl has TOG corp tags on doesn't mean this is the view or opinion of the Corp roll

Happy new year all smile

voted smile

Im guessing we'll have new Hover bot NPC's to kill for their tech and kernals smile


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And there are some in CIR and other hostile Corps I have a good deal of respect for too smile

We dont mind PVP but when certain peeps come on the islands off time in huge squads, when they know we can't defend and then brag about it in GC, the situation gets old pretty quick.
We would love it to go back to the old ways of light and assault roams. More cheap and affordable pvp for all, new players included.


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Sundial wrote:

Every corp in the game has probably done account sharing in one form or another.

Rephrase that if you can smile

If I or my deputy CEOs find any of our players breaching the EULA they are removed from the corp and the TOG community. TOG is serious on upholding any game rules the Devs have, simple.
Serpens :
And SQUID only temporarily left Beta due to the Nova Alliance continually camping the Island. You cry you want PVP yet you continually came in superior forces hellbent on either regaining FD (against Syndic's Statement of Intent mind you) and or just for the sake of laughing it up in Gen chat that you had us all back on alpha or locked in station.
And before you go saying Toggies this or Toggies that we don't really care on your opinions on how we play. Our corp is the largest due to our gaming style and we have fun in our own corp in our own way on Alpha and sometimes Beta. So send us packing again form beta well meh...we'll go have fun with the good content the Devs have supplied us with and continue playing and having fun. We aren't the perfect corp out there and never said we were but we are a close knit gaming community and log on for the fun of playing with mates.

I'm happy with whatever the action was the Devs have taken and if some people want to leave the game then that's fine we'll still be here growing and having fun, which is what TOG is all about.


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We are not concerned about one person sharing an account with his wife (that I think would be fine) but when your Corp Openly Advertises to the public about account sharing then it's a whole different kettle of fish.

Direct of CIRs website

Intrusion 2.0 Details

Bit of news for you guys not keeping up to date with happenings in Perpetuum, AC has released the details for the Intrusion 2.0 system on their blog site and so far it's looking interesting!

CIR's plans are same as always, the 15th Crusade is well under way. We hope to see more of you logging in; TS details are available in the General Discussion sticky so drop in and see what all the buzz in Perpetuum is about!

For those of you with no active accounts, we have plenty of accounts available with various levels of EP you can use to try out the game/get the feel for how things are. EVE veterans will find it quite similar but again, very different (being in direct control of your movement is a nice change, and Line of Sight is a huge factor).

So, get in touch and lets keep on steamrolling!


Then how do you explain that that is fair on the rest of the Server ?


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Lemon wrote:

oh Hi Omen nice alt wink

Now as far as content in this thread. I see none, just a cry for attention.

It is forbidden for Players/Dev's/GM's to discuss moderation.

And I only have 2 accounts Lemon , The Omen and The Omen II and if I was going to post something I wouldn't hide behind an Alt.


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I notice ole Syndic dropping down...hasn't been on lately or his guns jammed?

Villie seems to have taken the lead smile