reminds me of a certain monty python skit where a parrot is dead.

game needs fixing

nope it doesnt we know better and it aint dead. Zoom is resting.


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why not patreon where people can sub to the game and get content and stuff?


Indie gogo where whatever is raised they get.

But lets be honest this isnt about money really is it?

We need a fun game with critical mass of players or all the money in world wont fix it.


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hot damn u got an answer?

na zoom doesnt do tickets so I call fraud/fake.

call me in a month or 2 when he does get back to you might be fun to see.


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answer game/support tickets in a timely fashion. IE 3 -5 days max.

Leaving a new player waiting on an answer that can take 1 month is just unacceptable. Even if it is just no - no new bot at least it is closed and they can attempt to rebuild.

What is a new player to think when customer support takes a long time? That the devs dont care about the game or people who put the time in.

Proper Customer Relations will help a lot in retention.


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It takes him a month to answer support tickets and you hold a poor little puppy hostage.

Expect an answer in 2 months time if you are lucky.

Hungarian math/time is hard and works way different in this sphere of reality.

Gwyndor wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Jita wrote:

what I would suggest is that rather than take up development time creating imperfect fixes the devs just declare them as exploits with people doing it actionable under the EULA.

How much development time do you think would it take to actually enforce this idea? Detecting it, proving it, handling the reports, handling the aftermath of a punishment, etc.

I'll tell you: a lot more.

Quit being cheap and hire another dev or two or someone to do the heavy lifting. I don't feel bad for you at all because you are the worst about delegating. Just realize you don't know how to manage this wonderful concept for a game and sell it to someone who will do right for it.

Best advice ever. Taking 1 month to answer a ticket is unacceptable and the reason I no longer support the game.

but you dont read support tickets so why would anyone report it that way? It took you 1 month to get to mine.


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nothing is next - that is the point of the sandbox right?


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why release the game when you can continue to milk it without ever really having to say it is finished.

MWO has been doing it for how long now - I dont get why they havent added $500 gold mechs here in perp.


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well waiting over 2+ weeks for a support ticket doesnt help either. It simply shows they have little respect for the players and thier time to not even bother with them.

If a new player waits 3 weeks for a simple yes/no answer they quit and dont come back.

Mrs Kontrapshun wrote:

It's all good..

I just uninstalled the game and gave my stuff away... didn't see a playable game here. I think most new players will have the same feeling after a couple of weeks.

Good luck to all and I will see many of you in the VERSE.

Sadly the vast majority of the steam infusion feel the same way and the simple response from the Vets is shrug.

people came, saw and left?

Now they are waiting for a reason to come back again?
They can always check back because there is no sub but be at a huge disadvantage to others EP wise ( that may simply keep them away.)

100% foreseeable.

The can mitigate some of this by simply good customer service and feedback.
Have a real roadmap out and goals to hit - keep people interested

Have community feedback were they really do consider things.

Hit some big things and make some noise and bring them back again.

Because soon all the steam feedback will be -saw gamze it suks balls

Sadly there should be enough players here that if they do get that shop going that there is a possibility to keep it really funded till those big ideas to get put out and in conjunction with a steam sale ....... (market strategy)

Great work on the graphic though shows a lot of info.


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my bot wasnt apart of this but a simple response to a 2 week old ticket would be nice anyway.......


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I do keep throwing monies at the screen but for some reason perp cant catch.

Work on that extension devs!

or even pay credits to have support tickets elevated to be looked at with at least 1 week?

and even more credits for 3 days.....

I agree - how much worse can it get?

Maybe it will help cut down on the pesky support tickets that are outstanding?

How about instead of *** about steam numbers simply say it is a warning flag that really needs to be addressed.

But it is fine - continue to walk around in your new clothes- no one is laughing really not 1 person. No one would dare tell an emperor such a thing.

Makesamich wrote:

Wooo I has ma brown riveler mk2 now

must be nice - waiting for a support ticket has crushed my will to play. sitting with a thumb up my bots butt!

How about a cash shop so that you get more money and bigger faster stronger hamsters?

what is the usual turn around time wise for support tickets anyways?

run far and fast from mwo - you are welcome.

Rage Blackout wrote:

There's no sub ......

Curblugeon wrote:

if you are going the pay 2 win then please say so when so I can drop the game.
If someone can come in and purchase whatever they want using money it devalues the player and their in game

of course there is - it is the increased EP benefit and the ability to downgrade + name change.
Just because some dont use it doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

if you are going the pay 2 win then please say so when so I can drop the game.
If someone can come in and purchase whatever they want using money it devalues the player and their in game accomplishments. It also gives rise huge inflation.

Instead go with different launch animation, sounds for weapons, skins for mechs, hats, mini. All cosmetic and all have 0 influence on the outcome of the game.
But they do require work.

However if you feel it more important to make money off players than the value the ingame accomplishments there isnt much point in continuing on is there? Why play when someone can just buy their way in.

Ville wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

I'm not saying we don't listen to reason, but how exactly is this different compared to ICE?

In the past you bought ICE for real money, then you sold it on the market for hundreds of millions of NIC, then you bought robots etc. from other players.

With this system you would do the same thing, only without the ICE and NIC intermediaries.

I Think this is a wonderful Idea. We should also allow for a CASH OUT paypal account.  I wouldn't mine playing a few extra hours for some hard earned $ in my paypal account.

This is the great Idea ever!  Way to go Devs!

pay to play is a great idea! how many Chinese farmers sit at their computers grinding gold out? And the bots! well now there is an idea! buy a couple perp accounts and bot the daylights out of it and cash out without even playing.

win win. You are really on to something Ville! and if things get shaky with paypal we can use steam to launder the money and sell the games we buy!


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because it is mechandise that is why. It takes a lot longer to produce especially if you dont have your extensions up!

an ewar bot that can suppress an entire content please.