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nice idea!
i put it in to the queue.

Sasaki, i got your trace route reports, thanks, I also forwarded them to the tech guys. Lets see! 10k/s is unacceptable.
One more question: did you have issues before we moved the server on Friday?

Sasaki, and everybody who has bad connection to Perpetuum: sorry to hear that...

We are working together with the ISP's network administrators to mitigate/fix issues like yours by submitting traceroute results.
Is it still an existing issue?
What is the transfer speed when you download this?
Where are you on planet Earth?

NOTE:This is a temporal workaround until the next client patch.

When you got logged in - you are on the character select screen - bring the console down with the ` key and type openprofiler + enter. This brings up the profiler window. On the traceroute tab press the trace button. Wait until the it writes: Statistics sent. *** All done!. That's all you have to do, the rest is happening on server side. We collect the traceroute reports and forward the ciritcal ones to further examination to our ISP. They are then able to configure the routing and hopefully you'll get better connectivity. 

We'll re-enable the autotracerouting in the client as soon as possible, by then the complete tracerouting is a background process in the client. No user interaction is required. When this system kicks in we will be able to see the global routing and point out the chokepoints. The good part is that the guys at the ISP liked the idea very much and eagerly waiting for the first reports.


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Thanks Ville, we'll check it out. Those beacons have a lot of sharp edges...

We strongly suggest you to test on the public test server. We put a large chunk of energy into this patch. Lots of changes and new features.
We listen.


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Thanks! The map is known, it will get fixed, if you walk there it will refresh itself.
Market seeded.


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Pls try it now, I found the bug, it should work.


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1. What's the cycle time and energy consumption for every type of turret? I know they don't consume anything when idle, I'm asking about the "engaged" state.
2. Is lock range and optimal range the same for turrets? What is their falloff?
To get something approximate about the modules you shold chassis scan them and check the info of the modules.
One other thing: if you get the info from your own turret from within the colony management you can also see the boosted attributes.

3. What are the conditions for deconstructing something? Having a control link established? What about main terminals?
You can only deconstruct the owned structures. (belongs to your corporation). Main terminals need a green light from the ceo: he has to allow it explicitly.
The node must be offline.

4. What's the % of blocks returned upon deconstruction?

5. Is it ok to deploy turrets closer than 1k from the teleport?
If the server lets it then yes. Teleports also have construction radius of 500m.

6. Are all the limiting distances in PBS measured in 2D or 3D? E.g. given the connection radius of 200m, is it possible to connect 2 structures 20 tiles apart regardless of elevation difference?

7. "Booster nodes consume different amounts of energy  depending on the connected target(s)" is in the booster description. Can we have some details about the actual energy consumption?
Check "last energy usage/output" in the colony management! This was the last consumed amount of energy. This value accumulates the energy used in the past 30 seconds, and if the value is higher than 0 it refreshes the value. Sorry for turrets we weren't able to do/fix them yet.

7b. Also, booster effects (in %) are not listed anywhere.

8. What's the effect range and effect strength of a masker tower, mining tower?
They emit the effect within their connection radius.

*later = a proper solution is needed/not ready yet.


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I see clearly the problem, but we can't do it now.


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one more

"Reactors transform commodities to energy and spread it to the connected nodes in a cyclic fashion. Any agent is able to feed the reactor with commodities regardless their standing towards the owner of the node.
Different commodities have different energy value. Check their info before feed them to a reactor!
Reactors have two modes: normal and emergency.
In normal mode they first transfer energy to the node which has the highest energy priority set and continue with nodes with lower priority.
Reactors switch to emergency mode when any of the connected node's energy level drops below their set energy threshold. In this mode it tries to transmit energy to the node which has the lowest current energy level and continues to nodes with higher values.
Reactors can switch to emergency phase."


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"Reactors and transmitter nodes are responsible for the flow of energy. They transfer energy from their buffer towards the outgoing connections. In order to properly control the amount of transmitted energy each connection has a priority value. Connections with higher the priority values - comparing to other priorities - will receive more energy. Important: Energy priority is not a percentage and not an absolute value. Their ratio to each other defines the amount of energy to be transmitted to each target node.
Other important fact is that the energy stays in the source node's buffer if the target node doesn't require all the energy that falls onto it in a transmission cycle."

all the HPs were multiplied by 2.5 today. next patch - new life.


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i had a dream...


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No the liquid is still not one single entity... sorry.


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We removed the 1000m restriction. Thanks for pointing out the "i wall my structures and no counter for that" problem.


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Congratulations again!


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Thanks a lot for the report. Totally harmless, let me switch it off now.


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Happy Christmas to you all!
Hopefully this year we can release some info about the coming things namely the territory control.


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Well, so far we haven't found better/more flexible solution than the current one. But I'm always open for new ideas.
The most bestest scenario would be to have a virtual OS that unifies the resources of a cluster of machines = seamlessly distributes the load among them... The server scales automatically, uses all available processors.
Ohyes, let's not mix the database into this, that's a separate thing.


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Alexadar: It's kind of like that. We can run any number of islands per server, but eventually you'll have to break up the cluster when you REALLY want one island to run on a different machine.


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Yes, natural barriers will solve the continent issue. Btw, good topic for the blog.


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The client GUI probably "remembers" the size of the stack which is increasing over time... so it's currently the behaviour, we'll check it and try to find a proper solution.


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Hmm... I just checked your character. It works just fine. There must be a problem with your firewall or router. I suggest to enable all outgoing traffic.

You can also try to temporarily disable any antivirus programs you might have running, maybe that sees something as suspicious during loading.


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On my way to check out the problem.