DEV Zoom wrote:

Last but not least, I'm happy to inform you that the Perpetuum server will become open source, so we will release the server source code as well.

This is truly the best news I have heard for a long time. I tip my hat to you all!


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Broker wrote:

Well, I'm glad that selling the game to its players is just a harmles fantasy smile

At this point it's just purely a discussion. We have no facts/information about the way the DEVS feel about the game and more importantly, it's future. So everything said within this thread is purely speculation and theorising.
Until we have solid facts/information from the DEVS everything here is as such.


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Jita wrote:

If this game is to succeed, catering to the whims of the ten people still playing is not likely to be a priority

I cannot disagree with this statement.


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Baal wrote:


lol.. Very clever, I like it..

Seems the age of assaults has dawned. Not quite sure about the plate change, that will affect only one thing and that's speed. Do you think bots generally are too fast Zoom ? In any case we will hold our opinion until we do some testing and "real play" experiments.

What about the velocity nexus Zoom ? If nexus modules are being "re-balanced" to be fit mainly on heavies where does that leave the multitude of bots that have a legitimate use for the velocity nexus, like scouts, haulers, EW just to name 3.. Seems like a shotgun approach again..

[edit 2]
Actually if heavies are the only bots capable of fitting velocity nexus then you may as well remove them altogether. Even with a velocity nexus a heavy is not fast enough to catch anything anyway, including mechs.

[edit 3]
Why Tryannos get no missile cycle time love ?

I concur, good idea..


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Ville wrote:

oh how far my guild was fallen sad

Don't despair Ville, the guys you have left playing, Drones, Goffer, Fastkill etc are decent peeps and good pvp'ers. We often go over to their place for some fun pvp and occasionally some SAP loot smile

I'm thinking that those guys will knock some of the rough edges off the "new" guy and educate him.  smile


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Grand Moff Tarkin wrote:

I can get EP easy/fast doesn't mean I know the game ..old players will still wrek noobies I'm sure but the Vets are all salty..Cry babies.. go leave and give me your Stuff!!  ... Preparing the Station to fire!!!

That's funny, you sound exactly like the "salty cry baby" vets you are trying to insult. You are either a new char that's simply parroting what you have heard from other people or you are an old char re-rolled as a new with all the old baggage and bitterness included..

We are vets and we are not salty or cry babies so not quite sure what your point is, or for that matter, how the majority of your post relates to the thread.


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Line wrote:

aaaand NO sad


Annihilator wrote:

and this topic, is primarily about the medium machineguns AP consumption per shot. its twice as big as it should. even if zoom reduces it to "1 AP" per shot, MGs would not be able to combine with more tunings then other weapons, but at least the same number.

yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know about the bad imbalance of firearms tunings. We all worked it out pretty damn quickly and you confirmed it in this thread. Now the fix for it can go to the end of the "list" and we can all wait another 3 years for the correction. It just means no one realistically fits any more than one damage tuner on any fit, especially firearm fits. If the goal for the devs was to be rid of max tuner fits, then objective achieved, even if it was poorly thought out and implemented.

Annihilator wrote:

Observer are meant to be THE hardest NPCs to kill.

TBH, the only thing about them i dislike, is their extreme-range demob. With everything else can be dealt with.

My issue with observers is the loot they drop.. Why not have a random chance to drop a T3 mod that has the same stats as T4 but half the weight ? You could call it T3.5 or something..

DEV Zoom wrote:

I don't have to do anything about that, NPCs are using the same modules and their robots have the same accumulator as players.

Ohh really?? Damn those T3 mods observers drop seem pretty OP to me.. Where can I get some of those ?


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Server broke...


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

Ideally when a probe is attacked, the island would see a decrease in PvE and industry presence but an increase in PvP player presence normally in the form of response forces, but as it stands there are very few people playing the game who actually have a real interest in PvP or living on beta. Until the game pop rises again or more beta oriented players login, this is basically how it is.

Never a truer word spoken, population (or lack thereof) can be seen as the basis of a lot of issues with the game atm. It's also an issue of scaling, it seems to be difficult to scale the mechanics for changing population size. When there is a small active population should some of the base mechanics alter slightly compared to a larger active population?


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Jita wrote:

That's pretty funny. And kind of true. Also remains me of 'we will be legends'

Poor Mark, I think he just got carried away with the moment during that fight. What we thought was really funny was Pokks obsession with killing Arnold Carter, to the point that Mark got quite angry his orders were not being followed. We had to calm him down somewhat halfway through the fight, and Pokk did get his kill on Arnold Carter..

We still talk and laugh about that fight..

uhmm from my understanding you don't need to run to the next one, when you pop a beacon at an anomaly it will spawn NPC's and when you are finished completing the waves that follow the anomaly will turn red? and you can then jump to the next anomaly, rinse and repeat.

Ville wrote:

Yes Line, people should quit their jobs and neglect their family to pvp in a video game.... roll

I have to admit, that post had me somewhat baffled as well.. Wasn't quite sure what to make of it.


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Ensireka wrote:

I figured if a player Corp wants to hold the station(s) they should be forced to fight the npc's for control too.  Talk about adding an interesting dynamic into securing Beta Outposts.  ha ha

Couldn't agree more, we have been suggesting dynamic content and NPC involvement in all stations except the main alpha 1 stations for a long time. There is a whole potential environment of content there just waiting to be implemented. It could even tie in to the story line. I'm just not sure if the game engine could handle it tbh. If you look at other games out there poor perp is starting to look a bit "tired", not a criticism, just an observation.


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Merkle wrote:
Line wrote:

Well, actually, Velo Nexus almost became "must have" so there is some point in his words. I mean, look - every single tackler has it - ok fine. Every hauler fits it - well, why, ok. Now there were combat mechs with it - but hey, wouldn't that be better to have a specialized bot for that? Maybe those brand new Ewar Sindybots - why don't you make them specialized in Nexuses? Like, extended range, reduced fitting requirements, less power consumption, or even reduce overall nexus efficiency while giving Ewar Sindybots some role bonus for them.


Good to see someone else see it.

I really wish OTHERS would stop taking stuff so personally, and look out for the betterment of the game.

I'd more likely say that he made an observation rather than take it personally. I know Ryni quite well, he is passionate about the game and this sometimes comes across differently.

As far as the betterment of the game comment, well anyone that knows us knows how blatantly wrong that is. We have been playing consistently over 4 years, logging in regularly and playing even after everyone left, continue to support the game financially, help out new players etc etc. We are still here, and have always been here..

Ville wrote:
Line wrote:

So we had some nice big fights but applied some changes which made lots of people to leave - and that's all just to give small corps a chance? Good job then, currently all the corps are small and really have their chance.

Intrusion 2.0 was a mistake. We need to revisit it.

You need to actively live on an island to own it.  Intrusion 2.0 does that.

Disagree, to "own" an island you need to only be able to cover all timezones. Living on an island is not necessarily related to covering all timezones. All you need is an alt in the stations to do sap scans and then turn up early to defend.
I would love to see it made in such a way that you DID need to live on an island to own it, but there is simply not enough content to keep people happy on a single island at the moment. No-one really wants beta 2's because it seems the planned upgrade to them has been tossed in the bin, add to that the stupid specimen sap and, well you can see what the landscape is like.


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BadAss wrote:

I'm leave game. I buy a new house, I have a lot of plans in real life. Thanks to everyone who played with me. if the game will return to the mass PvP, send me an email ( I do not exclude that I can return to the game after a year or in two years(anything is possible). good luck to all! smile

Best of luck to you Bad, hope your new house and your plans go well for you. Hope to see you back at some point in the future.


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Rovoc wrote:

<snip> Last but not lease, energy transfer it yourself.  This includes getting a bot, usually a rivler or a symbiont, and slapping energy transfers on them and aiming  said transfers at your reactors and transfering.

Since the last couple of patches this does not work anymore. It may be fixed in the incoming patch, but we'll see what happens with that.


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Annihilator wrote:

i mean. all missions are always everywhere availiable,

With the exception of beta 2's. There are no missions or field terminals on beta 2, that's why I asked about the beta 2 revamp.


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I don't think people realise how bugged gamma is at the moment. Gamma is pointless, given that a nearly max skilled indy char only has to mine for mats a little longer than normal to build on Alpha instead of gamma. We do 99.9% of our building on Alpha and we do just fine, and yes we do have access to a hi-tech factory on gamma.

Also given the amount of EP that can flow with the current system to enable that indy guy to get those skills up... Well, you do the math. People won't live on gamma as a general rule. Sure you'll get the odd corp that does, but once they get burned once or twice they will change their way of thinking.

I'm tending to agree with Jita on this one, and say scrap the gamma's altogether and put more beta's in place. Speaking of beta's what's happened to the beta 2 revamp ?  I'd rather see that before more time is wasted on gammas. I mean really..

Feldog wrote:

What I've noticed now, after taking a few years off, is that players dont even want to go to beta because they get ganked literally 10 seconds after warping in.

You're doing it wrong!