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Got bored, decided to shoot indy beacons - this is the result.
currently need -
-Industrial Brigade Distress beacon
-Industrial Excavator Distress beacon
-Industrial Section Distress Beacon

Feel free to throw me a message if you want to sell some at none jew prices

industrial revealer distress beacon

industrial revealer distress beacon
wave one
5x silver sweepers

wave two
2x silver digger
3x silver hauler

wave three
2x silver sweeper
2x silver hauler

wave four
5x silver sweeper

wave five
3x silver sweeper
2x silver digger

wave six
2x silver digger
3x silver hauler

Example loot
1x T1 Medium plate
1x T1 small armore rep
4x T1 LWF
3x T1 armor rep tuning
2x T1 Energy Drainers
2x T1 Aux Accumalator 
8x T1 ECCM
2x T1 Sensor suppressors
1x T1 Small Miner
1x T3 Geoscanner
4x T1 Small harvesters
847x Helioptris
348x Titan Ore
59x Damaged common fragments
48x Functional common fragments
23x Perfect common fragments
3.14kx Common reactor plasma
1x Level 3 Decoder
1x Level 8 Decoder
4.13kx Industrial Kernels
1.04kx Hi-tech Kernel

silver digger - Argano
silver hauler - Sequer
Silver sweeper - Laird

Industrial Searcher Distress Beacon

Industrial Searcher Distress Beacon
Wave One
2x bronze digger
3x bronze hauler

wave two
2x bronze sweepers
2x bronze haulers

wave three
3x bronze digger
2x bronze haulers

wave four 
3x bronze sweepers
2x bronze hauler

wave five
3x bronze sweepers
2x bronze hauler

wave six
2x bronze diggers
2x bronze haulers

wave seven
3x bronze sweepers
3x bronze haulers

wave eight
2x bronze sweepers
2x bronze diggers

wave nine
3x bronze sweeper
3x bronze hauler

wave ten
5x bronze digger
3x bronze hauler

Example loot -
5x T1 medium plate
5x T1 Small Armor Rep
2X T1 Small remote rep
2x T1 Universal armor 
2x T1 LWF
3x T1 Remote armor rep tuning
1x T1 Energy Drainer
1x T2 Energy Drainer
1x T1 Small aux accumlator
2x T1 S-demob
4x T1 ECM
2x T1 Sensor suppresor
2x T1 Small miner
1x T1 Geoscanner
3x T1 Small harveter
982x helioptris
684x Titan Ore
81x Damaged common fragment
55x functional common fragment
69x Perfect common fragment
3.21kx Common Reactor Plasma
2x Level 1 decoder
2x Level 2 Decoder
1x Level 4 Decoder
1x Level 5 Decoder
3.01kx Nian Industrial Kernel
5.87kx Common Kernel
1x Industrial Searcher Distress Beacon

Bots included in this beacon - 
Bronze digger - Argano
Bronze Hauler - Sequer
bronze sweeper - laird

Industrial Cultivator Distress beacon

Industrial Cultivator Distress beacon
wave one
2x Bronze climber
3x BronzE Struggler

wave two
3x bronze picker
3x bronze struggler

wave three
3x bronze climber
3x bronze thresher

wave four 
2x bronze climber
3x bronze thresher

wave five
2x bronze thresher
2x bronze picker

wave six
2x bronze climber
2x bronze thresher

wave seven
5x bronze picker

wave eight
3x bronze thresher
2x bronze picker

wave nine
3x bronze climber
2x bronze picker

wave ten
2x bronze struggler
2x bronze thresher
3x bronze picker

Example Loot
5x T1 Medium plate
1x T2 Medium plate
12x T1 Medium Rep
1x T2 Medium Rep
1x T1 Medium remote armor rep
2x T1 Universal plate
5x T1 Armor rep tunings
1x T2 Armor rep tuning
9x T1 Medium energy neut
5x T1 Accu recharger
1x T2 Accu recharger
4x T1 Medium Aux accumalator
1x T2 Medium Aux accumalator
3x T1 ECM
5x T1 ECCM
8x T1 Medium Miner
9x T1 Industrial Tuning
1x T2 Industrial Tuning
1x T1 Geoscanner
4x T1 Medium Harvester
3.38kx Helioptris
2.95k Titan Ore
99x Damaged Common Fragment
66x Functional Common Fragment
48x Perfect common fragment
14.02kx Common reactor plasma
1x Level 1 decoder
1x Level 2 decoder
1x level 3 decoder
2x Level 4 decoder
2x Level 5 decoder
9.45kx Industrial Kernel
19kx Common Kernel

Bots included
Bronze Climber - Termis
Bronze Struggler - Gargoyle
bronze picker - Riveler
bronze thresher - symbiont

Aiming to do 1 of each non-officer then start re-doing them for giggles, and grab any officers that I find/see become available

Bump for great justice, something that needs to be addressed going foward.

Kvazio wrote:

where gamma reset ???




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Ville wrote:

Hey Syndic, you reading this?  I just had to get a scarab to haul all these tears back to alpha.

I hope you used an armoured tp


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1. Sound
-Intermittent full volume noises through the right speaker

2. Copy Paste
-Copy pasting in-game will cut off the trailing letter

3. Safe Logging
-Safe logging does not always remove the bot from the field if active modules are left running during the safe log out period

4. Missing players on camera
-Players mysteriously vanish from your screen despite showing on landmarks

5. NPC Agro
-NPCs are capable of teleporting directly on top of your robot

Quality of Life bugs -

1. Error_nothingtodo
-Error_nothingtodo's can be caused very simply in an number of situations, easiest of which being select 2 items in your storage - right click, package - boom, error nothingtodo - Not gamebreaking, not even really annoying - just quality of life.

2. Insufficient Privileges
-Upon DC and sometimes when simply logging out to the agent screen you will recieve a pop up informing you "error insufficient privileges"

DEV Gargaj wrote:

I added some sanity checks to the volume code but as someone who mostly develops with everything set to 0% I never had this happen sad

Lazer bots seem to have the issue most commonly, if I could describe a situation that's guaranteed to cause it then I would but so far it does seem entirely random.

Hope the forums are still available during the downtime, else Ville may die due to lack of bad posting.

Good to see word finally coming down, even if we were sort of left blindfolded on the edge of an abyss.

Ville wrote:

The 1 EP per minute should have been cut in half. 

+1 adding a 50% boost to new steam purchases.

Agreeing with Ville, this is a dark day.

But yeah, I agree - bundling an EP boost into the steam release would be nice, gives the new players more EP, decreases initial expenditure, AND lets the players see how much better having a booster is and leave them coming back for more wink tongue

Rage Blackout wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

A little known feature is that you can doubleclick on empty storage space to select all (works anywhere, between icons, after rows, at the end, etc.). I'll try to check what's up with the highlights.



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not really a video
but a 24/7 stream (or until my internet kills itself, whichever comes first)


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Ville wrote:

Try having observers with portal guns.  Oh look NPC on the other side of the mountain.  NOPE!  On top of your *** head now!  Demob, ***... ***... ***....

Tell me where the sequer touched you, owait it didn't because the observer stopped you catching it


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It's fair to say the change to make it impossible to farm NPC's that couldn't path to you was needed in order to balance beacons, but I mean seriously, was it actually tested? We've already had half a dozen bug fixes relating too it, but bots are still randomly self destructing as they decide they can't path to you despite the fact you're on entirely flat terrain, quite a few times today while missioning i've wandered over to my mission objective, opened fire, only to have the mobs look quizically at me and then simply self destruct for no mission credit or loot.

Irritating to say the least.

Jita wrote:

I don't know about you guys but it always seems to come from the client on my right monitor in my right ear. Maybe the debs just hate me.

Not sure about monitor, but yes definitely only ever the right speaker

To phrase it in a less "ville" way, I've been running into an issue where despite my sound being set to 0%, occasionally a sound, i.e - a Lazor being fired at my bot, will be played, seemingly at 100% volume, which is to say a level of volume which is prone rupturing ear drums.

Also ville is terrible and can't find the appropriate section but apparently we love him anyway.... or so I'm told.

Cassius wrote:

Corps can field enough manpower to handle beacons in open areas, as one alliance was doing at Tellesis earlier today.
But the NPCs that follow you forever completely eliminate the tactic of kiting ... Meaning a newer player trying to farm a low level spawn will not be able to do so solo. Throwing sand back into the sandbox is fine, but not if you end up burying the kids playing in it. Needs a balance.

haha I had that the other other day on an alpha 2, was farming a spawn after having dragged it about 1000 meters from the spawn and noticing that newly spawned NPC's would still walk the 1000 distance in order to come try fight me (despite it being a passive spawn), I got bored and walk off to fight a new spawn only to half way through have 2 passive mobs from the previous spawn run over the hill and start shooting me again, actually almost got me killed

Breath of life to the wiki
Work begins

prettified the front page like I wanted, now for the content grind.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Erm why exactly would you need a randomselection extension? The wiki needs content, not bling-bling.

Making a nicer looking homepage was among the first things I went to do, when I thought it was even more content bare than it actually is just so I could add a home/wip page - I tried to have

[racial logo] [perpetuum logo] [racial logo]

at the top of the homepage, but have the racial logos randomized.

Short term for content addition the extensions ARE a non-factor but long term wanting to make a nicer looking public wiki extensions come in damn useful, but as I said I think I'll assist with the official regardless as, well it's the official wiki - and worry about stuff like that in the future.

Celebro wrote:
Xibba wrote:

In a step of my own to try do some "revamping" I've begun work on one of the wiki's, while normally I'd stick with the official wiki, mediawiki drives me near literally insane and so I've begun revamping the wikia, of course anyone is welcome to join, and if you're interested in that type of thing I actively encourage it - Locked articles etc will unfortunately remain locked until later this week when my adoption request should go through.

A very naked todo list (i.e it doesnt contain a great deal, as I like to be able to do the entire list in short bursts, and because it has no editting) can be found here

I admire your initiative but Devs would much rather you support the official one: http://wiki.perpetuum-online.com/index.php/Main_Page.

A deeper look shows alot more work has been done to it than I initially thought, though my initial point that mediawiki is damn awful still stands - May have slog through it and work on the official, as I agree I would much rather work on the official if possible.

However the fact it's -
1) Mediawiki
2) Badly set up, I mean it doesn't even have the randomselection extension plugged in, which has to be done by the devs/Wiki admin

Is still exceptionally annoying, maybe a dev can shine some light on the easiest way to get extensions etc added to the wiki

In a step of my own to try do some "revamping" I've begun work on one of the wiki's, while normally I'd stick with the official wiki, mediawiki drives me near literally insane and so I've begun revamping the wikia, of course anyone is welcome to join, and if you're interested in that type of thing I actively encourage it - Locked articles etc will unfortunately remain locked until later this week when my adoption request should go through.

A very naked todo list (i.e it doesnt contain a great deal, as I like to be able to do the entire list in short bursts, and because it has no editting) can be found here

So.... what I'm suggesting is you guys have a good clean up of the website before the steam release in April just because some parts don't ~really~ give the right impression to new players, or scream "this game is active!", basically decided to write this down after accidentally clicking the news tab.

So -

  • News Tab - The most recent article is from 2011

  • Press release - The lasted listed press release is from 2010

  • Press Coverage - A rather admireable amount of coverage.. but from 2009-11

  • Most Dangerous Agent - A really cool idea that I personally love, but for the steam release it screams inactivity, let's be frank, alot of perpetuum players are EvE players, and I could get 20 kills in just as many minutes in EvE, maybe hide it for release and bring it back when the pop is up?

  • Links page -

    • The Xfire link shows a staggering 0 hours of perpetuum played per day and the game ranking at Xfire rank 3111

    • Foom's version of the wiki has had a CSS error for as long as I can remember, the website is still there is just looks awful

    • Incoming transmission hasn't been active since 2011

    • Perpetuum calcs github doesn't even have perpetuum calc on it anymore

    • Yet another badly populated wiki link

    • And the french fansite that again hasn't been active since 2011

  • RSS Feed - Pulls from the news page, so is obviously outdated too

That's just what a rudimentary browse found that in my opinion, just makes the game look sloppy and/or inactive, which is not the image of what the game truly is, and definitely not the image I think should be promoted going into the steam release.