Jasdemi finally moved. Say did you clear Ethos' hangars first? lol

Annihilator wrote:

syndicate shop is then a token sink... that gives items that cannot be produced, but outclass produced stuff.
so again, a nail in the coffin of player supplied market.

maybe an economist should tell why in perp raws are more worth trading then processed stuff.

tokens are just another raw

Not necessarily: A Syndicate Shop offer could require token, NIC AND a player produced T4 module as basic item. Let's say we want to "buy" a T4+ med. Repairer: X amount of NIC, y amount of token and a T4 med. Repairer would be needed to fullfil the requirements. We have two currency sinks here and the involvement of player manufacturing. Hell we could even demand a T4p item as basic module ...

DEV Zoom wrote:

edit: Our main NIC sink is and was losing modules in combat. And that scales with inflation. Sure, we can take a look at the other NIC sinks, but those are not significant. (Which may or may not be an issue in itself, but that's another topic.)

No Dev Zoom this is not a NIC sink. The production of player made modules involves almost no required NIC at all. Only ressources like ores, CTs, kernels and so on. The NIC player A spends for buying a module goes directly to the seller player B - and stays there if player A loses his stuff. No NIC sink here. The exception comes in form of NPC sell orders for T1 modules and bots. The only noteworthy NIC sink ingame are colony structures and maybe plasma bombs if you're on a holy mission to liberate an entire island from nasty rampant plant life.
The new assignment rewards are the problem ... in quantity and quality.
As for mining/harvesting assignents: The previous assignment rewards were on top of your mined/harvested ressource. It was basically standard mining + a nice bonus of NIC and token. Now it's NIC only because the gathered ressources get taken away. Therefor the new assignment rewards are now in direct competition to the gathering professions/activities. Lack of ressources and oversupply of NIC is the consequence.
Furthermore the current rewards consist to ~98% of NIC and to 2% of (worthless) token.
We need less NIC and much more value for token (Syndicate shop, Syndicate shop, Syndicate shop, Syndicate shop, Syndicate shop, Syndicate shop, Syndicate shop).

Jita wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

maybe you should ask which macro programm was used by certain players that can do that by pixel color detection.

That would be like trying to find a single one in a bowl of peanuts!

Hehe that one was good.


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2014-01-23 18:14:49     botting in Perpetuum     Other     In progress


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Thank you for your effort and continued dedication for this game Jasdemi.


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How embarrassing for Ville big_smile.

Celebro wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

Noob argano with a few points in geoscan-accuracy and basic robotics can make a few millions in minutes now..

Few Million in minutes now, so 60+ million per hour, are you sure?

Exactly this is possible. 300k EPs are not even needed. Neither is expensive equipment. Just *knowledge*.

Aye Pod wrote:
Jita wrote:

Observer 3 used to drop cortex's every time. This has changed?

Yeah this has changed. Recently, I have scanned down multiple observer 3 sites in the same run and none of them had any cortex. Just a bunch of kernels.

Confirming that. They actually have a pretty low chance of dropping them - maybe every 3. stash some cortex.

On gamma.

No. What for? What would be their role, that isn't already covered by lights/mechs? All e-war bots are fragile as hell, fast and powerfull (more or less). Assault bots would use the exact same set of extensions as light bots do. Not even a difference in that regard.
I mean if it can be implemented without much effort why not. But i don't see much gain for the game.


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Rowboat wrote:

i think it's fine artifacting shouldn't be your main source of cortex's.  Artifacting shouldn't be used to support a corporation.

Uh then what should the main source of cortexes be? SAP loot is the only other source and that doesn't scale the slightest with player population or ingame goals/events/player actions.


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Decreasing the drop rate for CTs would be a good start. Many years ago we had already enough CTs collected for years to come. The drop ratio between combat bot and indu bot CTs is roughly 1:3 - horrible since indu bots rarely get destroyed but combat bots all the time. The loot distribution amongst the different artifact sites need a tweaking as well. All sites not dropping cortexes are almost worthless these days (thanks to kernel changes). We might start with getting rid of NPC sell orders for noralgis incubators.
Yes we should do that, i just convinced myself lol.

What happened to these well thought out ideas? Half through the thread it seemed Dev Zoom would be leaning towards a change. Yet nothing happened at all.
The opening of either beta I or II outposts would add diversity to a now uniform beta mechanic. People enjoying their kool kids klub outposts locked for everyone not being part of the kool kids klub could do so in the future while the rest might have fun at opened outposts.
To soften the shock for current owners, the bonus to performances for high stability outposts could be increased or every non outpost owner using the outpost could receive a temporary malus/debuff for his robot when undocking. Like decreased sensor strength or increased locking time to give the owner an edge in conflicts happening around the outpost.
Perpetuum's land mass is alreay too small - we should use the existing areas as best as possible. Beta II fails horrible at that. The amount of fights and kills happening on beta I compared to beta II speaks volumes about activity on beta II. I'm sure this can be extrapolated to most other activities as well (with the exception of undisturbed mining maybe).


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I'm with Goffer here. Production assignments really should get an overhaul. The required volumes to haul are simply outrageous on beta islands. As Goffer mentioned: nobody with a sane mind will go for them on beta.
That's why i assume you Dev Zoom haven't done them either yarr. I can't understand why you try to neglect the influence of extensions on difficulty and/or efficiency for productions assignments. You've created a game with competition as its core yet deny the associated human behaviour quite often (aka min/maxing). 2 things have a major part in the outcome of every endeavour in Perp: personal *skill* (whatever that might be in a specific situation) and of course extensions.
There's no reason that extensions should have no influence on assignments.
Production assignments are just not a viable option given the state they're currently in - no matter if they're matching your vision of how they should be or not.
Just reduce the required hauling volume by a good portion and they're fine.


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Tanks and for you too Mo.
I suddenly have that weird warm and fuzzy feeling around my heart big_smile.

Annihilator wrote:
Error wrote:
Jasdemi wrote:

I too was violated.

Sorry to hear that. Might be, that some information slipped past my lips about your name and position. They promised me to stop with what they were doing to me. They deceived me. It was just a weak moment on my side and it won't happen again!

man, did they use the long or the short missiles? yarr

I Don't want to remember but suffice to say they skipped small missiles ...

Jasdemi wrote:

I too was violated.

Sorry to hear that. Might be, that some information slipped past my lips about your name and position. They promised me to stop with what they were doing to me. They deceived me. It was just a weak moment on my side and it won't happen again!


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logicalNegation wrote:

My only suspicion is that once it can be argued that this game is p2w, it will be labeled as such.  Many players avoid this out of some moral imperative in how games make money.  Wasn't the first big surge of players because Eve just announced something that could have been leaning into p2w territory?  Those players left out of protest over just the idea of it, and ironically injected a lot of members into the game here.

My question is: should we expect different results?
If it works, and this game comes to life, and devs can justify investing more hours (and new hires) for the game, I'll get over it.

Damn i have to second you again. Are you sure you're not an alt of me i'm not aware of wink?
You're absolutely right with the history lesson about EvE refugees. They (me too) were upset about CCPs shameless attempt at money grab with ridiculous expensive monocles (fluff so not much of a problem) and (planned) gold ammo for real money only. That brought roughly ~1000 players to try Perpetuum hoping to find something without p2w. The general chat spiked at 800 or 900 back then - if i remember correctly.

The current 2 sparks are not a serious problem (although the one with 5% damage and 10 masking strength is VERY tasty) but what comes next? Ever seen a game introducing p2w elements and NOT gliding ever deeper into the pit? My concerns go to new players - not vets - since they get the shaft if they're not willing or able to purchase extra kits and upgrades past the base game.
I just hope it pays off - population wise an literally. A vital game is always better than no game at all.

I was travelling on a Pelistal island lately and while i was enjoying the beautiful sky and sniffeling at the local flowers i came across a teleport anomaly. Blinded and disturbed by its emissions i left its area of effect to get instantly locked by 2 superior observers at 400m distance. Trying to run away at 130 kph in a straight line was doomed to fail - they were still closing in and ... i don't want to talk about what happened next roll.


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logicalNegation wrote:

... a boundary has been crossed..

I second that.

Please AC change it the way, that these sparks can be purchased with credits. Problem solved.
And think twice - no better thrice - about things like that before you implement them. It's a sensitive matter.

Quite the ugly development in my view. For years now we ask for a beefier syndicate store as a tool for more content and better income for AC and what we get is some BiS stuff purchasable exclusively for real monies.
I'm ok with a meaningful EP boost right from the start for noobs - just not 300k. That's simply too much for my taste and collides heavily with the base of the game: a time based skill progression. 3 months worth of EPs (~120k) on top of the starting EPs would have been justifiably in my book.
Most vets are totally unaffected by the changes (except RMT sparks) and "only" their feelings are hurt. The true damage is done to the noob, who starts the game with only 1 upgrade or no upgrade at all (only the base game). This poor fella gets smashed against the wall by mean vets AND the next noob with 1 upgarde more.
And since this is already online on STEAM you'd have a hard time to adjust the terms - if you intended to.

Rasnath wrote:

The idea of retreat is decent, but its being ABUSED by gate camping. By raising movement speed of the bots, a lot of people can run a click away from tp and get back to it (undemobbable arbalests, anyone?). It would be a lot less worse to lose an occasional bot for haulers than to lose pvp alltogether. But you should know that by keeping this mechanic, there is practically no more decent pvp. Now because jita and all vets have all pve mats in the game they'd ever want (make a T5 ffs!), the only thing left to do is pvp. And by allowing this to continue, you're going to kill pvp in the game. Now a game where you've accomplished pve and dont have pvp, you're gonna lose customers. And i freaking spent 300+ euros on this game. But that's gonna stop if i get bored because of broken mechanics.

Ahhhh you're starting to get bored (and probably more NSE guys)? Who would have guessed big_smile?!

It sure as hell has nothing to do with:
- running a dozen clients
- NSE activity on non-Pelistal islands is close to zero
- NSE blue napping 3/4 of playerbase
- NSE trying to bring max. amount of bots to every fight.

Of course it DOES have to do with:
- jumping mechanics from beta to alpha.

And your proposed solution to "your" problem is: increased ganking possibilities ... in a game, where ganking is already pretty strong.

And btw., naming explicitly Jita as one of the filthy rich vets in context with an unreachable race for wealth for younger players is ... a clumsy attempt at propaganda.
Jita was one of the very few vets, who openly requested/supported the idea of a server reset timed for STEAM launch. Your overlords on the other side...

@Dev Zoom
While the current beta-alpha jumping isn't perfect, it's ok on a large scale. This game has other - much more urgent - issues, which needs to be addressed asap (like 30% demob resistance on Arbalests).

Still accurate for the most part. But a high rate of fire isn't an advantage. Good alpha strike is always good. Cost of ammunition is not an issue for any weapon.
Simply choose the faction, which is the most attractive for you - apart from current fotm bots/weapons.


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But pseudo currency. lol


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Error wrote:

Fantastic pic. Shows exactly what Perp needs more of.

1 person with 50 accounts???

We have 2015 already. You might update your sarcasm detector.
I guess you still have the 2014 version? smile