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Devs - No sorry we dont want more money. stop throwing money at us we arent strippers and are offended.

No Cash shop for U!

Why dont U want More Money?

Granted I only want it if it is done right and not mk 3 sold only in store type thing. But I have a sub going and willing to toss more money.


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howdies n welcome.

more shiny happy people is a good thing


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Yay more info

How about a recent interaction I had:
Gif Money Pliz (no not a joke it happened)

What is most interest to me is the expansion of the income for the game and how you will go about doing it.
+more added content of course and quality of life features.

I really do look forward to where you want to take this thing and a reason to spend money.

always down for throwing money around


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it is the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.


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Ok great.
I think I am ok now that when it launches it launches it windowed mode small always, not in full screen like before. If it happens again I will post it for you.

Thank you for helping me with this.


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did it reset somehow? when the client crashed a few times - because I always have it set to high.

Is that a default setting?
Anyway thanks for the info - freaky to play that way.

Thanks for that quick answer and fixed up - must have checked it when I was increasing the size of the window by mistake then.


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Something funny/freaky.

all the bots animations stopped and they float instead of walking. There is only 1 colour of a bot - yellow and only 2 types 1)assault and 2)larger mech

must admit doing an op and everyone looks the same and in pve the same every bot the same and they float along freaky when I run as normal animation.


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Ok even in window mode

when I reload the game it shows on the task bar, I hear it but cant play it and have to redo it all again.

when I click on it nothing. anyway more info for you.

I got it so that I dont have to spend 15 mins each time before launching the client. I set it to launch maximized and it seemed to work. I hope.

normal and minimized =0 couldnt see anything.


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ok thanks appreciate it.


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I am running it full screen

most other games resort to a low level resolution when above happens-game reloads @1620/720 type thing. this one displays the error message. and when I fix everything it comes back as windowed until I make it full screen.


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Right that is the resolution scaling issue I take it or is it the full screen.

The issue happens when I go from a 5800 down to 3x1920. but leave the resolution in game at 5800.

when I relaunch the game I get the error and sometimes the icon shows and sound but nothing graphically.

Now after I restart the computer launch the game still in 1920 it will launch in but in windowed mode.

It just seems the issue is from when I dont change the resolution in game down to 1920 while playing at 5800 the game has an issue relaunching at any resolution.

I will keep an eye on it and update you but it is just frustrating having to spend 20 mins+ just to launch the game.

I do appreciate the response greatly.


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ok but it is whatever the message is and it tells you to go into safe mode.

DX error or whatever.

Just because in my frustration I am not 100% sure - the issue still stands. or that I somehow have it that DX=DX 10.


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Having an issue with Nividia Surround. or the windowed modes?

I run the game at 5800x1080 and it worked fine up until recently. I was forced out of surround and into a normal resolution. perp being set in the larger 5800 refuses to run -

The issue is: that when I relaunch perpetuum says it has a dx-10 error and wont launch. Safe mode doesnt help.
I am forced to uninstall and re download the game. (my guess due to the resolution change or something)

Of course when I restart the game it is in normal 1920x180 and then go to Surround. But it just happened again.
I lost surround forgot and launched perp - bang dx-10 error.

The only thing that changed was the resolution. from multi screen to single and back again.
Has someone encountered this? is there a work around because 2 in one week really sucks.

edit update - Well the reinstall didnt work same error but safe mode
edit again issues with the windowed screen to full. I can hear it but see nothing.
I have to restart the computer and go through the surround process again.


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and may lead to fun and long periods of sleeplessness.

Be the envy of the islands and show off.

Join the Jokers


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Baby steps. They just went from bread and water to bread +water+peanut butter dont expect Nuetella.

Although I do agree opening up the store for more things like paint, cosmetics, little do dads on the bots etc could sustain them. Also allowing 2 agents at the same time on separate pools charging a sub fee to do so.

Many varying ways to get players to pull the wallet out - if they continue to develop the game. But a state of the game and direction and planned features would be nice. Especially since the influx of new blood. Give em a reason to stick around.


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Hot pink, Hello Kitty, My little Pony. Put it in the store and make $$ devs. Hire more talent and artists. Expand the game and the store - we both win.


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Yes great work by the devs I believed in them from the first day I heard about it -1day before steam launch!

Now just dont sell out and introduce a PC to NIC conversion and nerf the loot into the ground.

Sell pretty colours and paint schemes please and with the boosters or other cosmetics. Continue to make the game play rewarding. And I will keep paying.


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Well most EULA dont allow for drug referrences/pop culture refs etc.

As for in game chat - GW2 will give a temp ban for any swear words or racist remarks second one is longer time out , third is perm. I think it is fair to say that the devs are sending the message.

Are you receiving Bille?

but yes by all means lets spend dev time reporting everyone.

I would rather you come out and play.
Say New Crimea?


Hauling is so mundane - lets blow stuff up!

screw any other way the way to do is it this way and no other.

The world is flat.

why not have an option but pay a sub or 5/month? to have 2 toons on 1 account with separate pools.
The devs continue to make money - more than just 30 bucks.

Make it so that the sub/pay is required to operate the second account.

why not pick your poison and do what is best for the game. na this is an forum.
screw player friendliness and more money into the game.

I can see entitled douchbag vets are going to be this issue with this game. Wonder why it has a poor pop?

Well steam has a # that show how many playing - a currency number.

You can see it for Hawken and Warframe as well. Since it doesnt account for those not playing
via steam - it is still a good indication of how well things are going.

I decided against steam. I dont mind it but prefer less DRM if given a choice.


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How can you have any pudding if you dont eat ur meat?