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Proof they know what they are doing is in the healthy state of the server.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Those who are content with a change rarely comment on it, so we're left with the negativity, I thought that was common knowledge.

So the only player feedback you consider is positive comments, and negative comments are ignored.

Or do you have a special metric to track discontent users... something like user base or growth or player retention maybe?

Rasnath wrote:
Race Drones wrote:

Who told you that?.

(you have two weeks playing i have an idea who told you that and when, ... but dont believe his hallucinations).

Some corpies in NSE. Apparently we actually had an outpost before CIR became active back again.

CIR traditionally has left newbie corps alone until they disregard the advice given and align with the opposite power block (and by align I mean the opposite power block fighting CIR uses the newbies as meat shields). Point at which they are grinded to dust.

I approve of this patch, specially the nerfs, due to their inherent comedy value.

DEV Zoom wrote:

I can't help but think that there is some hidden agenda here.

So you guys consider it normal that changes are not tested because they are labeled as bugfixes?

Burial wrote:

I'm happy. The developers can finally concentrate on what matters.



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TKer detected ITT.


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Cassius wrote:

I think one of the largest factors that has killed this game is the toxic enviroment that is allowed to prevade the forums and the in game chats. people push their own agendas and deliberately flaunt the rules

Says a flagship member of the ticket brigade...


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T3xasp3t3 wrote:

Now Cons isn't in any real alliance.

Now that's not a nice thing to say about your allies, is it?

T3xasp3t3 wrote:

i still have tons of hope that the Devs will do something and make the game more than a one trick pony.

Last stand is the steam launch and followup. If I were you I'd take my pony somewhere safe in case someone wants to eat it.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

We have a roadmap that has been laid out in the devblog, and we can't just fling around milestones and goals like that, that's not how development works. I understand your concern but dropping it right before it's finished would be simply a stupid move. (And I don't know what pride has anything to do with this.)

You mean that's not how *your* development works. Or actually doesn't.


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The x52 joystick twists.

Btw you most likely want to stick additional magnets to the sides of the existing ones inside (or replace the ones that are inside for stronger ones if you manage to find them). Otherwise the joystick may feel too loose as the sensibility near the center isn't too good (and that's being generous) in the plain x52. The pro might also benefit from something similar.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

but hot damn that looks cool as hell. I would also get the voice command app that you can setup & use to control your ship.

Plug in second keyboard, get wife/kid to play copilot.

Ville wrote:
Scyylla wrote:

CSM in Eve is a joke..... CCP did it just to pacify the masses and they throw a few token scraps out to make everyone think it is worth a damn.....

TBH most player feedback at this point is useless.... There are far too few people playing to give a good UNBIASED sampling of what the players think is good for the game or what balancing changes may need to be looked into....

At this point feedback about most game mechanics becomes a mud slinging contest regardless of which side of the political landscape you play in. It has become a game of who can kick and scream the loudest and how much feces can be thrown at someone........

Very few people in this game have the integrity to step up and support the feedback/ideas of an opposing faction member. Until alliances and corp tags can be set aside for the good of the game then our feedback means nothing.....

I disagree with this statement whole heartedly!  Mainly because he's in STC.

You should petition. It sounds very offensive.


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You got horse ***, bull ***, cow ***, chicken ***, pig ***... all sort of variety and choices.


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I see I no longer have to complain on modern gaming as others are doing a decent enough job for me big_smile


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Warning. Overly overly basic simplifications ahead:

Terrain as its currently done is pretty easy (ok, for people who do this stuff smile ). For the interesting terrain you have to look at engines which do overhangs and caves as other than 3d meshes anchored to what usually is a pretty 2d heightmap... last time I checked none of the big name engines support anything interesting, and none of the mainstream tools do either (such as mudbox). Even TIN support tends to boil down to 2D. Escaping that 2D is what makes rendering ground hard. Normally terrain is easily tileable these days. Big tiles made of small tiles, with a very defined and limited dimension range. Things tend to move in your "tile" or its neighbors.

Space depends. Depends because it can be humongously big compared to terrain, or as "small". If you try to just use huge coordinates for stuff you quickly find out the way numbers are processed by the PCs just don't work due to, very roughly speaking, rounding. The bigger the number, the bigger the rounding it does. Or it can't go small enough to use the same coordinates for everything and still be able to model movement speeds. And tiling something humongous isn't as easy as tiling terrain in an optimal way.

Ground games and fps and stuff like that also tend to use a lot of shortcuts for calculating collisions, because since everything basically moves on a 2d plane its easy to do quick tests and then refine for things like jumps or elevation. On 3d both collision detection and specially handling on a proper physics engine tends to be nastier. You can use proxy objects like spheres to do some quick tests, yes, but the movement is not basically constricted to the plane so you have a bit more trouble since you have to integrate arbitrary physics based movement and collision handling.


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Crepitus wrote:

paid expansions... fuel consumption.... hmm.... maybe something to watch but I'm definitely skeptical.

Think of it this way: the time is has taken Perp to kind of maybe get paintjobs real soon now(tm), these guys have made a complete modern game, with spaceships, explosions... and paintjobs.


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No, it's not a mmo. Or it is. Kind of. See, the thing is you can play it single, or I believe that play only with people you want, or you can block people so that they don't enter the same dynamic instance you are in, and if everyone in your instance has them blocked in most cases they get moved to a different instance. What I call instances is an on the fly thing they create so that there's not millions of ships at the same place, which would be awesome but uplayable over internet due to the control mechanism. So you have a sort of bubble around you, and when you meet other people it puts you (or them) in a sort of an instance.

I've been following it quite a bit as it brings very fond memories of the original. They are taking mostly the right steps and not doing another X3: stillbirth, and making an entertaining game with a long run. There's pleeenty of vids of alpha (and I guess beta) so they aren't hiding anything under EULAs like X3. Most impressive is that they've been keeping up with the milestone dates, and they actually DO listen and change their minds based on logic and not whines while still keeping what they want to do.

You'll see me there.


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Syndic wrote:

Would have been nice if we could put pictures in our posts in the 21st century

I hear they are coming right after paintjobs.


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Pooty Tang wrote:


What happened with July?


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I'd rather play Elite: Dangerous when it comes out in a couple of months.


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They should add a special sound effect to nora plants dying, something like aaaaiiieeeeeeeeeee...


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Why would I give them money to be treated worse than other people by heavily biased EULA enforcing "because I said so" against me, vs "oh we don't care if *** directly violates the EULA, he's not in your corp"?


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Also add an 'insta respawn' button as a cash shop item. People hate to have to walk back to where they were.


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Squint wrote:

You made me think of this:

http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17kdjxv … xlarge.jpg

No sir. We are not capitalist pigdogs. You can't shoot gold.

Here are some bare minimum member necessities.
And here you can see some of the unrepaired loot salvaged from our enemies.