Topic: Destroying stuff in your cargo

remove that feature that prevents you from destroying stuff in your cargo when marked as "in combat"
and replace it with this:

purging something from your cargohold drops it into loot container with the same restrictions as one that would have been dropped by a npc that you had flagged -> short time limited access to you and your squad, and after that free access for everyone

if you want to destroy items, you need to wait for it to vanish of its own.

this would have a two positive impacts - you could free your cargo even when in combat with npcs, to pick up the stuff you actually want
and second, you could trade stuff on the field with squadmembers without having to bring a sequer just for field container.

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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Re: Destroying stuff in your cargo

I concur, good idea..